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    7 Unique Wooden Pipes for the First Time Experience

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    7 Unique Wooden Pipes for the First Time Experience
    7 Unique Wooden Pipes for the First Time Experience

    I do not smoke. In fact, I have a long medical history of asthma and bronchial issues. But there is some fascination about smoke that pulls me towards it. 

    Maybe because my father was a chain smoker. Or I have an inherent fear of smoke. I do not know the reason for it. But I find some charm in smoking pipes that draws me towards them. 

    My late father had a huge collection of smoking pipes. From hand-carved wooden pipes to unique glass pipes, he had them all. 

    His collection makes me think that there must be others like him. There must be people interested in some unique wooden pipes, the way he was. 

    I am not sure if I could meet someone who fancies wood smoking pipes. But if I could connect with them with this article, I would feel great. 

    So for all the pipe smokers out there, please read further.


    7 unique wooden pipes that you’ll love


    1.     Customized Handmade Wooden Pipes

    Customized Unique Wooden Pipes
    Customized Unique Wooden Pipes

    What could be better than wooden smoking pipes customized as per one’s preferences? That way it turns out to be a great gift for the chosen one. 

    This handmade wooden pipe comes with a lot of customization options. From the color, the shape of the bowl, pipe stand to the length of the pipe. There are a number of options to make this handmade smoking pipe as per your preferences. 

    But the factor that makes it one the best unique wooden pipes is its customized engraving. You can have your choice of personalization. That will then go as an engraving on a natural leather base. 

    The options include name, favorite movie icons, or trivia from life. 

    This wooden handmade pipe is of exceptional quality. Its carved bowl is from the pear tree. The pipe stem is sturdy due to its acrylic material. While the pipe mouthpieces are of ebonite. Moreover, the filter is 9 mm with a forward flow. 

    Moreover, the artist gives special discounts as well. Make sure to check them out. 

    Price: USD 23.90


    2.     Long Wooden Pipe

    unique wooden pipes ~ Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe
    Long Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe

    If you fancy the lingering taste of tobacco, then you need a long pipe. That is why this Churchwarden wooden pipe is one the best options. Its stem is 14-inches in length. Although it is quite long, it is sturdy and strong. 

    Its length gives you an extra cool and smooth draw. Thus, providing a taste that is remarkable and distinctive. 

    The adjoining bowl is of Rosewood. It collects and circulates the draw. 

    Overall, the pipe measures- 3.2-inches (length) x 1.6-inches (width) x 16.4-inches (height). While it weighs 12.6 ounces. 

    Indian spirit feathers and beads adorn the pipe’s neck. Thereby giving it a majestic and traditional appeal. 

    The entire bundle comes packed in a sophisticated gift box with an inner velvet lining. 

    Moreover, the artist provides a 60-day replacement warranty. So, it is a good time to order this one for a friend or yourself. 

    Price: USD 29.99


    3.     Gandalf Long Wooden Pipe


    unique wooden pipes ~ Hobbit Churchwarden
    Hobbit Churchwarden Handmade Pipe

    Are you or anyone you know is a fan of The Hobbit? Then, this unique wooden pipe replica of the one seen in the movie is for you. 

    Although a replica, it is functional. 

    Both the pipe and bowl are of wood. Bowl is of Pacific Myrtle, and the stem is from Sweet Western Big Leaf Maple.

    The depth of the bowl is 1-inches, while its inner diameter is 0.75-inches. Moreover, it weighs 9.0 ounces.

    This handmade pipe is all natural. It contains no chemical stains or glues. Its subtle sheen is due to a natural plant-based wax, carnauba.

    The dimensions of the package are- 14-inches (height) x 4-inches (length) x 4-inches (width).

    This wooden pipe is a must for someone with the same characteristics as Gandalf. A towering personality, tall hat, and a tall cloak will complement this pipe smoker. 

    You can try to make some smoke rings from this pipe while watching the The Hobbit series. Does not that sound like some ultimate pipe smoking fantasy? 

    Price: USD 25.00


    4.     Handmade Unique Wooden Pipe


    unique wooden pipes ~ Wooden Tobacco Smoking Pipe
    Know More

    Whether you are a nouveau smoker or a chain smoker in a mood to quit. Then, I am certain that this stylish wooden pipe will draw your attention.

