You Need to Know Things Made Out of Wood Slices to Make Profit

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Woodworking is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. Most of the woodworking projects sell well. In particular, wood slice art ideas give a lot of options. Thus, as a hobby, it gives you both monetary and artistic satisfaction.

The term woodworking may lead you to think about furniture and storage compartments. But since this category is wide. Therefore, it involves several small niches within it.

Though projects like tiny house kits and huge cabinets require much experience. But there are several woodworking projects that do not need you to be a pro.

You can create quick projects like key chains, ornaments, and cardholders. They are small but can earn you a decent profit when clubbed with customization.

If woodworking fascinates you, and you are in a mood to side-hustle. Then, you must read further.

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You Need to Know Wood Slice Art Ideas to Make Profit

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How to Make Profit With Wood Slice Art Ideas

Not all woodcrafts involve struggling with wood log projects. That means you do not need a huge space to place huge wooden blocks. Neither do you need investment in chainsaws and other sophisticated tools. 

Rather you can make numerous wood crafts with minimal investments. For the same, small wood slice projects are the answer. 

A wood slice could be a rustic chop from the barks. Or it could be a sanded and polished one which can be further emphasized. 

There are tons of artistic crafts with a wood slice as its base component. But before you invest your time and effort into making one. You should be clear on your WHY to do so. 

100 units of wood slices with 3 cm diameter and 0.5 cm height are quite economical to purchase. 

wood slice art ideas ~ wooden discs
Check Price

The retail value of a similar-sized wood slice key chain costs much more than the unit price of an individual slice. 

If you consider time, craftsmanship and other material costs into making a key chain. Then, also you would end up earning a minimum of 1000% in profits. 

I know it sounds unbelievable. That is why I got my calculator handy. 

Cost of 1 wood slice – 0.2 $

Cost of 1 key chain  – 10.0 $ (approx.)

Profit margin            – (10-0.2)/ 0.2 * 100 = 4900% 

Please feel free to use the Calculator Below:

This huge profit is due to not considering anything except the wooden slice cost. But even if you consider the additional expenses. The profit margins are nothing short of impressive.

If you are comfortable after re-working the above calculations. Then, let me tell you that a customized key chain costs a minimum of 10 $ on every retail outlet. At some places, even more than that.


If you wish to know about such key chains and other wood slice art ideas that can earn you huge profits. Then, the list below is for you. 


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19 Things Made Out of Wood Slices That Will Make You Money


1.     Customized Key Chains

wood slice art ideas ~ keychain
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Key chains are one of the most popular handmade crafts. They are unisex and serve the utility purpose. Therefore, they sell well. 

Using wood slices as a base, they offer a lot of options to customize. The following one serves as a beautiful engagement gift too. 


2.     Wood Slice Key Holder

wood slice art ideas ~ key hanger
Know More

If you can make a key chain out of a wood slice. Then, making a key chain hanger should not be a difficult task. 

The one in the picture below is a rustic wood slice turned into a key hanger. 


3.     Wood Slice Ornaments

wood slice art ideas ~ Christmas ornaments
Know More


Wood slice photo ornaments provide a lot of options for creativity. You can create them as a personalized birthday gift, house warming gift or a pet memory gift. 

Moreover, wood slice Christmas crafts add to the elements of customizing. Thus, the options are endless if you trigger your creative buds. 


4.     Wood Slab Table 

wood slice art ideas ~ small table
Know More

Wood has a strong association with furniture. Though a regular wood bark slice is small. It can still work out as a table to rest light and small objects. 

If you look at this particular table below. Its size is appropriate for placing lamps, books, and succulents. 

If you know how to make a wood slice trivet. Then, you can make this one too. 


5.     Wood Slab Wall Art Mirror

wood slice art ideas ~ mirror
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Not all wood slice art ideas have to be on a single disc. You can combine a lot of small circular slabs to form a frame for a mirror. 

The one in the image below is one such example.

6.     Jewelry and Accessories

wood slice art ideas ~ cufflinks
Know More

These are my favorite things to make with wood slices. That is not because I am an accessory person. But because they offer a tremendous opportunity to make profits from your craft. 

Furthermore, findings for cuff links and earrings cost quite reasonable. Now you might want to go back to the profit calculator after checking out these cuff links above.  


7.     Wooden Welcome Signs

wood slice art ideas ~ wood signs

Know More

If you know how to write on wood slices. Then, you can make these welcome signboards in no time. 

