7 Interesting Harry Potter Art That Will Surprise You

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Harry Potter Handmade art that is interesting

I got a confession to make. I have not read a single book from Harry Potter series. 

This admission is enough for any Harry Potter fan to boycott me. 

But I have read 1/5th of the The Cuckoo’s Calling. Reading another genre by the author of Harry Potter does not qualify as any metrics. 

Being an avid reader. But never read any Harry Potter is a crime in reading circles. I am guilty of my crimes and I accept them in all my senses. 

The reason for my not reading any of Harry Potter books is a personal one. 

I have huge respect for J. K. Rowling. My aim is to be successful like her in my writing career. But by no means, I want her influence in my writing. 

This may sound funny a reason to not read a book. But that is a trait with me. 

When I admire someone. I tend to mimic them. 

For an instance, after reading Our Lady of Alice Bhatti. I fell in love with Mohammed Hanif and his writing style. I started writing the way he does. Started reading what he claims to be reading. In fact, I even went to him and told him that I love him. 

Yes, that sounds hilarious. Well, I have done the same with Gregory David Roberts too.

So, to save me and my family of further embarrassment. I avoided every book in the Harry Potter family. 

The thriller by miss Rowling was a gift by a friend. So, I started reading it. But the moment I began to develop a passionate feeling towards the writings in the book. I hid it in my store room to suppress the feelings lest they turned to obsession. 

So, that is how I prevented myself from becoming a Potterhead. But I got friends who are Potter crazy. 

I like their enthusiasm while narrating the scenes from the series. Many of them love to disclose how many times they have read the entire series. 

So, for those magic book lover friends of mine. I came up with a list of curated Harry Potter handmade gifts. 

7 Interesting Harry Potter Handmade Craft That Will Surprise You

1.     Harry Potter Quotes and Sayings Art Prints

harry potter handmade quotes wall art
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Art prints of the popular quotes from the book make wonderful Harry Potter wall decor

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