    This handmade pipe is of high-quality pearwood. While the stem portion is acrylic. Thus, it is durable and has a long shelf life. It fits a regular 9 mm filter and gives a smooth smoking experience. 

    You also get a foldable wooden pipe stand along with it. So, the pipe rests well in between puffs and when not in use. 

    The pipe is detachable into 2 parts for easy cleaning. 

    Pipe and the stand together weigh 0.26 pounds. The entire package comes gift wrapped in a leatherette pouch. Thus, this makes a perfect gift for all occasions. Be it the Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving, or even a Christmas present. 

    The pipe is 15.5 cms long. The smoke bowl’s inner diameter is 1.7 cm. While the bowl’s depth is 3 cm and is 6 cm tall.


    Price: USD 16.99


    5.     Hand Carved Dragon Motif Unique Wooden Pipes

    unique wooden pipes ~ Dragon Hand Carved Tobacco Smoking Pipe Pouch
    Dragon Hand Carved Tobacco Smoking Pipe Pouch

    Without a doubt, a pipe exuberates an aura of attractiveness. An added dragon motif to it takes the allure to an all-time high. 

    This unique wooden pipe is a testament to that theory. 

    The hand-carved dragon on its smoke bowl sits as a jewelry piece on it. 

    The bowl and the mouthpiece are of pear tree wood. While the stem is of sturdy acrylic.  

    The pipe is 7.2-inches long, and it fits a regular 9 mm filter. The dimensions of the bowl are – 2.6-inches height x 1.8-inches width x 0.7-inches inside diameter. 

    2 packs of pipe screens come along with the pipe in a leatherette pouch. Each pack has 5 screens, making a total of 10 screens. The shipping weight of the entire pouch is 2.4 ounces. 


    Price: USD 44.95


         6.    Sherlock Holmes Calabash Meerschaum Pipe

    Sherlock Holmes Pipe ~ unique wooden pipes
    Sherlock Holmes Pipe

    This handmade pipe is reminiscent of the Sherlock Holmes. Its top part is of African Mahogany wood. While the bottom part is of Meerschaum.

    The pipe looks elegant due to its carving done with hand-held tools. It is sanded to perfection. After that, it is waxed. 

    Since the bowl of the pipe is of Meerschaum. It, therefore, gives the coolest smoke. 

    Smoke after leaving the bowl rests at the bottom of the pipe. The smoke stays there until the next inhale. The time gap filters the moisture and the unwanted burnt flavor. That is how you get a cool lingering flavor from the subsequent smoke. 

    The pipe measures 5.51-inches (length) x 2.55-inches (height) x 1.77-inches (width). 

    There are 3 options for purchase ranging from small, medium and large. The bowl size differs for each. 

    The pipe requires batteries to run. That is not available when you purchase the pipe. 


    Price: USD 109.99


    7.     Diplomat Corncob Tobacco Pipe

    unique wooden pipes ~ Diplomat Corn Cob Tabacco Pipe
    Diplomat Corn Cob Tabacco Pipe

    This one is a cute pipe in the collection. American grown corn cob is its principal material. Hence, it is for sure one of the unique wooden pipes available. 

    It has a large sized smoking bowl in an oval shape. At the bowl’s bottom, there is a hardwood insert. It is sturdy to hold the tobacco. 

    There are 2 options for the bowl. One is Apple (oval-shaped), and the other is 5th Avenue (cylindrical). 

    The pipe is about 6 inches in length. While its bowl’s dimensions are- 1.75-inches (height) x 0.75-inches (diameter) x 1.25-inches (depth). 

    The pipe works with a 6 mm filter and weighs about 0.3 ounces.


    Price: USD 11.10




    Smoking is not a good habit. I know how difficult it is to not breathe. I get a sense of presentiment seeing smokers smoking away to glory. 

    But as each one is to their own. I prefer to do my bit by bringing in some beauty to the valetudinarians. 

    A keen sense of observation has gone into curating each of the pipes mentioned in this article. If my father was alive today, I would have gifted him one amongst these. 

    These pipes have a sense of haecceity. Plus, they are handmade. So, a purchase of any amongst these would apprize an artist’s work. That is one charitable reason to die in the near future.


    Image Source: Pixabay

    P. S.: The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page. 

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