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If you are new to my blogging world. Then, let me tell you that I am a complete addict to handmade resources.
I can find a handmade alternative to almost every product that I see in supermarket aisles.
Because of this trait of mine, I get asked a lot of times about my favorite resources.
So, instead of answering every question through emails, and personal meetings. I decided to list my favorite tools and resources on this page.
I keep updating this page with every new handmade gem that I come across. So, make sure to come back to this page for more information in the future.
The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

List of my favorite Handmade Resources


1.     Handmade Magazine

handmade resources ~ magazine
A Magazine for Handmade Resources

Since you have landed on my website, I am sure you too got some love for handmade products. 

If that is true. Then, you can make use of this magazine to stay updated on all stuff that is “made by hand”.
From getting updates on Handmade marketplaces like Etsy to finding handmade product. This magazine delivers it all.
If your aim is to make a full time living as a handmade artist. Then, this one you cannot miss.


2.     Handmade Cosmetics

Handmade Solid Shampoo Bar
Handmade Resources ~ Rosemary Shampoo Bar

I limit my use of cosmetics. The ones I use are handmade, made from scratch. 

My soaps and toiletries are a mix of natural ingredients like oils and clay. I have written a lot about my crunchy handmade beauty potions.
But I know that not everyone can be that basic to follow them. But if you still wish to use handmade cosmetics then, this one is a beautiful handmade resource.
This brand is vegan. Meaning they do not even use honey in their products. You will understand what luxury and self-pampering mean when you will use any of their products.
From all of their catalog, this shampoo bar is my absolute favorite. The calming lavender and powerful rosemary will heighten your senses. Plus, the constant use will help tackle hair damage issues.
Try it once to detox from the paraben and silicone loaded expensive shampoos.


3.     SiteGround Web Hosting   

Having your own website is every handmade artist’s dream.
A website lets you have an instant resource to showcase your art to the entire world.
If you have been procrastinating on opening one. Then, listen up, time is now. The longer you wait, the more will be the struggle.
Till the time you do not open your work for people to see. You cannot expect the sales to follow.
The best part is that it costs less than 50 $ a year to have your own self-hosted professional website.
If that kind of investment scares you. Then, you wasted a whole lot of time reading till here.
Though, if you are still hopeful and determined then, start off now. This article will help you as a guide.


4.     Jaaxy for Keywords Research


handmade resources ~ Jaaxy keyword research

As you would know, having a website is mandatory to do business. But a mere website with few product photos is not going to bring in results.

You need some SEO magic to play on your Content. For the same, you need to know what particular keywords you should be ranking for.

Unless you are an Inbound Marketing junkie. You cannot figure out how to rank high on your respective art and craft category.

But if you knew which keyword is worth creating content on. Then, you have won half the battle.

For that, I trust Jaaxy’s super powerful keyword research capabilities. It filters out the guesswork and lets you create Content with confidence.

Even if you got zero knowledge of keywords and SEO. Then, also you can use it. Another reason to use it is its free usage for first 20 searches. Use the image above to try it for free now.

Though you can learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) here.

5.     Handmade Product Photography

handmade resources ~ product photography class
Learn Professional Product Photography

Your product pictures are the first impression for the audience. It is the pictures that decide whether the audience will turn into a customer.

The ratio of the first time audience to turn into a repeat customer is quite low.

To become a repeat customer, the customer must buy at least once. For that to happen, it is crucial to turn those first-time window shoppers into customers.

Stellar product pictures are the tools that let that magic happen.

You can outsource photography to professionals. But if you are a beginner artist. Then, the cost of shooting might go out of budget for you.

Plus, with the increase in your inventory, you will need more and more pictures. So, to stay within the logistics and budget, it is the best time to learn product photography.

It does not cost much, and it will add to your arsenal of in-house resources. Furthermore, it also teaches how to do photography with smartphones.