Know About the Best Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts in the World

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I got to admit that I have never been to a gym. Like never. The idea of paying money to sweat sounds ridiculous to me. I have the same weight and body dimensions for the last 20 years. I thank my metabolism for that privilege.  And did I tell you that I will be 40 soon? 

Yes, that sounds funny. 

It is even funnier than the funny oil paintings that I wrote about years ago. 

If you also appreciate humor. Then, you are going to love some funny gifts for gym lovers in this article. I am sure you will relate more with them if you are regular to the gym.


Know About the Best Funny Gifts for Gym Lovers in the World


7 funny gifts for gym lovers
7 Funny Gifts for Gym Lovers
This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Handmade Coffee Mug for Gym Enthusiast

funny gifts for gym rats ~ coffee mug
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As a gym person what is that you dread the most? 

Most of the gym rants that I asked this question to said it was their Personal Trainer. 

Is it? 

Then, all those gym people who have a fear of their trainer must have this mug. 

This is a ceramic handmade mug by an artist from Indiana, USA. 

The funny quote on it is a professional print with dye sublimation technology. 

This high-quality ceramic mug is available in 2 options – 11-ounce/ 330 ml, and 15-ounce/450 ml. 

It is both dishwasher and microwave safe. 

You can keep it for yourself or gift it to a gym buddy who has a love-hate relationship with their trainer. Or, you could even gift this to your trainer too. 

Don’t you think that it will be a different feeling to have your protein shakes in this mug? 

This mug is for sure one of the best funny gifts for gym lovers.


2.     Workout Gifts for Her – Weight Plate Earrings

feminine gifts for a working out women
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It is so encouraging to see a woman doing heavy weight lifting at the gym. I am bad with lifting. Thus, I respect women who do it with ease. 

To celebrate those strong females. These earrings in sterling silver are the best gifts. 

They seem to be a tiny replica of weight plates. 

They are a beautiful work of art by a handmade artist from Yaroslavl, Russia. 

Their base material is 925 sterling silver. They have a diameter of 12  mm/ 0.47-inches. While they weigh 1.9 g. 

They come in a small vintage box that includes the artist’s logo stamp and wax seal. 

As strong women do have a feminine side to them. Thus, these light-weight earring charms are a perfect gift to celebrate their feminity.


3.     Funny T-shirt – Gifts for Weightlifting Enthusiast

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How many jokes on derrieres do you know? Well, this handmade T-shirt with a funny one-liner is the best one of all that I have heard yet. 

Jokes apart, it is a great unisex shirt that can be a gym lover’s favorite. 

It has a crew neck and short sleeves. The handmade artist from Florida, USA designs it with superior quality fabric. Its material is ring-spun cotton that is Airlume combed. 

I love the unique environment-friendly process that the artist uses to make these. 

The shirts have a water-based ink. Printing happens through dye sublimation method. Hence, the colors do not wash out as they bond well with the fabric. 

To enjoy this handmade shirt for a long lifespan. The artist recommends cold water inside-out machine wash. Then, a regular tumble dry. 

The shirt is available in 6 different sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large. Also, there are wide choices for the colors as well. Soft Pink and Deep Grey are 2 of the options along with 18 others. Hence, both men and women can pick up one as per their preferences. 

Moreover, the fabric combinations differ as per the color of the shirt. You can confirm the same with the artist before you make a purchase.


4.     Motivational Quote – Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

funny gifts for gym lovers ~ wall sign
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If wearing a hilarious quote on your shirt is not your style. Then, you can make use of this wall hanging motivational quote. 

It reads – The only time you’re allowed to get low in your life is during your squat. 

Wow. Isn’t that such an inspiring one? 

If you struggle at your fitness routine. Or you are dealing with some lows in your personal life. Then, this wooden plaque sign is all that you need. 

The artist uses acrylic paint for the colorful quote and its dark background. The plaque’s dimensions are 12-inches x 9-inches. 

A home decor artist from New York, USA hand paints them. The sign is then given a vinyl shine. A clear gloss latex seal is then smeared over it. 

You can put it over your desk. Or, you can hang it on a wall. I would love to squat while reading this quote. That would be strengthening both the mind and the body at the same time. 


5.     Silhouette Wall Clock – Gym Gifts for Him

funny gifts for gym lovers ~ silhouette clock
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I am not sure about you. But I am not a watch bound person. That is why I do not like to wear a watch. Though I do not mind wearing it as an accessory in the form of a pocket watch

But I know a lot of people who cannot do without looking up at a watch every few minutes. 

This is a wall clock that has a silhouette of a bodybuilding man. If you are a bodybuilding freak or know someone who is. Then, this is an ideal gift for them. 

This clock is by a handmade artist from Cypress. 

They provide 2 options for its base material – acrylic and ply oak wood. 

The acrylic one is 3-mm thick. While the wood one is 4-mm. 

Also, its dimensions are 11.90-inches in height and 5.90-inches in width. 

The artist provides many options to choose colors for the clock hands and the acrylic/wood base. 

The clock runs on the EZ Quartz mechanism with sweep movement. That means it stays silent due to non-ticking. 

Moreover, it is RoHS approved. 

All you need is an AA battery to start aiming for a Mr. Universe body with this clock. 


6.     Gym Gifts for Her – Inspiring Necklace 

gym gifts for her ~ motivational necklace
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Bodybuilding is not a men-only domain. The profession finds females too. 

For such strong females, this is the necklace worth gifting. 

It is a cube charm set in sterling silver. Four of its faces have a unique inspiring call to an action word. 


I am sure these four words will give her the motivation to continue her struggles. 

This necklace charm is a 100% handmade art by an artist from Russia. 

The charm is a 12 mm cube that along with the leather cord weighs 8 g. 

There are many options to customize the cord as well. You can ask for its length/thickness from the available options as per your preference. 

Moreover, the lobster clasp on the necklace is also of sterling silver. 


7.     Gifts for Workout Junkies – Metal Sculpture

funny gifts for people who love gym ~ metal sculpture
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If you are not comfortable wearing the workout charm necklace. Then, this metal sculpture might fascinate you. It is a unisex decor item that symbolizes a workout addict.

But on closer inspection of this collectible, you will notice its uniqueness. It is a structure made of nuts and bolts.

It is by a handmade artist from Hungry. The artist cuts, bends, and welds steel to create this beautiful figure of art. 

The dimensions of the sculpture are: 3.74-inches (height) x 7.09-inches (length) x 6.30-inches (width). While it weighs 0.5 Pounds.

The artist sources recycled scrap metal from junkyards, garages and other places.

If you have a hard to please gym rat friend. Then, this will be one of the best funny gifts for gym lovers.


In Conclusion

A strong body can withstand weights in the gym. A strong mind can withstand adversities. While a strong body with a strong mind can appreciate humor while doing both of the above. 

If you know someone who epitomizes strength. Then, you can gift them one of the funny gifts for gym lovers mentioned in this article. 

They are handmade with love for the person who works out for their body’s fitness. Such hard working determined souls deserve some appreciation and light-hearted humor.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay


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