7 tribal artwork designs that are a treasure in the World

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7 tribal artwork designs that are a treasure in the world
7 tribal artwork designs that are a treasure in the world


I am not sure about you. But I have a fascination for tribal artwork designs. The drawings made with simple lines and stick figures are my favorite. 

That is the reason I visit museums. The story that reflects from the yesteryear art pulls me towards it. 

Tribal artwork mirrors the culture of a region. It depicts how the people of a certain region evolved over time. 

The more beautiful and refined tribal art form is. The more richness I associate with that culture. 

I have come across a lot of paintings and sculptures of tribal artwork designs. But I love it when various types of tribal art infuse into objects of utility. 

I quest to find tribal artwork designs that I can incorporate into my everyday life. That search ended with some beautiful pieces of tribal art designs

You can have a look at them below: 

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How to Make Heads turn with 7 beautiful Tribal Artwork Designs.


     1.     African Tribal Art Paintings

tribal artwork designs ~ African Tribal Wall Art
African Tribal Wall Art

Look at these paintings and decide whether they are cute or not. I do not know about you. But, I find them super cute. 

They are a set of 5 hand painted ceramic wall plates. Their art form is of the sub-Saharan African region. 

The African continent is full of art and culture. Its people and their civilization play an impression on their arts and crafts. That is why these wall plates look every bit of African tribal artwork. 

Each plate tells a visual story through its paintings. The colors of the paintings have a matte texture of organic paints.

Due to the organic coloring, the paintings may bleed if they get in touch with liquids. Thus, it is advisable to clean them with a dry cloth. 

Please note that these plates are not meant to serve food. But rather should hang on a wall for decorative purposes. Their gloss finish will brighten up even the darkest of corners. 

Each plate has attached metal hooks at its rear for hanging purposes. 

Size (diameter) of each plate: 10 inches. 



     2.     Tabora Beaded Robe Dress

Tabora Dress ~ tribal artwork designs
Tabora Dress

This is a beautiful dress inspired by the city, Tabora. 

Tabora is a small city in the Western Tanzania region. The creator of this dress draws inspiration from the city’s rich tribal culture. 

Multi-colored beads, stones, pom-poms, and tassels form the yoke of the dress.  

The dress is of robe length made from a woven fabric. It has a high neck pattern with long sleeves. The sleeves have flowing embellishments that look like cuffs from tribal artwork designs.  

The dress has a zipper closure that ensures its fitting and flow. 

The handmade artist stitches each dress as per individual measurements. You can get in touch with the handmade artist to get one unique Tabora dress made for you. 


     3.     Hand Stitched Tribal Artwork Designs on Moccasins

Tribal Moccasins ~ tribal artwork designs
Tribal Moccasins

Ever thought of having a tribal art painting on your feet? 

Then, you need to see this beautiful pair of moccasins. A beautiful native American tribal fabric adorns the front of the shoes. 

These moccasins are in the finest quality of leather and hand stitched. 

The artist makes every piece of these moccasin boots by hand. They are hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched. There is no use of sewing machines or the assembly lines to make these. Hence, a lot of care and effort goes into the making of each pair of these moccasins. 

All the soles are also 100% handmade. They are of a soft flexible foam along with a layer of hard rubber. Thus, one gets comfort and grip while wearing them. 

If you prefer beauty along with style and function. Then, you will love this unique and comfortable pair of handmade moccasins. Moreover, they are breathable and durable. Moreover, they are breathable and durable. 

You can make a custom order for them in all sizes. So, no matter whatever your shoe size. You can have these custom made for you. 

     4.     African Zulu Beer Basket

tribal artwork designs ~ zulu beer basket
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How do you store your liquor bottles?

A handmade wooden bar-rack is a good option. But if you are looking for something beyond that. Then, a beer basket with African tribal artwork designs is worth consideration. 

It is the traditional South African Zulu basket made from ilala palm and wild grasses. As a tradition, this basket finds a use for storing home-brewed beer and liquids. 

The basket comes with a lid and has colorful tribal patterns on it. The colors are from natural dyes obtained from mud, leaves, ash, and plants. 

The best part is that none of your guests could guess what is inside these baskets. They would be in for a surprise when you throw your next house party. 

The basket stands 10.25-inches wide x 7.5-inches tall.  

     5.     Handmade Tribal Art Crib Throw

tribal artwork designs ~ baby blanket
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Is there the arrival of a newborn at your place? Then, you must have a look at this tribal print cozy soft baby blanket. It has motifs of deer and mouse with customization of your baby’s name.

The handmade artist provides this blanket in various sizes and colors. You can select the one as per your preference.
The tribal print with arrows and geometric patterns renders a boho look.
Its standard measures are – 40-inches x 30-inches. While its fabric is of plush and velvety pure fleece. Thus, it provides a warm feel to your kid.
The blanket is machine washable.


     6.     Handmade Native American Tribal Art Clock

Thunderbolt Tribal Handmade Clock ~ tribal artwork designs
Thunderbolt Tribal Handmade Clock

A handmade clock is a great way to represent one’s taste in their passions and preferences. 

If you would like to appreciate some tribal art every hour of the day. Then this handmade clock with a hint of tribal artwork is for you. 

It has a hand painted Native American Thunderbird design at its center. Kokopelli and the life-sustaining maize plant fill the remaining part of the clock. While arrows and native stick art tribal artwork designs border the clock. Thus, enhancing its artistic appeal. 

The painting has 2 layers of colorful fused glass. The glass also has an infusion of Arizona mica flakes. 

Clock’s hour and minute hands are turquoise in color. While the second-hand sweeps past the two in red color. This combination gives the Thunderbird a dynamic appearance. 

The dimensions of the clock are 6” x 9”. You will need one AA battery to operate it. 


     7.     Handmade Tribal Infinity Scarf

Tribal print Infinity Scarf ~ tribal artwork designs
Tribal Print Infinity Scarf

My favorite accessory for travel is a scarf. I have a good collection of them in a myriad of colors and fabrics.  

They solve a variety of purposes. The major ones being protection from the Sun/ wind, a beach cover-up, and a head cover for religious places. 

But if you are expecting more from your humble scarf. Then, this handmade infinity scarf of bamboo rayon fabric is the one for you.

It has a secret pocket with a hidden zipper to hold valuables like ID cards, plastic money, and passport. Plus, with a dimension of 9-inches x 67-inches, it can wrap twice around a neck. 

It has colorful tribal art paintings motifs that will complement any outfit. 

This scarf raises the bar of utility functions that one expects from a regular scarf to perform. Thus, a must-have accessory before your next travel. 


In Conclusion

Anthropology and history studies let us know the creative outlets of the tribal era. 

The graffiti on caves and architecture on historical sites is a sheer ethnographic pleasure. Those prominent line forms display a great knowledge of patterns and symmetry. 

Almost all parts of the world have their share of tribal artwork designs. But few regions are more endowed with the tribal art forms in comparison. Those include African, Native American, and Australian aboriginal art. 

It is usual to find these art forms in museums. I at times wonder what it would have been back then to live with such beautiful artwork. 

I am in luck as these days many artists incorporate tribal art form in their own artwork. They infuse objects of daily use with the magic of tribal patterns. From shoes to apparel to even beer baskets and clocks. 

These handmade products serve utility purposes while appearing beautiful and unique. 

So, the next time you go shopping for handmade products. Be sure to check out some tribal art patterns for their in-depth richness and involution.


Image Source: Pixabay

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