7 Embroidered Gift Ideas That Will Make You Look Bright

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Have you ever considered about embroidered gift ideas? 

For sure they sound different from the run-of-the-mill products. But embroidery designs do not qualify as the cool trending gifts. 

Though the best part about gifting someone an embroidered present is the personalization. 

I am not sure how much your loved ones care for handmade gifts. 

But if they do. Then, products with embroidery patterns make a wonderful gift. 

A few weeks back I met with a man who embroidered for a hobby. Seeing his dedication for the craft, I too got fascinated. 

I have done embroidery as a kid. But in recent times, I have been more hooked to crochet and soap making. 

Needless to mention, that the placement of threads by the complete stranger got me hooked. 

So, I thought of compiling a list of personalized gift ideas that have embroidery as the base.

If you wish to know more about those products. Then, please read further.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

7 Outstanding Embroidered Gift Ideas You Need to Know About


7 Embroidered Gift Ideas That Will Make You Look Bright
7 Embroidered Gift Ideas That Will Make You Look Bright


1.     Custom Embroidery Designs on Hand Towels

embroidered gift ideas ~ hand towels
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Ever thought of receiving a constant reminder of your wedding day? 

Well, now you can have it in your hands every time you wash them. 

Surprised? These hand towels can have your wedding dates embroidered in your favorite colors. 

The towels come in a standard set of 2 100% terry cotton ones. They measure 16 – inches x 28 – inches. 

The words “His” and “Her” are 4-inches in height. While the date will be of 1-inches. 

Also, the handmade artist provides 40 options to choose the colors for the embroidery. The towels are set as gray for men and white for females. 

The artist uses Simthread 120d and uses Brother persona machine to embroider. Overlay and backing ensure tight interlock of stitches. Thus, the pattern lasts long. 

This unique machine embroidery designs towel set is a perfect anniversary gift. 


2.     Floral Embroidery Patterns on Sneakers

embroidered gift ideas ~ floral sneakers
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What would be an embroidery without a floral pattern? It is almost unheard of. 

But the floral embroidered pattern becomes unique when it is on a pair of sneakers. 

Yes, these are a pair of beautiful sneakers with a bright red rose flower pattern. The pattern is a pre-embroidered patch glued on the shoes. 

If you get bored with your usual sneakers. Then, adding this bright rose will make them exciting. 

The handmade artist belongs to Bulgaria. You can get yourself one from her by selecting the size of the sneakers. 

You need these ones if you wish to stand out on your special day. 


3.     Embroidered Gift Ideas for Her

embroidered gift ideas ~ boho chic denim dress
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Did you look at that cool dress? I love it. I am sure most of the women would love it too. 

It has all the elements of a boho-chic style. It looks ethnic with embroidery on its neck, and on the end hem of the bottom and sleeves. 

Its crew neck, short sleeves, and cotton fabric will make you look cool in summers. Though you can layer it up with a contrasting overcoat in winters. 

This beauty is by a talented handmade artist from Israel. All you need to order this handmade dress from her is to select your size. She provides a range of options from Small to Extra Extra Large. 

If that is not all. The sweet lady also gives away a vintage sari bag with every dress that she ships. 

I have interacted with her. She is super quick to answer queries. 


4.     Embroidered Gift Ideas for Pets

embroidered gift ideas ~ pet bed
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Why all embroidered gift ideas should be for humans? Animals can also feel better with some beautiful embroidered projects around them. 

If you wish to gift your pet a unique handmade bed. Then, this one is a good option. 

This pet bed is hand sewn by a handmade artist from Kansas. 

She provides a range of options for the size. You can select as per the size that would make your pet comfortable to lounge on the bed. The smallest one is 18 x 18 inches, while the largest is 32 x 40 inches. 

The bed is reversible, functional and comfortable for your furry friends. Though its best feature is your pet’s name embroidered at its center on the front. You get to choose your favorite fonts and color for the embroidered name. 

The artist hand-cuts the upholstery grade fabric. Then, she sews it with an industrial sewing machine for durability. The inserts of bolsters and seats are also hand stuffed. 

This pet bed comes with a 1-year warranty. So, you can order it with confidence. 


5.     Hand Embroidered Woven Belt

embroidered gift ideas ~ woven belt
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What about flashing some embroidery up your waist? No, I do not mean getting a floral tattoo on your waist. But wearing this beautiful hand embroidered belt. 

It has bright blooming blossoms on a dark black base. Thus, it will complement a major portion of your wardrobe. 

This beauty is a handmade artwork from craftsmen of Ayacucho, Peru.  It is handwoven by them on a traditional loom. 

The belt is 2-inches wide, made of wool blend fabric. It has 6 sets of holes spaced 2 inches apart. Hence, it will provide a secure fit for a range of sizes. 

Its buckle has a seal of rust-proof silver patina. Thus, it will last for a long time. 

You can order this unique tribal pattern belt as per your size preferences from small to extra large. 


6.     Embroidered Tie/Suit Patch

embroidered gift ideas ~ Tie Patch
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I am sure this is one of the best-embroidered gift ideas for the Father of the Bride. 

It is a tie patch which has embroidery on premium black fabric with a jagged edging.
The handmade artist from Montana does machine embroidery to create this masterpiece.
You can sew or iron-on the patch on the back of the tie. Moreover, you can even place it on the inside of the suit jacket.
It measures about 2.75″ x 4.25″.
The artist provides enough options to customize this handmade patch.
Thus, the father of the bride will have a good time feeling pride showing off this one.
Furthermore, if you wish, then you can also customize it to use as embroidery gifts for a boyfriend too.


7.     Elegant Embroidered Backpack

embroidered gift ideas ~ linen bagpack
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This particular bag has a cute rabbit embroidery on it. That is why I like it.  It is by a handmade artist from Ukraine. 

This particular bag reminded me of my own handbag. That is why I like this one, which is by a handmade artist from Ukraine.

This bag is of hemp fabric in a soothing natural tone. It measures 11.81-inches x 11.42-inches x 4.33-inches. Hence, you can carry a lot of essentials in it.

Its inside has a dark blue colored lining. While the exterior of the bag has a cute rabbit embroidery. Its natural fiber and color will suit almost every outfit.

It is a functional bag complete with sturdy zippers and a pocket. You can use it as a backpack with its adjustable straps. Also, you can carry it as a whole with its handle. 

It is one of the best-embroidered gift ideas for a dear friend. Or you can buy one for yourself too. 

This backpack is a stylish college companion.


In Conclusion

This post curates some intricate needlework that finds a practical purpose. Hence, they work as heartfelt embroidered gift ideas for your near ones. Also, they could inspire other needlework artists to create more of embroidered work.

Embroidery is a beautiful artwork that involves a pattern of stitches.   

It is exciting to know that the patterns differ from one region to another. I am a big fan of embroidery artists because of the sheer amount of dedication involved in the artwork.

I can never excel in embroidery because I lack patience. The closest I have been to doing embroidery is cross stitch on napkins.


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If it was not for witnessing a young man engrossed in his needle and threads. I would not have got the inspiration to write this post.

So, a big thanks to him


Have you ever done an embroidery? Or do you like gifting hand embroidered artwork?

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