How To Know What Is Better Low Poo Vs No Poo

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Low Poo Vs No Poo
How To Know What Is Better Low Poo Vs No Poo


Off late the no-poo movement has gathered a lot of attention. I know a few people who made the shift to natural products after they got to know its merits. 

It feels good to know that people are aware of the harmful effects of commercial products. And they are willing to make the change for their betterment. 

Though doing no poo is not everyone’s cup of tea. Abandoning the convenience of store-bought products is not an easy task. 

Besides the criticism from people around you. There is a lot of mental adjustments one got to do. But then, doing what you wish to do has never been a cakewalk for anyone ever.


What is the hullabaloo on no poo method

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Ever noticed the hype when a new hair care product hits the market? I recall seeing huge signages of a mystery hair shampoo before the launch of Dove hair care range. 

Similar was the hype when Livon serums came in. I am sure that must be true for every hair care product. The bigger or expensive the product. The grander is the launch. 

But you see for the no poo method. There is no widespread fancy propaganda. 

Well, no profits to someone sitting at the top is the reason for the lack of publicity. 

As of now, I have not seen any multinational no poo product. By product, I mean the usual suspects of the no poo method. The list includes, but is not limited to the following:



Seeing this list. You can figure out why no big names are making these products. Although, the giant TATA has its baking soda brand i-shakti. But they place it under the food salt category. As of now, they do not promote the product under hair care one. 

Though, if the no-poo movement gathers momentum in the years to come. MNCs might introduce various baking soda variants under the hair care category umbrella. 

The future is not what we can control. Though, our present is in our hands. If your health is of utmost concern. Then, the no poo method is for you.

Keeping your hair clean without using harmful chemicals is the base of no poo.

Then, what is the low poo shampoo method


Low poo is the middle path between no-poo and the usual chemical based hair care products. 

That means low poo is not about cleaning the hair with natural household ingredients. Neither it involves using harmful SLS and parabens. 

Rather the low poo involves the ancient method of simple saponification. It is the involvement of the soap making process that forms the low poo vs no poo difference. 

So, a low poo hair care range has soaps made from pure organic oils. The common low poo oil ingredients are:



These oils are beneficial for the hair. Hence, form the principal elements of low poo. Thus, using low poo products is akin to washing hair with oils. 

I make my low poo shampoo bars from scratch with castor, mustard and coconut oils. To enhance the benefit. I also add a few drops of essential oils to my shampoo bars. 

My bouquet of favorite essential oils include:



I use these oils as enhancers to my hair growth oil. So, their addition to hair cleaning is good too. After all the skin sucks too. So, apart from eating nutritious food. It is important to feed the skin healthy ingredients as well.

A low poo hair care method may seem odd to someone with a long history of using usual hair care products. Of course, a switch to a product that lathers much less than the regular shampoo seems odd. 

But it is way better off than using flour, clay, and soda on your hair.


Low poo vs no poo: Deciding for yourself  


Both low poo and no poo score higher than the sulfate laden shampoos. So, it does not matter much which one of the two you go in for. 

Your choice depends on how determined you are towards embracing a natural lifestyle. If you are higher on the crunchy appeal. Then, you will go no poo. Else, you can adopt a low poo one. 

Low poo is more convenient in comparison to no poo. That means you can buy any of the commercial low poo shampoos. It will not require you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. You can open a bottle and squirt the liquid on your mane. That is much the way you do with regular shampoos. 

If you got less time on you. Or do not feel clean until and unless you see some lather. Then, the low poo works best. 

You do not need to make a shampoo bar at your home. There are a lot of low poo products that you can make use of. 

Else I am sure you can anytime head to your kitchen cabinet for some baking soda and apple cider vinegar.


In Conclusion


Personal hygiene is a personal choice. 

Whether you wish to wash your hair with the regular shampoos. Or the shampoos with low chemicals. Or you wash them with the no poo ways. On an extreme level. You might be using plain water to wash your hair too. 

Your choice of washing your hair does not matter much. What is of more significance is whether your choice to wash aligns with your principles of life. 

If you take the utmost care to eat natural and organic food. Then, you must use the same guidelines for your personal hygiene. 

Using toiletries full of chemicals will wash out your efforts of a chemical free diet. The act of topical application takes our mind off one basic fact of biology. That our skin consumes too. Whatever it gets exposed to. It takes it in. 

So, the next time you pour that wonderful smelling shampoo on your hair. Take some time to read its label as well. You might not want to consume such expensive toxins. 



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