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I am always asked on Quora to recommend a hair loss strategy. To answer that question for seekers. I have made a one-page resource of all the products that I recommend. You can bookmark this page to come back to whenever you experience a hair loss. No kidding!

Even if you are happy with your hair. You can use the products mentioned to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Disclosure: The products links may have affiliate links. That means when you make a purchase through those links. Then, you are sending me triggers to keep updating content on my blog. 

I am being honest here. Money is a big motivation for me.  Moreover, I personally use and recommend each product listed on this page. I share the same with my family, friends, strangers and even the people I dislike.

Recommend products for an effective hair loss strategy



Pumpkin Seed Oil as a hair loss strategy
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Do you know that pumpkin seed oil has DHT blocking ingredients? DHT is the same stuff that brings in male pattern baldness.

The one that brings in a horse-shoe shaped pattern on male scalps. It is a must to prevent and control baldness. Oil from pumpkin seeds works much like the minoxidil. But it is a plant based alternative to it. That means no apparent side-effects, the way you have with minoxidil.



Castor Seed Oil as a hair loss strategy
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Castor oil is my favourite for hair care. I can never get enough of this one. I thank my parents for using it on mine and my sister’s hair during our childhood. I am 100% sure that has a huge role to play on the well-being of our mane.

Back then I am not sure what brand they used. But today, I am committed to the one by Aloe Veda. I used other castor oil brands as well. Though nothing was as consistent and potent like this one. Moreover, this oil is hexane free. This means there are no toxic contents in it. I am not sure about the other brands that supply castor oil.

Even if you have a perfect growth of hair today. I urge you to use this one to ensure that your hair remains on your head for a longer duration.

I suggest you use it in conjunction with pumpkin oil to get the best benefits.


No poo hair care e-book
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This is the book that I wrote on do-it-yourself natural hair care. It lists out the No Poo ways of maintaining hair healthy. The digital book serves as a go-to guide to avoid chemical filled commercial hair care products.

It caters to all the questions and concerns related to keeping a natural hair care routine. The entire content is action oriented that you can put to use the moment you finish reading it.

It is the content resource for an effective hair loss strategy through detoxification.

By the way, my maiden book on Hair care is a best seller I do not like to show off. But this one I just could not help not to. Apologies for the vanity.



water filter for hard water
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This one is a must if you see white haze on your taps and shower heads. Dissolved chemicals in water play a havoc on your hair. That is the reason you get excessive build-up, waxy hair and uncontrollable hair fall.

Fix this one into your shower head and reduce all your hair worries. The activated carbon membrane in the filter does not allow the impurities to pass through. You will see the positive effects within weeks after using this.

Chlorine, lead and molds trap inside the filter and do not end up on your body. This filter is a must for a healthy shower therapy.