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Unique Handmade Purses That Will Make You Happy

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fabric handmade bags and purses

Fabric handmade bags and purses

Raise your hand if you like to own a variety of bags. 

I know a lot of friends who got a bag fetish. Bags are that wonderful stuff that let you carry your belongings with you. 

Like anywhere at any point in time. 

Females have a nasty reputation of stuffing their entire belongings inside their handbags. 

I am guilty of doing this all the time. 

That is the reason I keep a number of bags with me. In fact, I always have another bag inside each of my handbags. 

I know that is funny. 

Though no matter how many different bags I own. I am a little particular on what kind of bags I have. 

I have a strict no-buy policy for bags made of plastic or plastic derivatives. 

Being a DIY person. Most of the times I end up making one myself. A few stitches and a little creativity leads to enormous ideas for bags and purses. 

I have made purses with playing cards, empty juice cartons, and unused stationery. 

Below is one of my creation made from unused exhibition passes. 


#handmadewallet from #recycledstationery that I made

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The other one below is from glossy magazines. 


#handmadepurse #paperpurse I made from #recycledmagazines

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I love handmade purses made with paper. Though I know many people who will not. 

It is not feasible for everyone to make and carry stuff like that. My own family feels embarrassed when I reach out for my wallet to pay for stuff. 

Your bags emulate your personal style. Thus, you need to choose them with a little thought. 

So, for anyone with a better sense of style than me. I have curated a list of gorgeous cloth purses and handbags. I am sure they will catch your fancy. 

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

How to Look Chic With 7 Fabric Handmade Bags and Purses


1.     Fair Trade Coffee Backpack


fabric handmade bags and purses
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At a mere glance. This backpack will not look anything but unusual. But with a closer second look, you will identify it as a coffee sack. 

Yes, this backpack is recycled from a Guatemalan coffee bag. It measures 18-inches in width and 19-inches in length. 

It has a lot of space in its interiors. Moreover, 3 pockets on its exterior create more space for tidbits. 

Padded shoulder straps add to this jute bag’s ergonomics. 

A Mayan artisan cooperative in the hills of Guatemala region makes this bag in its original form. They use it as a sack for their fair trade coffee. (Thus, it works as a dependable bag to carry your belongings.) 

A handmade artist then upcycles such sturdy sacks into unique backpacks. She ensures that you will love to flaunt this tan colored backpack in your social circles. 


2.     Reversible Handmade Pouch

fabric handmade bags and purses - reversible pouch
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If you do not need a big backpack. Then, this small pouch might fit the bill. 

This is a kitsch pouch which is reversible. That means you get to have 2 bags in 1. 

One side the fabric is in bright green. While on the reverse side it has colorful motifs in a subtle off-white base. 

Artist has hand sewn the pouch and has made both the sides look similar. Hence, you cannot figure out which side is right or wrong. Irrespective of what side you use. The bag exudes a vibrant charm. 

It measures 8-inches in width and 11-inches in height. Handmade yarn tassels on acrylic fabric give it a boho-chic appeal. 

An attached cord makes it easy to carry along. 


3.     Canvas Chalk Bag

fabric handmade bags and purses - chalk bag
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A chalk bag is a must for mountaineering adventures. This one serves the purpose of keeping chalk handy for mountain climbing. 

The exterior of the bag is in tough canvas. Soft fleece material lines its interior to hold the chalk. Due to the fleece’s absorbent nature. Some amount of chalk remains inside it. 

Individual 12 pieces of canvas are hand stitched to make this bag. 

Dimensions of the bag are: 4.5-inches (width) x 4.5-inches (length) x 7-inches (height). 

Bag’s closure is in paracord for durability. 

The bag arrives with a soothing aroma. As the artist infuses each bag with USDA Organic San Diego lavender. 

The artist also assures a shelf-life of 36 months for this bag. Hence, this bag makes an ideal choice for avid climbers. 


4.     Matching Set Of Handmade Toiletries And Lingerie Bags


fabric handmade bags and purses - lingerie and cosmetic set
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Not everyone is into adventure activities. Thus, may not need a specific chalk bag. 

But almost everyone needs a bag to hold toiletries and undergarments. 

