7 Fantastic Gifts for Book Lovers That Are Best in the World

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Ever struggled to look for gifts for book lovers that aren’t books? 

Well, if you are friends with a book nerd. Then, I get it. It is overwhelming to find that perfect gift that complements the books.

You can always gift e-readers to them. But if you want to keep the gadgets away, and concentrate on heartfelt gifts. Then, you need to read further to know the best gifts for book lovers.

7 gifts for book lovers that aren't books
7 gifts for book lovers that aren’t books

7 Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

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1.     Accessories for Book Lovers


gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ bracelet
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What could be better than the term BIBLIOPHILE wrapped around a book lover’s arm? 

Well, this bracelet is the one then. 

It has individual alphabets of the term BIBLIOPHILE written with replica typewriter keys. Each alphabet has a glass cover. So, they are safe and secure. 

The handmade artist creates it with Pewter metal alloy. The bracelet has enough vacant chain to make its length from 7.5-inches – 9-inches.

Also, it has a lobster claw along with a chain clasp that has a book charm. Thus, it has the true essence of a book-loving person. 


2.     Reading Pillow as a Book Lovers Gift

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ reading pillow
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 I do not know what is the connection between reading and drinking tea. 

I love to have cups and cups of tea while reading. 

In case you also have these 2 particular fascinations. Then, you will love this pillow. 

Well, this is not your usual pillow. It is a Reading Pillow. That means you can store your books and e-readers in it. Though you can use it as a pillow to curl up and read books too. 

The best part of this pillow is that it has a cool embroidery design. It says –  “Happiness is a cup of tea and a good book”. And there is an embroidery art of a steaming cup of tea too. 

It comes with pillow foam. So, all you need is a comfortable place to use it. It measures 16-inches x 16-inches. Thus, it is convenient for traveling as well. 

You can also gift it to your beloved friend who is a book nerd. For sure it makes one of the great gifts for book lovers that aren’t books. 


3.     Candles as Unique Book Gifts

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ library candles
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Do you love the smell of books? I do. 

If you are also a great fan of smelling books, in particular, the old ones. Then, you will love this set of soy wax candles.

They are an interpretation of the smell of books by a handmade artist from Florida.

Each candle is of 4-ounces and has a particular unique scent. The average burn time for each is about 30-hours.

The Antique Books one smells like a tethered leather bound classic book. The artist uses smells of cedarwood and patchouli to create its scent. If you are a genuine book lover, then you can relate with that aroma.

The next one is the Ancient Scrolls. This one has the smell of mold. That is like a smell from too old a book. They could be the ones found in some abandoned treasure. To achieve that smell, the artist uses Frankincense and Myrrh scents. 

The third one smells like new books. Thus, it has the name of New Books. To make the candles smell like fresh paper, the artist uses a mix of various smells. That includes cedarwood, jasmine, sandalwood, and patchouli.

All the candles use high-quality soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. Even the scents are of a premium grade that is phthalate-free. Hence, the candles burn clean and transform your surroundings into a library.

Moreover, glass mason jars hold the candles. So, you can reuse them.

The best part is that the artist makes them fresh for each order. Hence, the freshness of scents is deep and profound.


4.     A Mug as a Book Lover Gift

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ Narnia Mug
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 If you have a friend who obsesses over the tale that starts with a wardrobe and ends with a witch. Then, you know that you need to buy some The Chronicles of Narnia themed gift for them.

This marble ceramic mug is the perfect choice for that.  

It is an 11-ounce mug that you can throw in your microwave as well as the dishwasher.

This handmade mug has a popular quote from the author of the book printed on both of its sides. So, you get “Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny” by C. S. Lewis.

I am sure that will make your book lover friend glad. Though they will be happier to know that the creation process of this mug.

The printing of this mug involves adherence to high and safe quality standards. That involves the use of safe, non-toxic ink for printing. The design will not scratch or fade away with daily use. Thus, it is a gift that your friends will reckon for years. 


5.     Fridge Magnets as Gifts for Writers

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ Book Magnets
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The moment you look at these magnets, you know that they are one of the best gifts for book lovers that aren’t books.

They are a set of 6 artwork magnets that you can use on the fridge, dishwasher, and cupboards. Each of them has a diameter of 1.5-inches.

They got vintage books artwork at the front and a strong magnet at their rear.

The handmade artist prints the artwork on a high-quality paper. They then cover it with a mylar using a professional hand press. After that, they attach a magnet to them. 

These fridge magnets are one of the most unique gift ideas for book lovers.


6.     Gifts for Romance Novel Lovers

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ Wuthering Heights Scarf
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 For a long time, I carried the classic Wuthering Heights with me every time I went out. I was so in love with the deplorable romance tragedy.

The book my Emily Bronte enjoys a cult status. That is the reason this cream-colored scarf is the next best thing to that book.  It has the pages from the book printed on it.

It is by a handmade artist who specializes in literature-based accessories. This scarf is one of her esteemed artwork.

The scarf is super soft to touch since it is 100% cotton jersey knit. It measures about 63-inches in circumference and is 12-inches wide. Thus, long and wide enough to use as a utility.

The artist doubles the fabric and sews along the edge to create a thickening effect.


7.     Bath Tub Caddy to Read Books

gifts for book lovers that aren't books ~ bathtub caddy
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 What a luxury it is to read books while taking a spa-style bath. If you have a bathtub and a good book. Then, the next you need is this wooden bathtub caddy.

It is an adjustable bath shelf that fits all standard sized tubs.

The caddy is both beautiful and durable due to the solid walnut wood. It has spacers underneath. So, you can move them to adjust to your bathtub. As long as the inside-to-inside measurement ranges between 22″ – 32″ across, this caddy will work.

The caddy measures 33-inches long and it arrives with its adjustment tool.

You can place books and candles on it for an ultimate reading luxury experience.


In Conclusion


It is not always easy to find an apt gift for a book lover. Most of the times, you end up getting confused as to what book to gift them. That is because most of the times the book lovers own all the great books.

In that situation, the bookish gifts listed in this article will be of great help. They are beautiful and offer utility as well.

They are bound to make your bookworm friends happy when they will receive them as gifts from you.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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