Art Affiliate Marketing Basics for 2020 ~

How to Be Successful With Art Affiliate Marketing

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Have you ever heard about art affiliate marketing? If you understand the term affiliate marketing. Then, consider it as the niche of affiliate marketing specific to art-related products.  

Etsy products are popular with art affiliate marketers. Moreover, the advent of Amazon Handmade has added lucrative options to the field. 

If you wish to know more about this innovative form of doing business. Then, please read further. 

What Is Art Affiliate Marketing

Art affiliate marketing refers to selling an art/ craft of other artists. Though it does not mean buying artwork and then selling it. Rather, it means selling an artwork that you have neither created nor owned. 

In a typical scenario, it refers to selling an artwork that you have never seen in a tangible state. It does not even involve an interaction with the respective artist. In most of the cases, the entire sales cycle takes place without the artist knowing who sold their art. 

If you have never heard about art affiliate marketing before. Then, the entire process may seem daunting. But trust me it exists. This website is an example of it. 

The marketer who facilitates the sale of an artwork is the affiliate marketer. While the website is the platform that initiates the transactions. 

How Does Art Affiliate Marketing Works 

The website selling the artwork of other artists is the affiliate marketing platform. 

The art products belong to a marketplace. Those marketplaces are the affiliate networks. 

The platform contains information on the artwork as provided by the affiliate networks. The information includes a description in detail and pictures. 

The description and pictures also include links. Those links lead to the marketplaces where one can purchase the respective artwork. 

Those links are the affiliate links. These links are unique to each affiliate marketing platform. That is how the affiliate network knows which affiliate marketing platform led to a sale. 

Thus, every art affiliate marketing platform gets credit for their sales. In spite of competition, every affiliate platform can survive as long as they can bring in sales. 

By sales, it means leading their traffic to make a purchase.  

The working of an art affiliate marketing platform is as follows: 

  1. Someone arrives on an art affiliate website.
  2. They read about a product and click on its link. 
  3. The click leads to the affiliate network.
  4. The click further leads to purchase on the affiliate network.
  5. The affiliate platform makes a commission on the purchase.
  6. The artist and the affiliate network earn on the sale.
  7. The buyer enjoys an engaged purchasing decision.


To summarize, the art affiliate website markets the artwork. Thus, the artist and the marketplace (where the art is up for sale) enjoy sales through affiliates. While the art affiliate marketing platform enjoys the commission. 

art affiliate marketing ~
How to Be Successful With Art Affiliate Marketing

3 Steps to Do Art Affiliate Marketing


1.     Build Your Platform 


The platform is the foundation of art affiliate marketing. The platform is the medium where the seller gets to know about the artwork.  

Art and craft blogs are the most popular form of art affiliate marketing platforms. They exist as a niche art website catering to the specific category of art enthusiasts. 

A niche art website lets potential buyers know about the artwork. Thus, it works as a connecting point between art creators and art buyers. Though the transaction does not happen on the art affiliate marketing platform. Rather the niche art platform directs the buyers to the transaction marketplaces. 

The popular transaction marketplaces are Amazon, Etsy, and Udemy. 

2.     Create Content


This is the most exciting part of creating an art affiliate marketing business. It is the Content on the website that brings in sales. 

Come to think of it. The buyers have the option of going to Amazon or Etsy to buy art. If that were the case, then the affiliate marketing business would not survive. 

The reality is that consumers are looking to know about the art before making a purchase. That is where the niche marketing of art products comes into play. 

The Content on these websites lets the potential buyers engage with the art. Thus, the Content on the art affiliate websites is crucial in bringing conversions.  

The more descriptive and consumable the Content is on the website. The higher is the probability of a random visitor to click on a product and make a purchase.  

The final transactions happen on the marketplaces and not on the affiliate websites. That is why it is important that your art affiliate platform converts well.  

The talk of conversions brings us to ———–> 


3.     Market Your Platform 


If no one knows about your affiliate marketing platform. Then, there will be little to no traffic to your website. That means there will be no sale conversions of the art affiliate products.  

That is why it is important to market your platform. 

Traditional marketing requires a massive budget. Though in today’s times it is not that difficult to promote craft businesses

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media make a solid combo to promote a website.


5 Master Affiliate Marketing Programs to Consider

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce market player. It also runs a well-known affiliate marketing program by the name Amazon Associates. 

Without a doubt, Amazon offers plenty of products for art and crafts. As an Amazon affiliate, you can promote their products to your audience. 

Also, Amazon has a sub-category specific for handmade items. It is an excellent category to niche down on creative products. 

Sales from Amazon forms the major chunk of revenue on this site. 


2.     ShareASale

Much like Amazon, ShareASale is an affiliate network. It contains a lot of individual art-related businesses. 

You need to get accepted with them as a parent network. Then, within them, you will find numerous art-related individual enterprises. You can apply for each of them to market their products as an affiliate. 

Etsy, one of the biggest names in handmade markets is a part of ShareASale. So, is Bluprint (erstwhile Craftsy affiliate program).


3.     Udemy

Udemy is a popular e-learning medium. It has numerous courses on varied subjects. 

Udemy offers video courses on topics related to art, craft, and photography as well. 

That is why it serves as a good option for affiliate promotions. Udemy falls under the Rakuten affiliate marketing program.  

Thus, you can apply with Rauketan to promote Udemy art courses to your audience. 


4.     Clickbank 

Clickbank is one of the respected names in affiliate marketing. They have several reputed brands in categories like art and woodworking

You can apply for their affiliation to promote their art-specific products. 


5.     Impact Radius 

Skillshare is a popular name in the creative e-learning programs. They have a wide range of art courses from doodling to large murals. 

Impact Radius is the parent affiliate marketing platform that has Skillshare. So, to promote Skillshare courses, you can register with Impact Radius.



Art affiliate marketing is about earning commissions by referring art products. 

The affiliate marketer neither creates nor buys/sells the art products. 

Rather they help art buyers to make a purchasing decision. Also, the affiliate marketers help the artists make a sale of their creations. 

This concept is unique and benefits everyone involved in the transaction cycle. 

There are several creative affiliate programs like Joann and Utrecht. But Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs to make money for beginners. 

Following the principles of building and promoting the affiliate platform leads to success. 

It is a simple concept to understand. But like any typical business, it requires strategy and a business plan. If you know the numbers you are aiming to make. You can grow your affiliate marketing business to make a living doing what you enjoy. 

Header Image Source: Pixabay

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