11 Amazing Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World

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Low Poo Conditioner

11 Amazing Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World

After a roundup on low poo shampoo list. A low poo conditioner list is obvious. 

Though I make my own low poo shampoo bars. I do not use a low poo conditioner. 

I am happy with my no poo conditioner. 

It is super simple. My shampoo routine is incomplete without it. Irrespective of whether it is low or no poo. 

At times I fortify it with some extra ingredients that are high on TLC for the hair. 

But for most of the occasions. The addition of a few drops of essential oils to the vinegar rinse works well. 

As I am a staunch minimalist. I am fine with my humble conditioner. Though even besides its merit. It does not work well for all. 

The 2 major drawbacks I hear are – its watery consistency and its preparation. 

I know a friend who forgets to prepare the conditioner before he gets into the shower. Thus, his lack of preparation leads to dry hair

Even though it takes a minute to mix some drops of essential oils and vinegar. Still many people find that task cumbersome. 

I do not find that surprising anymore. Since I have come to terms with the fact that not everyone has a passion for going all natural. 

So, for that friend of mine. And for anyone who wishes to use almost natural products on their hair. I have come up with a long low poo conditioner list.


Criteria for selection of a low poo conditioner


My contemn for products that have silly ingredients will never ebb. So, I inspected each conditioner bottle. Only when I saw “NO PARABENS” mentioned on product labeling. Then only that particular product finds a mention in the list. 

The list mentions products that have ingredients sourced from plants. Thus, natural oils and emollients form the major part of conditioners in the list. 

You can have a look at the list below.


Your Resource for the Best Low Poo Conditioner Brands in the World

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     WOW Hair Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ wow
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This one had Organic virgin coconut oil along with avocado oil. It claims conditioning benefits for thin, weak and damaged hair. 

The absence of parabens and sulfates makes it hypoallergenic. It is safe for color-treated hair as well. 


2.     Vegetal Hair Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ vegetal
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With the goodness of Indian gooseberries, soapwort, and lemon. This brand is a true gem. 

Its plant extracts help fight the frizz in dry and damaged hair. 

It contains no paraben, preservatives or colors. 

3.     Truly Organic Volumizing Super Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ truly organic
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This imported brand of conditioner is a treat for the hair. Coconut and olive oil condition the hair. The presence of tea tree protects from infection. While Neroli renders a beautiful orange blossom aroma. 

The brand says no to harmful chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. 


4.     Paul Brown Hawaii Keratin Ultra Intense Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ paul brown
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This salon strength conditioner comes from a well-known hair care brand. It is a rich conditioner that protects hair from damage and breakage. 

It boasts trademark of the Paul Brown’s proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex. 

This imported conditioner is sulfate and paraben free.  It is safe for color-treated hair too. 

5.     Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ kama ayurveda
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As the name suggests. This conditioner has oils from the Cedarwood (Deodar) trees of the Himalayan region. 

The other ingredients include extracts from hibiscus flower, amla and aloe vera. 

This conditioner has no inclusion of parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals. 

Hibiscus and aloe vera moisturize hair. Amla oil helps to restore hair color. Deodar oil stimulates hair follicles for enhanced health. Its woody aroma is mesmerizing too. 


6.     Himalayan Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ Himalayan Argan Conditioner
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This one replenishes the hair follicles with its Argan oil content. It also protects from the heat and the Sun’s UV rays.

The product has no presence of parabens, silicones, sulfates and mineral oil. Thus, you can say goodbye to itchy scalps and fly away hair. 

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7.     MOROCCANOIL Extra volume Hair Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ moroccanoil conditioner
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The presence of Argan oil in this conditioner brand promises health for fine hair. Though its unique formulation does not weigh down the hair strands.

Other ingredients include red-algae extracts. This gives the product viscosity for rich user experience. 

This eliminates the need to include glycerin/chemicals for giving thickness to conditioners.  

It is free of sulfates, phosphates, and parabens. It is also safe for the color treated mane.


8.     Happy Hair Days Keratin+ Super Smooth Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ happy hair days
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With advanced keratin extracts. This low poo conditioner lives up to its name. 

Its gentle formulation suits most of the hair types. It repairs, strengthens and smooths the hair strands. 

The product has “no parabens” mentioned on its packaging. Your hair will thank you for using this one.


9.     KISS MY FACE Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ kiss my face
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When a hair care brand is gung-ho on their values. Then, it is obvious for them to include them on their products as well. 

Miss Treated Conditioner by Kiss My Face has Argan oil and botanical extracts. The vitamins in the oil restore vitality in damaged hair. 

The brand sources its oil from forests in Morocco. A particular local women’s cooperative maintains the Argan tree farms. 

The products are pH balanced and have nothing to do with the following long list of ingredients: 

  • Parabéns
  • Phthalate
  • SLS
  • Dyes
  • Synthetic colors like F, D, and C
  • Carmine
  • Lanolin
  • Mineral oil
  • Petroleum
  • Nanoparticles 


10.    Simply Shea Leave-in Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ simply shea
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The mention of Shea butter made me take notice of this one. Also, the Shea butter in it is from an organic source. 

Its label at the front mentions Paraben free. Shea butter softens and detangles the hair. You can let it stay on the hair without even rinsing it away with water. The natural oils do not weigh down the hair. Thus, the product works as a wonderful low poo leave-in conditioner.


11.    TotLogic Hair Conditioner

low poo conditioner ~ totlogic
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What can you expect from a mompreneur frustrated with the chemical toiletries? 

An invention of a product line that is safe for everyone in the family. 

That is the story of Totlogic hair conditioner from Logic Products by Jill Taft. Logic Products is a unique offering in the bevy of mass-produced products. 

Totlogic conditioner is safe for your tots and pets as well. It mentions Paraben, dye, and Phthalate free. Moreover, the product smells beautiful due to the addition of essential oils. 

This cruelty-free made in America brand is a must buy. 


In Conclusion

Most of the store bought conditioners are an amalgamation of petroleum by-products. 

The common culprits are paraffin wax, mineral oil, and silicones. 

These ingredients may give nice hair within a single application. But with regular use. They cause more harm than good. 

A coat of petroleum-based products is akin to a layer of plastic. Imagine a thin sheet of cellophane on your hair each time you use regular conditioners. 

That is how hair transforms to lustrous and manageable after a shampoo-conditioner task. 

But you know how they do not remain so for more than a day or two. You get a bad hair day within 1-2 days of a shampoo-conditioner routine. 

This leads to more shampoo. And for obvious reasons more of conditioner. 

If you wish to break this cycle of frequent wash and then conditioner. Then, you ought to make a shift to milder hair products. 

This article curates 11 low poo conditioner brands. You can pick any one of them to shift to a milder hair care routine.


Image Source: Pixabay

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