This matching set of handmade fabric bags is ideal for carrying these 2 requirements. 

The bags are in subtle designer fabric An off-white taupe color with cyclic embroidered motifs gives it an elegant style. 

The sizes of both are efficient to hold your belongings for short trips. Sturdy full-length zipper closures secure the stuff inside the bag well. 

Their sizes are: 

Toiletry bag – 5-inches (width) x 8-inches (length) x 6-inches (height).

Lingerie bag – 4-inches (width) x 16-inches (height). 

Owning this set of bags will add significant panache to your stays with friends. 

5.     Tea Bag Wallet

fabric handmade bags and purses - tea bag wallet case organizer
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Does your choice of beverages mimic your personal style? Well, I am not sure about you. But mine does for sure. 

I am a tea person. My choices range from the masala teas to the subtle mints. 

My day is never complete without cups of pure Assam tea. While a cup of pure spearmint tea in-between sweet milk teas adds variety to my routine. 

No wonder my handbag remains cluttered with sachets of various teas. Along comes the sugar sachets, and I up for a mess. 

If you do not want to run into a situation like mine. Then, you must check out this beautiful Tea bag wallet. 

With this bag. Your tea essentials will not get lost at the bottom of some random bag. Rather you will find them placed neatly in the individual pockets of this purse. 

The cavities are big enough to hold both the tea bags and sweeteners. 

Entire purse material is of 100% cotton fabric. Hence, the lining is cotton as well. Two layers of fabric provide structure and support to give the wallet a form. The closure is of elastic and a button. 

Their sizes of the wallet when hold open is 5-inches (width) x 7-inches (length). 

6.     Hand Embroidered Yoga Mat Bag

fabric handmade bags and purses - yoga mat
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I love to do yoga. If you too are fond of it. Then, this bag will catch your attention for sure. 

Its tribal embroidery transports me to beautiful landscapes from Thailand. 

That is because this bag is from the same nation. Hmong tribes of northern Thailand region, Lanna Country craft this masterpiece. 

The individual elements to bring up the bag are also from the respective local region. 

The bag has a black cotton lining that holds your yoga mat. A full-length zipper serves as a closure. The exterior embroidered fabric is also in cotton. 

Dimensions of the bag are: 5-inches (width) x 28-inches (length). 

This vibrant colored yoga bag will transport you into an exotic land. A mere glance at it brings positivity and cheer. 

Do not miss out the pom poms on its edges. 


7.     Therapy Flax Seed Bag

fabric handmade bags and purses - therapy bag
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So this one is not a bag in its use case. But as a technical term, it does qualify as a bag.

If you are new to therapy bags. Then, there is a little know how that I can provide. 

A bag that helps with aches is a therapy bag. It is for easing body pains much the way you use cold/ heat packs. 

That means you can either heat this bag and then place it on your aching muscles. Or you can also use it to ease a sprain after placing the bag in the freezer. 

The bag is of 100% cotton filled with food-grade golden flax seeds. Rice and corns are popular fillings for therapy bags. Though, this one uses flax seeds. 

The highlight of this therapy bag is its printed fabric. Cute Hello kittens cover the exterior of this therapy bag.

Meows of this handmade therapy bag will make aches hurt a little less. But make sure you read the safety instructions before heating/cooling it. Else, the bag will deteriorate and your skin might get harmed too.

The handmade artist provides a lot of options to customize the size of the bag. The smallest size is 5-inches x 5-inches. While the biggest is 5-inches x 20-inches. Also, the artist lets you choose the scents too. Lavender, rose, peppermint and one with no aroma.

As a caution, be careful when using this bag on children.


In Conclusion

Owning bags and purses makes you happy. Your joy might reach higher levels if you come to know that your handbag is cruelty-free. 

That is what fabric handmade bags and purses let you achieve. A sense of contentment that your style statement does not harm nature. 

Each of the unique handmade purses in this article is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The story of the respective designer’s thought process is evident in them. You can even pair them with some handmade fabric jewelry.

I am sure you will love to own and flaunt them. Else you can always make some purses from leftover materials the way I do. 

You can inbox me to know how I pull off the feat of carrying them without getting conscious. 


Image Source: Pixabay

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