How to Make Your Home Beautiful With Handmade Ceiling Lamps

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handmade ceiling lamps
Handmade ceiling lamps to up your home decor


A huge chandelier hanging from a center light in a room hints luxury. The bigger the room. The more the scope of a fancy center of attraction in the form of a hanging center light. 

Most of my grown-up years were in Jodhpur. That is a small Indian city popular for its royal heritage. The city’s palace, Umaid Bhawan is a popular tourist attraction. 

I recall the presence of huge and beautiful chandeliers adorning that royal abode. 

Fast forward time to 20 years hence. I am stuck with my house which is not a palace. But is big enough to sport a ceiling lamp, if not a chandelier. 

The concept of light reflecting through a kaleidoscopic element excites me. My late father was also a big fan of lighting fixtures and unique lamps. I guess it is from him that I got my fascination for outlandish lighting decors and fixtures. 

That is why I got serious about curating some ceiling lamps that caught my attention. The list goes as below:


How to Make Decor Colorful With 7 Handmade Ceiling Lamps

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     1.     Geometrical Mystic Rose Handmade Ceiling Light

handmade ceiling lamps - Mystic Rose
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This structure seems like a mere zig-zag display of metallic pipes. But a closer inspection will reveal a beautiful rose in a unique geometric form. 

That is why the artist has named it “Mystic Rose.” It is a part of the designer’s handmade ceiling lamps collection titled “Lamps with Soul”. 

Its dimensions are: 48cm (width) x 50cm (length). A 60W or LED E27, E26 is perfect for it. 

The sparkling gray colored lamp is a modern yet simple piece of art. It would look interesting in a living room. Or you can use it to give your bar room an interesting technical decor. 

The artist is open to shipping this lamp worldwide. You can get in touch with him to work out the logistics. You also get to choose the length of the rod that hangs the lamp. The artist provides 2 options of 50 cm and 60 cm. 

Price: USD 385.00


     2.     White Seagulls Ceiling Light

handmade ceiling lamps - Seagulls
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I got a strong fascination with seagulls. I spent my childhood watching numerous series of Baywatch. The show was synonymous with the sounds of seagulls. 

The sheer beauty of the bird catapults me towards them. I am not sure of the particular reason for my liking towards Seagulls. But I am definite that I am in love with this ceiling lamp because of its Seagull imprints. 

It is one of the best options for ceiling lamps for the living room. When lit, this lamp will fill up positive vibes in the ambiance. 

Its dimensions are: 48cm (width) x 50cm (length). It goes well with a 60W or LED E27 and E26. You have the option to select either 50cm/ 60cm length of the rod that hangs the lamp. 

Price: USD 290.00


     3.     French Empire Crystal Ceiling Lamp

handmade ceiling lamps - French Empire Crystal Replica
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If you got a fascination with the vintage era. Then, this is one of the best handmade ceiling lamps for you. 

This one is a smaller version of those huge chandeliers from the royal palaces. 

The process of creating this lamp involves wrapping beads on a metal basket cage setup. 

Beads include thousands of tiny eyed crystals. Along come a 14-mm Octagonal crystal glass prisms and long beads. These bigger crystals serve as connectors in between the small beads. 

The hand-strung beads wrap on a metal brass structure. 

Lamp dimensions are: 12-inches (width) x 12-inches (length) x 30-inches (height). It goes well with a 1E27/ E26 bulbs. You can install the bulb by removing the top round brass part. 

A patina look (oxide coating on metal) on its exterior exudes a charismatic old world charm. 

This one will turn your abode into a microcosm of the late 19th/ early 20th-century era. 

Price: USD 149.99


     4.     Sputnik theme Ceiling Lamp

handmade ceiling lamps - Sputnik Theme lamp
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From the vintage era. It is time to move on to space. So, here it is the Sputnik theme ceiling lamp. 

The 12 arm lighting structure gives it the satellite steampunk appeal. Its structure is of solid genuine brass with top quality components. 