These signboards have a rustic appeal. They even lend a warm cabin feel to an apartment set in city life. Hence, they are one of the popular items made with wood slices. 


8.     Wedding Paraphernalia

wood slice art ideas ~ ring bearer pillow
Know More

There are many wood slice art ideas to incorporate in wedding occasions. The most common ones are cupcake stands and personalized wedding cake toppers. 

Though, there is a lot of scope in creating alternative wedding products too. A wedding guest book and a ring bearer pillow box are few such examples. 


9.     Fridge and Dishwasher Magnets 

wood slice art ideas ~ fridge magnets
Know More

Magnets are the most popular means to collect souvenirs. They also offer a fantastic background to display fandom.

Owing to the size and shape of wood slices. They are one of the best media for displaying creativity in the form of magnet art.


10.     Chalk Boards

wood slice art ideas ~ chalkboard
Know More

Plat du Jour is a common concept at eateries. Though these days they are common as a display at weddings and celebrations too. 

When made with wooden slices. They can work as displays for private functions or even as Christmas tree ornaments. 

If you know how to paint wood slice ornaments with chalk paint. Then, you can make these ones with ease.


11.     Coaster Sets

wood slice art ideas ~ coasters

Know More

Due to their size and shape, wood slices are perfect for creating coasters. 

You can smooth its edges and the top surface so that it functions well to hold glasses. 

Though adding customization features will turn them into premium products. Hence, you can up their costs to earn a neat profit. 


12.     Wood Slice Wall Clock

wood slice art ideas ~ wall clock

Know More

Due to the circular shape of the wood bark slices. They serve as an ideal base for making a wall clock. 

This is one of the most practical wood slice art ideas that you can do. 

Though you must know how to install the clock elements to the wood slices. 


13.     Wood Slice Card Holders

wood slice art ideas ~ place holders
Know More

This is another practical product that you can create with wooden slices. 

As you can see, it involves attaching 2 halves of slices together. That way the resultant product works as a cardholder.

You can sell it as a stationery item.


14.     Bird Perch Stand

wood slice art ideas ~ bird perch stand
Know More

You can also have wood slice art ideas for pets as well. 

This one is a bird perch that has a wooden slice as its base. If you have a basic know-how of woodworking. Then, this project is an easy one to pull off.


15.     Wood Slice Lazy Susan

wood slice art ideas ~ lazy susan
Know More


This one is among the large wood disc craft ideas. As you can notice, it is a lazy susan made out of a big wood slice. 

It works to store and organize spice bottles, makeup bottles, and random materials. 

Creating this one will require some deeper experience of woodworking. 


16.     Wine Bottle Holder

wood slice art ideas ~ wine bottle holder
Know More

If you are into woodworking or planning to get into. Then, you must create wine holders and storage units.

They sell well and are not difficult to make. The one below uses 2 halves of a large wood slice.


17.     Wood Slice Wreath

wood slice art ideas ~ wreath
Know More

You can make a circular wreath with circular discs. It is about placing the slices together to form a ring.

You can create this even if you have no prior knowledge of woodworking.

Though you can upgrade your skills with a professional woodworking course. Taking that leap guarantees to bring in a surge in your profits and confidence.


18.     Vases and Tea Light Holders

wood slice art ideas ~ succulent holder
Know More


This one is a part of hollow log projects. Thus, it involves creating a cavity inside a thick wooden circular disc.

The empty space inside makes these discs useful as succulent holders/ candle holders.


19.     Wood Slab Centerpiece

wood slice art ideas ~ center piece
Know More

This is one of the easiest birch log craft ideas to make. If you are good at sanding tree slices. Then, creating this one is no big deal.

It is a pillar that can have multiple uses. You can use it to place books or candles on. Or, you can also color it white and sell as cheap wood slices for wedding centerpieces.

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In Conclusion 

Woodworking is a beautiful hobby that can bring in nice bucks as a side hustle. 

Graduating as a professional expert with wood requires some experience. If you are a newbie and want to improve as a wood crafts maker. Then, working on small wood projects is the best way to begin. 

There are a number of wood slice art ideas that you can start working at any moment. This article enlists 19 such projects that are apt for woodcraft starters. 

The best part is that you do not have to know how to cut a tree stump into slices. You can buy pre-cut and sanded wood slices and start off as soon as you finish reading this post. They do not take much time to finish. Plus, earn an impressive profit.


Do You Know How to Make Rustic Wood Slices? Or Can You Share Some Wood Slice Art Ideas That Are Not Mentioned in This Article?


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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