Violin Themed Gifts for Music Lovers ~

7 Violin Themed Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Did you ever hunt for violin themed gifts? If you are a part of violin choir or know someone who is. Then, for sure you might have to look for some special gifts that make special occasions more special.

I have had a fascination with violins since I was a kid. Although I have never played one. But I have associated a special charm with that instrument.

The way one holds that musical instrument and plays a soft tune is attractive. I got respect and love in my heart for anyone who is a connoisseur in playing this instrument.

If you require some gifts to make a violin lover happy. Then, read further to know some of the best ones down below.


7 Remarkable Violin Themed Gifts You Need to Know About

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7 Violin Themed Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind
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1.     Violin Wall Clock

violin themed gifts ~ wall clock
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How about timing your violin playing time with a special clock? Then, that special clock will have to have a violin theme.

That is why this one is one of the best violin clocks that you can ever find.

Even if you are not a violin lover. Then, also you will love it for its modern design.

It has a silent, non-tickling mechanism. Thus, it remains interruption-free.

It measures 11.4-inches x 1.6-inches x 11.4-inches. While it weighs about 8.8-ounces. 

The clock is easy to install with the keyhole at its rear. You need this one if you want an excuse to glance a violin for no reason.


2.     Violin Necklace

violin themed gifts ~ necklace
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If you love violins a lot. Or you know someone who does. Then, you can consider gifting them this pendant necklace.

It might come as a surprise that this necklace has a beautiful violin pendant.

The pendant is a reversible one hand-carved out of wood. The wood is Granadillo, which is specific to the regions of Mexico.

The grain of the wood has diverse and prominent patterns. Thus, making it one of a kind wearable violin themed gifts.

The dimensions of the pendant are – 2-inches wide and 0.75-inches tall. It also has a seal of high gloss wood lacquer. Hence, it protects and renders a natural sheen to the wood. The layer of lacquer also makes the pendant water-resistant. But it does not make it waterproof. So, you cannot swim or take a shower with it. 

The handmade artist provides an adjustable 18-20-inches of black Korea wax cord. Moreover, a lobster clasp gives it a secure closure.

The jewelry box that accompanies this necklace is appropriate for gifting purposes.


3.     Violin Mug

violin themed gifts ~ coffee mug
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Why wake up to any other mug when you have this one.

This is a special 11-ounce ceramic mug for violin players. 

It is a high-quality one that has heat retention technology. It is safe to use in microwave and ovens since it uses non-toxic materials.

Though its best feature is its funny caption with an image of a violin. It reads – Eat, Sleep, Violin, Repeat. 

The mug has the unique heat-sensitive elements that bring in a change in its color. The moment you pour in a hot liquid, its caption and images become bold. Thus, you get one more magical reason to own this one.


4.     Violin Gifts for Boyfriend

violin themed gifts ~ tie clip
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I have seen a lot many women who play the violin. Though men who play it have been quite a rare sight to see.

For that particular reason, this clip tie is the perfect gift for a man who plays the violin.

The clip is of natural wood ply placed on a bronze clip. It measures about 3-5-cm (length) x 1.5-cm (width). It arrives in a gift box that enhances its gifting appeal.

The violin player will always thank you whenever they will wear it on special occasions. 


5.     Violin Bracelet

violin themed gifts ~ bracelet
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Wearing a violin bangle bracelet is one of the best ways to surround yourself with your passion.

It is one of the best gifts for violin lovers since it also carries quotes and charms related to music. 

The quote – “When Words Fail Music Speaks” is a beautiful one that will brighten up your day.

This bracelet is a quality one made with stainless steel wire. It is devoid of lead and nickel.

The bracelet is a work of art by a handmade artist from Washington. They provide a lot many options to customize it as per your preferences.

You can be specific about the size, a letter of your choice as a charm, and a birthstone crystal.

Furthermore, there are 2 more upgraded options also.


6.     Violin Jewelry Box

violin themed gifts ~ musical jewelry box
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What do you think can work as one of the best gifts for classical music lovers?

It could be this jewelry box with a violin motif that plays Minuet Bach #1.

Yes, it is possible to store your valuables while listening to some great classical tunes.

This box is an artwork with Italian inlaid wood carved to perfection.  The individual wood is two-tone elm wood-brown. 

The box has jewelry compartments along with a designated section to store rings.

Its dimensions are –  4-inches (width) x 2.50-inches (height) x 5.75-inches (length).

Also, the artist provides a few options for the tunes to make a selection.


7.     Simple Violin Themed Gifts

violin themed gifts ~ Christmas ornament
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If you love violins and felines. Then, this artwork is for you. 

It has a beautiful vintage picture of a kitten playing violin for its feathered friends.

It is of paper and wood and measures 3.5-inches x 4-inches. The artist turns an antique postcard into one of a kind violin ornaments gifts. They print the illustration on a heavy luster paper. After that, they bond it to hardwood and cut out to its shape.

The cat displays immersive violin playing skills. Thus, it can serve as a music teacher gift too. Though your mom can also find it as the cutest Christmas gift she ever received.

In Conclusion

Violin is a beautiful instrument to play. It has peace and elegance surrounding it. 

That is why it does not come as a surprise that most of the violin players are charming individuals.

So, it is not so difficult to gift them on any special occasions. 

Although all can agree that violin themed gifts are the best gifts for them. But it might get overwhelming to find them.

That is where this article comes as a help. 

It enlists 7 curated handmade gifts that violin lovers will find enchanting.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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