How to Make the Best Selection of Biology Gifts for Her

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biology gifts for her
How to Make the Best Selection of Biology Gifts for Her


Gifting is a difficult task. When it comes to gifting a special woman in your life. Then, the task reaches Herculean levels. 

For sure, handmade gifts are an easy route to make your girlfriend happy. But when it comes to gifting women in general. The rules keep getting complicated. 

But for an instance. If you know a woman who is a Biology student or a professor. Then, this article will get you covered. 

Read further to know how can you make a selection of cool biology gifts for a woman.


Selected Biology Gifts for Her

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.


1.     Bacteria Theme Compact Mirror

biology gifts for her - compact mirror
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If your biology nerd girl remains engrossed in her lab. Then, why not gift her this cute compact mirror.

It will remind her to pull up her best self for any occasion. Be it inside or outside her biology lab. 

The mirror has a microscopic image of bacteria at its front. That will always bring a smile to your girl. As she will feel in touch with her obsession all the time. 

This handmade compact mirror is 2 3/4th-inches in size. The bacteria image is in teal. Layers of epoxy resin protect and seals it. While a silver-tone finish adorns the entire handmade product. 

There are 2 mirrors. One is regular. The other one is in specific magnified for the biologists using it. 

It opens up with a push button and secures with a sturdy hinge. 

This handmade compact mirror ships in an elegant black velvet pouch. Thus, it serves as one of the wonderful biology gifts for her. 


2.     Anandamide Theme Sterling Silver Ring

biology gifts for her - anandamide ring
Know more about this special one of a kind biology gifts for her

Chances are that you must not be familiar with the molecule Anandamide. But your friend studying molecular biology must be. 

Anandamide is a neurotransmitter responsible for generating the feeling of bliss. 

In fact, its name comes from a Sanskrit word Ananda. Ananda, when translated into English means joy, happiness or bliss. 

Scientists were on the lookout for a chemical that mimics the effects of marijuana. That is how anandamide found a discovery. 

It is a feel-good molecule, a reminder to “follow your bliss.” Thus, a ring with its molecular structure serves best as a gift to a girl doing her biology majors. 

It is set in solid sterling silver. Its size is in universal ring size 5.5. But with its open structure, it will fit all sizes. Long carbon tail of anandamide’s molecular structure helps with its universal approach. (Your friend doing Biology majors can explain this part in detail.) 

This beautiful jewelry piece comes in a gracious recycled paper gift box. 

Thus, ready to gift for your special friend. 

The bliss theme of this accessory will please her. Plus, there is another trivia associated with this masterpiece. The jewelry designer of this ring is a scientist-turned-artist. You can know more about her and her molecular jewelry creations on her page. 


3.     Human Body Theme Coasters

biology gifts for her - anatomy coasters
Know why this makes an interesting biology gifts for her

Thinking of a thoughtful housewarming gift for a biology person. Then, this set of coasters will help you. 

They may look repelling to you. But for a lover of biological sciences. These coasters will be the perfect pair with the morning coffee. 

The set contains 6 coasters with an individual picture of human anatomy. From the brain, heart, rib cage and limbs. These colorful coasters of human anatomical parts will please your biology studying friend. 

The coasters are of Neoprene material, the one with which mouse pads are. Though these coasters have a fabric top, thus they got a home decor appeal. Their dimensions are perfect squares of 3.5-inches and 0.25-inch thickness. 

They will also serve well as a graduation gift for a biology student. Or a wonderful anatomy teacher gifts. 


4.     DNA Mug

biology gifts for her - DNA Mug
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Who doesn’t love a customized coffee mug? But if the mug has a comic theme on DNA. Then, for sure it is an instant hit with biology devotees. 

It is a ceramic mug of standard 11 ounces size. A high-quality gloss finish and sharp images give it a cool look. 

It is both dishwasher and microwave safe. The artist of this mug uses a dye sublimation technique that lets the ink color to last a long time. 

The mug serves as one of the best funny biology gifts. A biology loving person with a good sense of humor will appreciate it. 

You also have an option to increase the mug size to 15 ounces by paying extra. 

Sipping coffee from this mug will exuberate an aha moment for a true biology scientist. 


5.     DNA Earrings

biology gifts for her - DNA Earrings
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If the DNA mug did not incite you. Then, you need to check out these earrings. 

They may pass off as another pair of sterling silver earrings. But for a girl obsessed with biology. These are happiness in disguise. 

Do not trust me? Then, you need to update yourself on some biology facts. 

DNA is the uniqueness imparting block of living beings. So, is this pair of earrings for a biology studying woman. 

The earrings are strong and durable in 925 Sterling silver. Thus, a woman can wear them every day. But on some special occasions, the earrings will become her unique sense of style. 

The earrings are 1-inch long and 0.25-inch in breadth. They have white gold posts. 

These are one of a kind biology gifts for her to represent personal preferences. 


6.     Biology Printed Pillow Case

biology gifts for her - pillow case
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Do you fancy sleeping along with stuff that you love. Then, imagine your Biology loving friend’s reaction to this pillowcase. 

It is of usual cotton polyester blend in standard American size. The dimensions are 20-inches x 30-inches with a 200 thread count. 

Though what makes this pillowcase special is the print on it. 

Thoughtful terms and definitions from the vast field of biology fill up its surface. Descriptions and imagery of important terms in Biology are on its cover. That includes – photosynthesis, plants, evolution, animals, and cells. 

It has a white base with dark black typography. Do not bleach it and a wash is a must before its first use. 


7.     Biology Book Art

biology gifts for her - Book Folded Art
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Ever noticed that most of the biology loving people are voracious readers. So, a book art that doubles up as a sculpture for home decor is a good gifting idea for them. 

This is an unusual gift. But a true biology lover will appreciate it. 

It is a folded book art sculpture. There is no cutting or the use of glue to create this. 

The handmade artist creates the 7 letter word Biology by folding the papers of a book. 

It will look beautiful on a work desk or in a living room. Thus, it is one of the best gifts for biology professors. 


In Conclusion 

Getting some information beforehand is helpful. Knowing someone’s preferences helps to gift them on a special occasion. 

So, if you have a biology nerd female friend. Then, this article makes it super easy to find and source peculiar gifts related to biology. 

Irrespective of your equation with a biology loving female. Each of these handmade gifts will delight her. 

So, up your gifting game and pick any of these gifts for biologists. Their expressions on receiving the gift will make your day as well. 



Image Source: Pixabay

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