7 selected cute birdhouse designs in the world

cute birdhouse designs
7 selected cute birdhouse designs in the world


Being a millennial. Growing up years were fun. 

Instead of fiddling with gaming apps. I and my younger sister ran around trees. The birds fascinated us. We both spent our summer vacations discovering bird eggs in bushes. 

Birds meant any flying feathered living creatures. Sparrows, bulbuls, doves, pigeons, parrots and partridges. 

We both cared for the wounded sparrows. Nursed them back to health. Provided bird food and water for them in clay pots. 

We would watch the parrots munching off ripe corn in our vegetable garden. At times, the parrots camouflaged with the corn leaves. Then, it was their peculiar parrot chirrups that helped us locate them. 

Spreading out bread crumbs on our large verandah lured the sparrows. Their cute pecking followed their hop. All the while they displayed their pleasure of eating food with soft squeaks. 

Thinking about those memories, I feel good. There is so much to share about adventures of growing up with friends. 

Though, at times I do think for the birds too. 

If there were some proper bird houses for them. Then, I and my sister would have been able to provide better care. Instead of makeshift houses in cardboard boxes. Our feathered friends would have had their proper abodes.    

These days I get to see a lot of beautiful and cute birdhouse designs

They are creative, and high on utility for the avians. 

I curated a list of 7 most cute birdhouse designs in the world. Read more to know about them. 

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