How to Deal With Teenage Baldness With Breakthrough Results

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teenage baldness prevention measures
3 Teenage baldness prevention measures


These days it is common to find balding signs at any age of life. Someone as young as a teenager can experience an alarming rate of hair loss. Moreover, hair loss is not sexist. Both the genders experience it irrespective of their ages, lifestyle and location differences. 

As the hair fall issues have become prominent. So are their solutions. 

The common solutions include hair transplant through surgeries and/or wearing hair extensions. 

But these two resolves how to fix bald spots issues. They do not dwell upon how to stop balding and regrow hair. 

It is difficult to arrest hair fall and to regrow it back. The situation becomes grave if you reach 40 years of age. By the time you reach middle age, it is almost impossible to stop hair from losing. 

Thus, to maintain hair till later stages of life. One must invest in effective teenage baldness prevention measures.


How to Prevent Hair Loss for Teenagers With 3 Simple Measures


If after a consultation with a medical practitioner you do not find any medical issues. Then, it is an indication that you are negligent with your hair care regime. 

In some cases, it is fine to blame your genes for poor hair. But you can also delay your genetic predisposition so as to enjoy hair on your scalp for a longer period. 

The following 3 measures will help:

     1.     Better Nutrition for Teenage Baldness Prevention

It goes without a mention that “we are what we eat.” Moreover, if we eat junk, then, our body also becomes the same. 

Poor eating choices from childhood to teenage lead to health issues at later stages of life. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a good diet regime to enjoy a longer and healthier life span. 

A diet that lacks vital nutrients causes fatigue and wearing down of body parts. The hair, although being dead at the outer surface, need food too. 

Keratin, a kind of protein, forms the major portion of hair strands. Thus, a diet adequate in amino acids is essential for teenage baldness prevention. 

Apart from maintaining the appropriate quantity of proteins ingested each day. Including appropriate quality proteins in the diet is also essential. 

The other important nutrients are – zinc, iron, copper, and b-complex vitamins. 

Consuming green leafy vegetables is an easy hack to get these nutrients. Other wholesome sources of foods include nuts and oilseeds. Consumption of walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds is good for healthy hair. These foods for hair loss recovery will also bring benefits to health in a holistic manner.

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     2.     Effective Topical Applications

This is one of my favorite ways to save hair from vanishing from the scalp. Application of hair oils fortifies the hair roots. That is similar to providing nourishment through the food. 

For feeding the hair follicles, oils play a crucial role. Oils are rich in nutrients and they absorb well through the skin.  Hence, oil massages score high on dealing with causes of hair fall from the roots. 

Few of my favorite arsenal of oils for teenage baldness prevention include: 

Carrier Oils:

Essential Oils:


I try various ratios of these carrier and essential oils to discover my own winning formula. 

As a thumb rule, I mix a minimum of 2 carrier oils together. For every 100 ml of carrier oils combination, I add 10 drops of essential oil(s). The choice of essential oil depends on the hair issue I am tackling. 

All these oils are wonderful for preventing hair from falling. They also help in hair follicle renewal. 

Furthermore, Pumpkin and Grapeseed oils block DHT. Thus, these oils help tackle teenage male pattern baldness well. Adding essential oils to these base oils heightens their efficacy. Rosemary and carrot seed fight baldness. Thus, are effective for the anti-baldness purpose. 

The other carrier oils like castor, argan, and mustard are also good hair vitalizer. 

Each essential oils have a specific role to play in the well being of hair. For instance, lavender calms and reduces stress. Tea tree is effective against infections. While cedarwood arrests hair fall.


     3.     Reduction of Contaminants

It comes as a surprise, but water plays a major role in causing hair fall. Contaminated water with dissolved toxins and bacteria harms the hair and scalp. 

Aluminium, lead, chlorine, and fluoride are the usual contaminants. They block the scalp cells, thereby causing harm to the hair strands. 

Also, the hair shafts get layers of buildup with the dissolved impurities in water. Over time these issues lead to infection and cuticle damage. These further lead to hair fall, and thus baldness. 

The solution lies in installing a heavy duty water filter to your shower source. It will prevent the impurities from passing through your shower. A good quality water filter is a must if your water supply is through bore well. 

You will see a positive shift in the condition of your hair within months of making a switch to cleaner water.


In Conclusion

Hair griefs are plenty from an itchy scalp, dry hair, discolored hair, and scanty hair. With time, many of these individual issues may lead to a reduction in hair density. Thus leading to a bald scalp. 

Most of us do not realize that hair issues begin in the early stages of life. Though those symptoms may be small then, but they become prominent by the time we reach middle ages. 

The solution to prevent hair loss and to keep the hair intact for a long time requires a strategic plan. The plan involves practicing teenage baldness prevention measures early on in life. 

The principle is simple to understand. The longer you tend to your hair, the better it stays. That is why it is important to stick to teenage hair loss solutions to preserve mane for a longer time. 

I know no one who does not have any hair issues. That includes me as well. No wonder my quest for ideal hair maintenance led to my maiden book. I wrote the book after I lost faith in all the commercial hair care solutions. I must have tried every promising product from the supermarket’s shelves. But nothing worked after the beginner’s luck time period got over. 

That led me to discover remedies to hair issues through nature. Since then I have not used a single commercial hair care product. I use ingredients from my pantry to wash and condition my hair. Today I am proud to claim that my hair care involves DIY handmade solutions. And they have never been better.


Image Source: Pixabay

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