Know How to Make Your Home Remarkable With Humorous Art

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handmade funny oil paintings
Know How to Make Your Home Remarkable With funny oil paintings

Getting the right home decor is never easy. You have to keep on trying all sorts of permutations and combinations to test stuff. 

Be it wall hangings, lights or even the furniture. Every aspect of the decor has to have a link with other elements in the room. 

At times, the selection and rearranging could get complicated. 

Whenever I get into an overwhelming situation. I take a humor pill. 

It could be recalling some old funny incident, or a joke, or some cat video. 

Yes, I am a 100% cat obsessed person. 

So, I thought of compiling a list of funny oil paintings that will put a smile on everyone. 

Read further to find them.


Know How to Better Your Decor With Funny Oil Paintings

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

     1.     Framed oil painting of a beautiful kitty


funny oil paintings - vintage cat portrait
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Not every beautiful portrait is of Mona Lisa. Some prettier ones can have a beautiful kitten too. 

This painting by artist Valenti proves this point. The artist is popular for bringing humor and color through his artwork. 

This feline portrait is beautiful and interesting. An interesting art form for your living room. 

The precious kitty’s oil painting on canvas is 19-inches (width) x 23-inches (height). It comes framed in a wonderful gold swept ornate frame. Thus, has a vintage style to it. 

Valenti ships this painting worldwide for free. So, irrespective of your location. This beauty will arrive at your home with purre love from Ireland. 


     2.     Funny Ladies

funny oil paintings - funny ladies
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If a feline replaces pretty women portraits. Then, the women are bound to feel the stress. Laughter turns out to be one of the best remedies to lessen those stressful moments. 

A good dose of humor is what this funny oil painting tries to provide. It is one of those funny oil paintings that can hang in a living room as well as a restroom. 

This one is above the gender tag too. It will serve its intended purpose well in both, a ladies’ and a men’s restroom. 

This 100% hand-painted oil on canvas painting is waterproof. Moreover, it has nontoxic colors that do not fade. 

Its dimensions are: 18-inches (width) x 36-inches (height). 


     3.     Colorful Funny Frog Modern Abstract Artwork

funny oil paintings - funny frog
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Moving on from funny women. This one is a funny frog in a rocking avatar. 

It is interesting to guess what this frog must be feeling while getting his portrait painted. Was a Princess about to kiss him. Or was he sick of being a human and went back to his original froggy self? 

I am not sure what gave him those expressions. But irrespective of the reasons, the painting is funny. 

This 100% hand-painted oil painting has hooks mounted to its rear. Thus, it is ready to hang the moment it arrives at your door. 

The artist also supplies a plotting sheet. It provides a handy help to hang the painting without stressing out. 

The canvas painting comes fitted on a wooden base. Its dimensions as 16-inches (width) x 16-inches (height). The artist also provides an option of a bigger artwork of 24-inches (width) x 24-inches (height). 


     4.     Mischievous Dog Funny Artwork

funny oil paintings - funny colorful dog
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Moving on from frogs and men. Let us come to dogs. This painting has spots sweeping off a colorful Dalmatian.

Flying colors off the canine is a work of fiction. But the actual colors of this 100% hand-painted oil painting are durable. 

The painting ships as stretched and framed canvas art. It has a wooden base with hooks mounted on its rear. Thus, it is ready to hang the moment it arrives in a shipment. 

The painting brings in multi-color fun to the boring black and white of Dalmatians. 

Its dimensions are: 24-inches (width) x 36-inches (height). 


     5.     Bear and bird cycling buddies

funny oil paintings - cycling bear and bird
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It is usual to find an egret bird eating off worms on a bear’s back. But is unique to find both the bear and bird cycling together. The thought of such a possibility cracks me up. 

This oil painting gives that thought a reality. 

Both the bird and bear look like best buddies off on their cycling expedition. 

This colorful oil painting on canvas can adorn your home as well as an office space. It is reminiscent of team playing and coworking attributes. 

Its dimensions are: 20-inches (width) x 24-inches (height). The artist provides 3 more options in bigger sizes as well. All the paintings are ready to hang.


     6.     Dog in car oil painting

funny oil paintings - happy dog in car
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I do not why, but I have a fascination for dogs sitting in a car. They seem to enjoy each bit of the experience. 

There is some peculiar joy in watching dogs letting their fur blow to the breeze. In all honesty, the innocent display of their emotions during their car rides is a pleasure to watch. 

That is why I love this oil on canvas painting. Even though it is a mere non-living display of art. The feelings that it emotes are true and real for sure.

If you love a dog, then you will understand what I mean. 

The painting comes wrapped and stretched on a wooden frame of 1.5-inch thickness on the back. It comes with a fixed hook, so is ready to hang. 

Its dimensions are: 24-inches (width) x 24-inches (height). 


     7.     Cat with fish glasses

funny oil paintings - cat with fish glasses
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The cat person in me was feeling a bit guilty after watching the lovely Alsatian sitting in a car painting. 

So, I am going to gaze at this one kitty painting for hours to get over the guilt. 

This may not be one of the best funny oil paintings. But for a cat person who loves fish, this one is a gem. 

I love both cats and fish. I love this painting too. It is an oil on canvas hand painted art. The colors are of high quality. Hence, they do not fade or disappear. 

Its dimensions are: 20-inches (width) x 24-inches (height). The artist provides bigger options as well. 


In Conclusion

Laughter is the best medicine. There must be truth to that age-old adage. 

When you frame a humorous art. It becomes a wonderful home decor as well as an everyday reminder to be happy. 

Each of the funny oil paintings curated in this article is a masterpiece. The list has a lot of funny art drawings of animals. It also has one funny artwork involving human beings. 

I am sure hanging one from the list in your house will bring cheer to you and your guests. 

If the famous oil paintings bore you. Then, you can break the monotony by bringing in these laughter inducing art to your abode. 


Image Source: Pixabay

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