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7 unique constellation jewelry for alert famous results

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unique constellation jewelry
unique constellation jewelry for alert famous results


My favorite activity at the beach is to stare at the night sky. The lit up sky looks wonderful. The noise of waves in the background adds to the beauty. 

It amazes me to realize that the night sky looks the same everywhere. Irrespective of which part of the World I look at it. Its glory and vastness remain unchanged. 

Apart from the moon and the millions of stars. The unique patterns of constellations intrigue me. 

The motifs a group of stars forms up each night is amazing. 

I find it difficult to identify the Little Bear. Its size and brightness vary for urban places. 

Finding the North Star through a group of stars is one of my favorite time passes at a new place. I also struggle to locate the 12 constellations associated with the zodiac signs. 

I plan to invest in a telescope in the near future. Maybe then I can find the entire 88 constellations known to mankind. 

Till the time I invest in a new hobby. I thought of sharing some spectacular jewelry designs inspired by constellations.

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

7 unique constellation jewelry designs in the world

1.     Constellation theme cufflinks

unique constellation jewelry - cufflinks
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Have you outgrown from your boring sets of cufflinks? Then, this bright set of constellation theme cufflinks is for you. 

Each in the pair has a unique and beautiful image of stars. Since they both are not identical. The pair is unlike the usual me-too products. 

White dotted stars illuminate the deep blue background. The pattern is set in clear resin. Multiple layers of resin give a convex effect. Thereby giving the cufflinks a 3D popping effect. 

The dimensions are: 1.6-cm (width) x 2-cm (length) 

A T-bar style finding attaches to the back of cufflinks. You can customize the finding in either silver plated or antiqued bronze effect. 

The product ships in a stylish dark gray cardboard cufflink box. 


2.     Constellation bar necklace

unique constellation jewelry - bar necklace
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This necklace is a beautiful way to wear your zodiac sign. The necklace has a sturdy rollo chain with a pendant bar. 

There are 3 customizable options for this handmade art. 

The bar pendant can have the following elements:

  • Sterling silver
  • 14kt gold filled
  • 14kt rose gold filled 

You can also select the chain in 6 variations of length from 15 to 20 inches. 

The best customizations are of selecting the constellations. You can pick up any amongst the 12 zodiac signs. There are 3 more options from the constellations – Cassiopeia, Draco, and the Big Dipper. 

Each pendant is hand stamped with genuine raw materials. There is no use of plated components. 


3.     Constellation bracelet

unique constellation jewelry - bracelet
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If the amount of customization in the constellation bar necklace is not enough for you. Then, you can have a look at this art piece with zodiac bracelet charms. 

It comes with 6 options for customization. Apart from the choice of a star sign constellation motif. You can select the metal from: 

There are 2 chain styles – Cable and Satellite. The cable is the usual interlinked one. While the satellite has small spheres at regular intervals of the chain length. 

The length is variable from 5 – 9 inches. You can also have increments of half an inch between these figure range. 

Interesting customization is the option of monogramming initials.  You can engrave 3 letters on the rear of the pendant charm. In case you opt for it. Then, you can have your choice of alphabets in 4 options of the font: 

  • Classic
  • Monogram
  • Thin
  • Typewriter 

The bracelet comes with a lobster clasp. 


4.     Constellation theme brooch

unique constellation jewelry ~ orion brooch
Unique Constellation Jewelry – Orion Brooch

Who does not love to fantasize about an Alpha Male? Well, I love to.

I think the first alpha male I got to know was the Orion. As a kid, I would end up gazing at the stars to locate that hunter boy.

Though these days I do not look up much at the night sky. But, I still end up smiling when I find the hunk, Orion.

That is the reason this brooch caught my fancy. This exquisite piece of jewelry features a 4 mm natural opal cabochon. Along comes a 3mm brilliant cut alexandrite, a 2.75 cubic zirconia and 18 light blue synthetic spinel stones.

The entire structure is of sterling silver including the secure pin at its rear.

The brooch’s dimensions are – 60-mm (length) x 40-mm (width). 

The handmade artist ships this dainty jewelry in an elegant black brooch box. 


5.     Star theme diamond Ring

unique constellation jewelry - diamond oxidized band
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This ring is an artistic fusion of a night sky in a jewelry piece.

It marks the eternal beauty of diamonds. The base is a ring band of sterling silver. Oxidation on its surface is a marvel of handmade jewelry. Thus giving an appearance of roughness on its texture. 

Its surface has a random display of white diamonds. Thus setting a theme of stars in constellations. 

The default dimensions of this flush setting rings are – 8-mm (width) x 1.25-mm (depth). Though you can customize the ring size from 5 to 11.5. That includes increments of half inches as well. 

The diamonds are natural and from non-conflict sources. Each of them is of 1.3 mm, VS quality and in G-H color.  


6.     Constellation pendant in wood

unique constellation jewelry - wooden pendant
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If you develop an allergic reaction to metals. Then, this constellation pendant necklace is for you. 

This one is sans metal. Rather it is a high-quality hand-finished Cherry hardwood. 

Thus, each piece of the pendant has its own uniqueness. 

This art piece uses no artificial stains. Its stylistic finish comes from natural food grade oils. A water-based sealant protects its tan. 

The dimensions are – 0.25-inch (width) x 1.75-inch (diameter). 

A 30 inches long waxed cotton cord holds the constellation pendants. 

The finding is a strong and safe pure stainless O-ring clasp. 

Thus, this art piece leaves no excuse to not wear your unique constellation jewelry. 


7.     Constellation earrings

unique constellation jewelry
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These constellation theme fabric button earrings are super cute. These earrings make stars shine during the day too. 

The fabric is 100% cotton. It lays over an aluminium dome. 

A beautiful display of white stars cheers a blue background. 

Each unit in the pair is different. Thus, giving a unique sense of asymmetric style. 

Wearing them is like carrying your own set of constellations with you. 

Finding at its back is nickel and cadmium free. Thus, safe to wear. 

These dainty earrings are 0.5-inch in width. 

They are not waterproof because of the fabric. Avoid activities involving water while wearing them. 


In Conclusion

When the beauty of the array of stars fuses with the creativity of jewelry artists. Then, unique constellation jewelry designs form. 

When someone adorns such creative jewelry. The heads do turn in awe. 

If an art piece mimics the brilliance of stars. Then, some added amount of luminescence is bound to pass on to the one who wears it. 

Each piece of jewelry in the list is a masterpiece. The craftsmanship is evident in the detailing. 

To enhance your star quotient. You can pick up dainty bracelets or the stunning necklaces. The prominence of your zodiac sign in each piece adds to the charm.   



Image Source: Pixabay

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