11 Amazing Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World

Low Poo Conditioner

11 Amazing Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World


After a round up on low poo shampoo list. A low poo conditioner list is obvious. 

Though I make my own low poo shampoo bars. I do not use a low poo conditioner. 

I am happy with my no poo conditioner. 

It is super simple. My shampoo routine is incomplete without it. Irrespective of whether it is low or no poo. 

At times I fortify it with some extra ingredients that are high on TLC for the hair. 

But for most of the occasions. The addition of few drops of essential oils to the vinegar rinse works well. 

As I am a staunch minimalist. I am fine with my humble conditioner. Though even besides it merit. It does not work well for all. 

The 2 major drawbacks I hear are – its watery consistency and its preparation. 

I know a friend who forgets to prepare the conditioner before he gets into the shower. Thus, his lack of preparation leads to dry hair. 

Even though it takes a minute to mix some drops of essential oils and vinegar. Still many people find that task cumbersome. 

I do not find that surprising anymore. Since I have come to terms with the fact that not everyone has the passion for going all natural. 

So, for that friend of mine. And for anyone who wishes to use almost natural products on their hair. I have come up with a long low poo conditioner list.


Criteria for selection of a low poo conditioner


My contemn for products that have silly ingredients will never ebb. So, I inspected each conditioner bottle. Only when I saw “NO PARABENS” mentioned on a product labeling. Then only that particular product finds a mention in the list. 

The list mentions products that have ingredients sourced from plants. Thus, natural oils and emollients form the major part of conditioners in the list. 

You can have a look at the list below.


Your Resource for the Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World


1.     WOW Hair Conditioner

This one had Organic virgin coconut oil along with avocado oil. It claims conditioning benefits for thin, weak and damaged hair.  Continue reading →