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7 Unique Gifts for Physics Geeks That Are Remarkable

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7 Unique Gifts for Physics Geeks That Are Remarkable
7 Unique Gifts for Physics Geeks That Are Remarkable


A few days back I had a conversation with a friend on scalar and vector quantities. The discussion started on commodity trading but drifted to the terms in physics. 

My friend blurted out the definition of those 2 terms in verbatim to what must be in the school textbooks. That is when I got to know how much he is in love with physics. 

His love for the subject made me think of making a list of some cool geek gifts. I am sure anyone with a penchant for wave or the quantum theories will love such stuff. 


7 Innovative Gifts for Physics Geeks in this World

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Humorous Physics Coffee Mug

gifts for physics geeks ~ coffee mug
Humorous Physics Definition Coffee Mug

I do not know why, but if I do not start a list with a kitty. Then, I do not feel good. So, this coffee mug takes care of my love for kittens. 

It can also bring in a dash of humor in a physics lover’s everyday life. I am sure the caption on the mug might even make a physics repelling person laugh as well. 

For the uninitiated ones, Mu is the coefficient of friction. It determines how strong is the conflict between 2 objects. Placing that in context with felines becomes hilarious. For sure it will bring a good laugh to all the physics nerds. 

This handmade ceramic mug is available in 11 and 15-ounce sizes. Each mug has a glossy finish and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

The humorous image and caption are on one side of the mug. Printing is through a unique dye sublimation process. The dye develops strong bonds between the ink and the ceramic surface which last long. That could be due to a strong Mu between the ink and ceramic. I am not sure on that one, but a physics geek will know that better. 

Also, you can enter a customized text to the mug for a personalized gifting experience. 


2.     Black Hole Physics Formula Cuff Links

Gifts for Physics Geeks ~ Cufflinks
Gifts for Physics Geeks ~ Cufflinks

Of all stuff in the universe, the mighty black hole intrigues me the most. How can a region be so strong to not let escape any radiation? Even when it traps radiation, it is still a black hole. Come to think of the irony in that.

Also, in the context of economics, a black hole is slang for hawala. Much like its counterpart definition in physics. The Economic black hole is the sudden disappearance of money. High-risk trading instruments like forex and commodities may come under this bracket.  

So, if you know someone who has an obsession for black holes. Then, these cufflinks with laser printed Black Hole formula will fancy them. 

The formula is under a glass dome set on metal finish findings. There is an option to customize the metal finish. Silver, Gold and Antique Bronze are the options. 

They are also water resistant, but not waterproof. The diameter of each cufflink is 16 mm, and they come in a gift box. 

They make an ideal pair as one of the best gifts for physics geeks. 

3.     Nikola Tesla Quote Coffee Mug

Gifts for Physics Geeks ~ Nikola Tesla Mug
Know More

After Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole cufflinks. Let us move on to other interesting physics gifts. Is not a coffee mug with a print of the genius interesting?

The mug reads – “Watt Is Love Baby Don’t Hertz Me N Ohm Ore.” 

If you are in a mood to give back in the most satirical tone. Then, this mug with the parody quote from one of the greatest futurist is for you. 

The quote on the mug would work out as physics gifts for her. But since it has the picture of the legendary Nikola Tesla on it. So, it will work for any gender. Also, it will work for both the left and right-handed people. 

The handmade artist provides options for sizes – 11-ounces and 15-ounces. You can also have the mug either in black or white color.


4.     Physics Humorous Definition Pillow Cover

gifts for physics geeks - pillow cover
Physics Definition Pillow Cover

This one is among the theoretical physics gifts, but with a humorous tone. Anyone with an obsession for physics will love this one. 

The dimensions of this pillow cover are  18-inches (length) x 12-inches (width). 

It is a 100% polyester material, so comfortable with a machine wash. It looks like burlap but is faux burlap. 

Thus, this handmade pillow cover is minus the smell and lint that comes with real burlap. It has an internal lining and a zipper at the bottom for the pillow insertion/removal. 

The quote is in matte ink and remains intact even with numerous washes. 


5.     Physics Humorous Definition Coaster Set

gifts for physics geeks ~ coaster set
Physics Definition Coaster Set

This coaster set is another addition to the humorous gifts for physics geeks.

It consists of 4 sets of coasters. Each of them is a square of 4-inches and 0.25-inches in width. The material is ceramic with a matte sandstone finish.

The tiles have a print of a humorous quote on Physics. Printing is through sublimation technology. Thus, it is resistant to smears and fading when it gets in touch with water. 

Also, a cork bottom at their base provides friction to prevent slipping. I am sure a nerdy physicist will get that part well. 

The set of coasters comes in a wooden caddy box. So, it makes one of the best nerdy physics gifts. 


6.     Physics Definition Funny Glass Christmas Ornament

gifts for physics geeks
Christmas Ornament with Physics Theme

Everyone shops for Christmas ornaments. Then, why not customize them with personal likes and dislikes. 

If it is about gifting someone who studies Physics. Then, this Christmas ornament with a funny quote on the technical subject looks good. 

It measures 4-inches in length x 3.5-inches in width x 0.13-inches in thickness.  

The underlying material is thick glass. The printed quote is with permanent, non-toxic ink. Thus, it will not run or fade.  

The gray finish on the glass will look beautiful as a Christmas tree ornament. It comes with a red ribbon in a black velvet gift bag.  


7.     Atom Art Superheroes Comics Physics Print

gifts for physics geeks ~ comic art
Comic Art with Physics Theme

I am a big fan of superhero comics. In fact, as a kid, I had a huge crush on Spider-man character. 

Well, these superheroes defy most of the physics rules of gravity. So, it is a good idea to incorporate physics quote in comic art. 

This one is a humorous physics quote on “atoms”. The print is silver halide done on a Kodak Professional Endura Premier Photographic Paper. 

The handmade artist of this print claims that the print will last for 100 years in a typical home display. 

It is available in 3 bright colors – Green, Blue, and Red. 

The various sizing options include –

  • 4 x 5 inches
  • 5 x 7 inches
  • 8 x 10 inches
  • 11 x 14 inches
  • 16 x 20 inches

The finish also has customizable options – Matte, Glossy, and Lustre. 

You can select the print as per your size and color preferences. For sure this paper wall art will upgrade decor with some classy humor. 


In Conclusion


It is a common perception to gift nothing but books to scientists. But now is the best time to upgrade the gifting scenario. 

These days mankind is in luck with handmade gifts. That is how one gets customized made-to-order gifting options. 

This article lists some interesting gifts for physics geeks. Whether it is about thank you gifts for physics teachers. Or you are looking for some physics gifts for adults. This article will sort all your needs for a nerdy gift.



Image Source: Pixabay

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