How to make conditioning damaged hair a simple task

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conditioning damaged hair a simple task
How to make conditioning damaged hair a simple task


Irrespective of your gender. You must have abused your hair sometime in your lifetime. By abuse, I mean coloring, perming, straightening, and even doing nothing. 

Hair strands are dead. But their roots are alive. That means they are susceptible to hurt. 

The sad part is that the damage to the roots is visible on the dead strands. 

That means that the damaged hair show telltale signs of abuse. That includes:


  • Split ends
  • Thinning hair
  • Grey hair
  • Limp hair
  • Over oily
  • Super dry hair

It does not matter if you never used chemicals on your hair. Or if you always put oil on them. Your hair can still get damaged.

The pollution, weather and even the water that you use for washing hair are the villains at times. 

If you get to figure out the damage in your hair. Then, you have won half the herculean task of reviving them.

Many people do not even realize that their hair strands need some TLC. The ignore of hair care needs is worse than the damage. 

Unattended hair keeps on accumulating damage. Thus, getting weaker from the roots. Hence, getting scanty and dull. 

But do not worry about expensive in-salon treatments. The solution to conditioning damaged hair lies in a few home-based treatments.


Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair are easy to create. They need a mere 10-15 minutes to prepare. 

Though the best part is that they work. 


Read on to find out how to go about making simple hair conditioning packs.


3 Ridiculously Easy Ways for Conditioning Damaged Hair Quickly

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1.     Deep conditioning with Mayonnaise


This one is an old trick to revive hair. Though it seems to slip out of mind. Eggs and oil transform even the limpest of hair. 

I call this treatment the resuscitation for hair. Plus, it costs a fraction of the expense of keratin treatments at the salon. 

This mask combines 2 potent ingredients for the well-being of hair. Eggs and nutritive oil. Both these blend to form a thick hair mask. 

The mask does not drip. Thus, is easy to apply on hair. The oils and protein in hair nourish the scalp and hair strands.

While the oil penetrates the hair shaft to provide suppleness. The application of this mask aligns the bonds in the hair. So, you will notice luster and smoothness. 

If you have curly and frizzy hair. Then, this mask will work wonders for you. Within the first application, you will notice less friction. Hence, your hair will tangle less and look sleek. For a curly girl, I know that means a lot. 

This mask works for every hair types. Though more for the ones that are hollow and rough.


Preparing this mask is easy. You can follow the steps below:


  1. Take one egg and 100 ml of oil.
  2. Whip them together with an electric beater.
  3. After about 10 – 15 minutes of constant whipping. The egg and oil will emulsify to form a thick batter. This is your protein egg hair pack.


Sources for Mayonnaise hair mask:


  • Oil – Thick oil works the best for this mask. So, extra virgin olive oil, sesame, and castor are good options. You can use the ones I use, which are as below: conditioning damaged hair ~ castor hair oil

conditioning damaged hair ~ sesame hair oil conditioning damaged hair ~ olive hair oil

  • Egg – a fresh chicken egg will do. You can also use a duck egg. I have never been innovative enough to use any other egg else than these 2. So, I recommend the fresh chicken and duck eggs. You can source them from your local grocery. Or else, you can order them fresh the way I do from Bigbasket.
  • Electric beater – This one is a must for preparing hair masks. Without an electric beater. The mask does not get a thick consistency. That is because the emulsification process requires high-speed churning. The electric blades help with that. Though you can use a hand beater for the same. But that requires a lot of elbow grease. I am not a hard working person. So, I prefer to invest in a high-end blender and get the results fast. Plus, it is a one-time investment. The blender is useful for my other DIY beauty projects as well. Apart from that, you can always use the beater for cooking purposes in the kitchen. You can find the resources for both the beaters that I have below:

conditioning damaged hair ~ Electric hand blender

conditioning damaged hair ~ Manual hand blender


2.     Soya treatment


Although eggs are a great source of protein. They may not work for a vegan. Or someone might fear their odor. 

So, for those who find an egg hair mask gross. Soya treatment mask is the best alternative. 