It is not pre-fabricated. Thus, has a rawness and unfinished appeal to its look. So, swirl marks due to handmade sculpting run over its length and breadth. 

The lamp can work on standard medium 25W bulbs. Though the maximum it can take is 40W. 12 E26/27 standard light bulbs will be ideal for this.

The lamp is ideal for 110V and 240V. 

Lamp diameter is 32-inches without the bulbs. 

Artist gives the option to flatten or rotate the branches as per your liking.

Price: USD 699.00


     5.     Strini Art Glass Ceiling Lamp

handmade ceiling lamps - Colored glass lamp
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Glass and light complement each other. That is why most of the chandeliers are of glass.

Light passing through glass casts a beautiful spectrum. Though, the colored glass takes the simple physics phenomenon to another high. 

Proof of this theory is this beautiful art glass ceiling lamp. 

It is a colorful dome of fused and slumped blown glass. This handmade work is popular as Strini art glass. It is the traditional Italian style blown glass form. 

Each handmade lampwork bears the artist’s trademark signature and date of production. 

Dimensions of this dome shape lamp are: 22-inches (width) x 22-inches (length) x 5-inches (height). 

Price: USD 4450.00


     6.     Modern Ceiling Lamp – EMMANUEL

handmade ceiling lamps - Modern lamp
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This is one of a kind exquisite one from the artist’s handmade ceiling lamps collection. He terms it as “EMMANUEL”. 

Lavishness is an epitome of this lamp the moment it casts shadows onto the ceiling. Any 60W E27 or E26 bulb is perfect for this handmade lamp. 

The lamp is powder coated in white. But you can have the Emmanuel handmade ceiling lamp in a myriad of colors. From standard white/ black to olive green/ gunmetal gray are available for selection. 

The lamp’s dimensions are: 60-cms (width) x 50-cms (length). 

The artist provides the option to chose the length of the chain on which the lamp hangs. You can choose from 40-cms to 70-cms as per your preference. 

Price: USD 320.00


     7.     Butterflies Ceiling Lamp

handmade ceiling lamps - colorful butterflies
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Vibrant butterflies circling a light is a delight to watch. This cheerful lamp makes that happen.

It consists of a set of butterflies around a wired circle with a bulb socket center. A cord hangs the entire structure. 

Butterflies are in colorful French tracing paper. The paper is 100% recyclable and chlorine free. It has a Murano glass effect by handcrafting the paper. It is resistant to wear and tear in the presence of light. Thus, the paper butterflies retain their color and durability with time. 

This lamp goes well in the living room as well as one of the perfect options as ceiling lights for a bedroom. The vivid paper butterflies cast a magic spell everywhere. 

A LED bulb will complement this environment-friendly lamp. 

The lamp is in a circle shape with dimensions as 14-inches in diameter. The wire structure is of aluminium. The connected power cord is 40-inches in length. Cloth wraps the entire length of the cord for grip and safety.

The artist ships bulb socket, cord, butterflies and a user manual. It is easy to assemble the individual lamp parts with the instructions in the manual. The video below will also help to set it up.


Price: USD 112.00


In Conclusion

There is some attraction to a ceiling lamp. I do not know. It is mesmerizing to see light casting shadows when it passes through some media.

That is one of the reasons why the interior decorators play huge stress on lighting fixtures.

Lighting has the potential to alter the decor of an interior. No wonder that a museum/ gallery stresses on its lighting.

Such commercial enterprises can afford to change their construction to their lighting needs. But for the retail consumer use, such a luxury is out of a budget. Instead, they can bring in appropriate lighting that complements the existing decor.

The options of artisan-crafted lighting in this article serve that purpose well. Each of the 7 handmade ceiling lamps is beautiful and perfect for home purposes.

Though a living room center is appropriate for these lamps. But they would go well for a study or a bar too.

These handmade ceiling lamps provide lighting drama for any corner of a house.


Image Source: Pixabay

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