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How to Get the Spotlight With Fork Artwork

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You may never think of utility for cutlery other than assisting in eating. But it may surprise you to know that fork artwork exists. 

Fork of Vevey as seen in the picture below is one of the beautiful creative uses of a fork. It is a part of the Alimentarium museum. 

But there exist many other creations from the humble fork that can find a use in our daily lives. Though their use may not limit to the dining table alone. 

If you appreciate novelty and out-of-the-box thinking. Then, you must read further.

How to Get the Spotlight With Fork Artwork
How to Get the Spotlight With Fork Artwork

7 Fork Artwork Designs That You Need to Know

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1.     Fork Art Jewelry

fork artwork ~ steampunk pendant
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If you are fond of steampunk-themed artwork. Then, you will love this collection of pendant necklaces.

The handmade artist from Michigan creates this beautiful jewelry by recycling forks.

They create flatware silverware pendants of intriguing shapes. All their forks are from the pre-60s era. Hence, they have gone through subsequent wear and tear. That is what gives each finished piece its character and uniqueness.

The pendants come in various shapes. There are a few options from a butterfly, owl to a turtle theme and dragonfly. All the creations are through hand bending and wire wrapping.

The chain measures 22-inches. It has large links. So, you can shorten it by hooking the lobster clasp as per your length requirements.

Each pendant is little more than 3-inches long from the tines to the bail. Hence, it is big enough to bring in attention and accolades.

2.     Fork Printing Artwork

fork artwork ~ wall art
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If a fun themed wall art is your idea of wall decor. Then, this Star Wars Yoda matte-ink poster is apt for you.

It has a humorous twist on the popular quote from the series. So, the poster says – “May the Fork be with You.”

Also, a fork replaces the original saber. 

The artist prints the artwork on an 80+ years old vintage dictionary page. Hence, you will never find any 2 of the prints as same.

Each printed page measures 10-inches x 8-inches. You can set it on a contrasting frame to enhance this artwork’s beauty.

Due to the inclusion of the cutlery. You can also use this artwork as a kitchen wall art.


3.     Recycled Fork Sculpture

fork artwork ~ robot sculpture
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Recycled artwork is one of the reasons why Handmade art is so important.

It gives a good reason to make creative use of items that may not have a utility. On the same lines, a handmade artist from Michigan created this beautiful sculpture.

It is a robot art from a re-purposed P C board. Though the structure’s most interesting feature is its head. As you can see in the picture, the figure has a fork-head.

Isn’t it fun to look and admire him?

The guy has other details to its personality too. Its limbs have scrap aluminum. While some of its body parts have camera parts too.

The structure measures 9-inches (height) x 4-inches (length) x 3.5-inches (width). It weighs about 6-ounces.

If you appreciate thoughtful artwork. Then, owning this one will open up a lot of meaningful conversations at your abode.


4.     Stamped Fork Art

fork artwork ~ stamped vintage fork
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If you got overwhelmed with the varied and unconventional fork art forms. Then, this stamped fork will remind you of the usual fork.

Though this fork works as a usual fork. But it has an interesting layer to its personality.

There is CHEAT DAY stamped below its tines. 

Thus, it is not an ordinary fork. It is a special one which will find its use for special days.

So, if you are on a diet, or want to gift someone who diets. Then, this fork is the one you need to look at.

It is a vintage silverplate fork with CHEAT DAY hand stamped on it.

For disciplined dieting enthusiasts, cheat days do deserve a celebration. This fork is the best accompaniment for that occasion.


5.     Fork Napkin Rings

fork artwork ~ napkin rings
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Forks belong to the table. So, do the napkin rings. 

Though it becomes a little unusual to see when the napkin rings are also made of forks.

You need to look at these cute napkin rings to realize the same.

This creativity is by a handmade metal artist from Utah.

They bend the tines and the stems of forks to transform them into rings. 

The rings come in a set of 6. They are of 100% stainless steel. Thus, you can wash them in your dishwasher.

They would add a hint of amazement at your dining table when you have your next big house party. 


6.     Fork Garden Marker

fork artwork ~ garden marker
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Gardening is one of my stress-buster activity. From potting to using the herbs in my tea, the entire activity brings me joy.

Hence, adding a PEACE sign in a garden seems like an apt thing to do.

The artist who created this garden marker must have given this analogy a serious thought.

This one is a vintage silverplate fork recycled to create the symbol of peace. Furthermore, the artist has hand stamped the word PEACE on it.

If I get this one, I will use it to mark my spearmint herb pot.


7.     Fork Artwork Bracelet

fork artwork ~ bracelet
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Unique jewelry piece takes my breath away. This bracelet made from a fork is one such art piece.

It is a handcrafted beauty from a vintage silver-plated fork. 

Do not let the inclusion of fork make you think that it will not be good as a regular bracelet. Its creator has taken utmost care to make it wearable.  

It measures 7-inches when closed.  A strong lobster clasp ensures its closure with stainless steel jump rings.  

The artist cuts each fork to get the desired length. They then bend and sand it to make it feasible for wearing.

You can also gift this beauty to someone who appreciates the ingenuity. The artist ships it in a lovely gift box with tags. So, it is gift-ready.  


In Conclusion

Reusing and recycling is a huge part of handmade art. Many professional handmade artists pride themselves in creating art out of waste.

This article lists 7 beautiful artwork made from a fork. A fork is an everyday piece of cutlery. But the artists with their creative insights have given it a new form.

From a jewelry piece to a sculpture. The transformation of the cutlery piece is unconventional.

If you are fond of upcycled art forms. Or if you know someone who is. Then, you must share this article with them to spread the beauty of fork artwork.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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