Soya hair mask contains dried powder of soya beans. Thus, it gives a protein boost to the hair. 

Apart from soya powder, you need thick curd. 

Both curd and soya are rich sources of proteins. Hence, together they work to improve the texture of hair. 

The acidity of curd helps cure an itchy scalp by removing dandruff and build-up.


Making this one is simple. Instructions are as below:


  1. Take 50 g of dried soya bean flour and 100 ml of thick sour curd.
  2. Combine them together with a spoon.
  3. You will get a nice protein hair pack.


3.     Coconut cream hair mask


This hair mask is an absolute luxury. You can use it for conditioning damaged hair. Or you can form a regime to use this mask once in a month. 

Rich coconut cream and aloe vera gel form the base of this hair mask. 

The mask looks so tempting. That I have to fight the urge to not lick it. 

I am fond of tropical aromas. So, this one works like a time travel hack to transfer me to a beach vacation. 

I apply this hair mask. And I go in for a half hour dream mode. 

Though the fun and beach vanish when I break my slumber. But I get refreshed hair in the bargain. 


You can make the tropical hair mask as per the instructions below:


  1. Take 50 g of canned coconut cream. You can also scoop the fresh one from tender coconuts. Add 50 g of fresh aloe vera gel. You can also buy a non-chemical one aloe vera gel.
  2. Combine them together with a fork. You can use the electric beater too. The fresh aloe gel is a little difficult to work with.
  3. You can also add 1 tbsp of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for an irritated scalp.


Sources for Coconut cream hair mask:


  • Coconut cream – you can scoop the fresh delicious cream from tender coconuts. Else, you can use the canned source which I use:

conditioning damaged hair ~ coconut cream

  • Aloe vera gel – I have an aloe vera plant. So, I use fresh aloe gel. Though you can use a store-bought one as well. I recommend the following one, as it has no parabens and chemicals:

conditioning damaged hair ~ aloe vera gel

  • Apple cider vinegar –

conditioning damaged hair ~ Apple cider vinegar with mother

Pointers to note


You can experience the natural hair masks by following the guidelines as below:


  1. Use the hair masks on clean hair. There is no point in using them on dirty hair. The layer of lint or other foreign material will act as a barrier in absorbing the goodness of these masks.
  2. Do not keep the mask for more than 15-20 minutes. The mask will dry when kept for longer intervals. The egg mask, in particular, can cling to the hair making its removal difficult.
  3. It is good to apply these masks once or twice in a month. Anything more than that would be misuse.
  4. You can use plain water to wash off the masks. In particular with the egg mask. To ensure that the water is not warm. Else, the high temperature will coagulate the whites in the egg. A hardened egg will stick to the hair. Its removal is a cumbersome task.
  5. If you are not a staunch no poo. Then, you will not like the idea of water only wash. In that case, I suggest you use a mild shampoo instead of the regular chemical ones. There are several low poo shampoos that are mild cleansers. They will not fill up your mane and scalp with build-up.  
  6. Make the hair masks fresh from scratch for each application. Though, keeping them in a freezer will enhance their shelf-life to 15 days.


In Conclusion


In the absence of an effective hair care regime. The hair tends to get affected. The hair strands show signs of dry damaged hair. So, you may end up with split-ends, unmanageable hair and excessive dandruff. In extreme cases, you may see perennial hair fall and gray hair too. 

To tackle that alarming situation. Hair packs do wonders. Apart from conditioning damaged hair. They also make the hair resilient. So, with the consistent application of strengthening hair packs. You end up making your hair stronger. Thereby, they adapt better to harmful chemicals and bad weather conditions. 

Each of the hair packs is simple to make. The ingredients in them are available in an average household. Though, you need a bit of time to invest in them. 

You can adjust the quantities as per your preferences. Though the quantities mentioned are enough for medium shoulder length hair. 

Once you get to see the beautiful results they bring in. You will forget about the best salon treatment for damaged hair. Instead, you might end up updating your own hair stylist about the home remedies for damaged hair.


Image Source: Pixabay

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