Know what to wash hair with for breakthrough results

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what to wash hair with
Know What to Wash Hair With


If you are not usual to bad hair days. Then, it is quite likely for you to not worry about what to wash hair with.

But in case you are not a Rapunzel kind. Then, do not worry. You are normal.

Most of us struggle to find the best solution for the everlasting question. What to wash hair with for best results on hair.

The question has perplexed me for a donkey number of years.

I have lost count to the number of shampoo brands I have smothered on my mane.

And also what to do after the shampoo. The suffix products after washing with shampoo have huge data too.

Why everyone struggles with what to wash hair with

I am yet to find someone who has never changed their shampoo brand. By shampoo, I mean the regular commercial one. The one that we find in fancy bottles. The bottles that have a long list of ingredients on their labels.

But do you ever trigger your reasoning to know why we cannot stick to one shampoo for long? What is the reason that a shampoo product stops to bring in the wonderful results after some time?

That too when its initial performance seemed satisfactory.

The answer lies in the presence of not so good stuff in the shampoo these days.

That means ingredients like Sulphates, Parabens, Artificial colors and fragrances.

Sulfates are the cleansing ingredients. Parabens are the chemicals that increase the shelf life of cosmetics. The artificial colors and fragrances impart visual and olfactory appeal to these shampoos. Of course, it goes without a mention. That these ingredients to enhance the sensory appeal arrive from the laboratories. Their preparation is a synthetic one and not from nature.   

The common Sulfates are of Sodium and Ammonium. Parabens exist in the form of methyl and ethyl compounds. Though, the colors and fragrances exist as a common generic term – artificial color/ fragrances.

These ingredients find a mention on the shampoo bottles with their over-complicated names. Those names are not only difficult to read. But are difficult to pronounce as well.

Their complicated names seem like a plan to overwhelm me. Or rather a strategy to make me feel as if some breakthrough stuff is inside the bottle. The stuff that will create wonders, the moment I wash my hair with it.

But alas. It does not happen that way.

Why these ingredients in the shampoo are a problem?

The ingredients mentioned above are good to clean the hair. But along with the cleaning job. They tend to bring in a lot of associated harm.

In particular, the sulfates tend to dry the hair. Their cleansing is a little on the aggressive end. Thus, wiping out the body’s natural sebum along with the dirt and grime.

By the way, sulfates form from the sulphuric acid. That is the same acid found in the lead batteries. The acid is high on corrosive properties.

Sulfates form through the process of burning fossil fuels and biomass. And I do not want to go on repeating the rhetoric on that source. Fuels made from non-renewable sources are detrimental to the environment. Imagine putting the same stuff on our bodies on purpose.

The thought itself quirks me.

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Then, instead what to wash hair with?

That is a good question.

If the regular shampoos have a load of bad stuff in them. Then, instead what to wash hair with?

For obvious reasons. One cannot let the mane remain dirty. Also, without cleaning. The scalp would accumulate a layer of dirt and oil as well.

That could turn out to be a bigger mess to deal with as well.

Then, the question arises how to remove grease from hair without washing?

Worry not.

The good news is that one can clean the scalp and hair without the shampoo too.

I know it sounds overwhelming. But it is possible.

To let out a fact. I have not used commercial hair care products for the past 2 years.

Yes. Despite how untrue and unbelievable it sounds. It is a fact.

I have not purchased or touched a lot of products. That includes the shampoo, conditioners, hair gels, hair mousses, pomades or the serums.

No. I do not regret not using them. In fact, since the time I have abandoned them. My hair has felt and looked a lot better.

My hair washing regime is a simple 2 step process.

  • I use baking soda to scrub my scalp.
  • Then, I dissolve some of it in water to pour over my mane.

This is it. Just about 1 tbsp of baking soda is all that I need to clean my hair.

Then, I follow it up with a conditioner. For that, I have my Apple cider vinegar diluted with water. I use a raw, unpasteurized one, with the mother.

At times, I do add a few drops of tea tree, lavender, and rosemary essential oils too. I either add them to the baking soda. Though, sometimes I even add the oils to the apple cider vinegar conditioner as well.

I cannot express my fulfillment and joy in sticking to this simple hair wash routine. Though, I do bring in some spice to this routine by introducing other ingredients to wash the hair.

That could include eggs, clay, flours, and different flowers and fruits as well.  

In Conclusion 

Since the time consumer, good multinationals came into existence. Humans have got comfortable with the idea of lathering toiletries for personal hygiene.

But little do we give a thought to the fact that since ages humans have had the means to stay clean. Though that does not mean the usage of cleansers in fancy packaging.

Prior to the realms of commercialization. Water, milk, clay, plant extracts were the popular cleansers.

We are in luck. Since the goodness of nature is still competent to wash away the dirt and grime from our bodies. Still better. The cleanliness from natural resources is no way harmful to use and the environment.

Since the ingredients inside shampoos have petroleum by-products as the principle ingredients. Also, the components of the shampoo are not biodegradable. That means they accumulate in nature. Thereby, the soil and water around us receive a share of contamination through them.  

It is high time now for users to realize the perils of commercial toiletries. Hence, the need to figure out ways for shampoo replacement.

Within the broad category of toiletries and other personal cleansing products. Shampoos are by far the most used and obsessed with products. Our obsession with clean hair results in our own loss in the years to come.

The funny trivia is that mane and scalp can clean with simpler and milder ingredients as well. There is no need for over-complicated products. They are nothing but more or less plastic in a liquid form.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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