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7 Startling Bar Designs You Need to Know About

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My late father did not believe in having a mini bar design for small house. In fact, he did not believe in the concept of a small house. He played large everywhere. That is why he had an entire room set as a bar in his house. That room had all sorts of liquor spread from one corner to another. 

In comparison to my dad, I am in a reverse situation with liquor. Since I live in a dry state, I got no home bar at my place. That is one of the reasons I keep traveling to enjoy alcohol. 

But I have a few friends who put in a lot of efforts to set up bar designs for home. Moreover, since most of them live in apartments, the home mini bar ideas become a challenge. 

So, for those friends and anyone who is struggling to find some home bar cabinet designs, I have resources. 

Please read further to have a look at them. 

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Mini Bar Design for Small House
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How to Have a Delightful Mini Bar Design for Small House


1.     Mini Bar Cabinet 


mini bar design for small house ~ wall stacked unit
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Did you ever wake up and have liquor for the breakfast? I have done that. 

I have enjoyed a beer in the breakfast with some nice fluffy omelets and stale curries. The joy of living such a life is pure bliss. 

If you too got some of your small kitchen breakfast bar ideas. Then, this mini-cabinet that stores a handful of liquor is the one for you. 

It hangs on the wall and seems perfect for an open kitchen or dining areas. 

The cabinet is a handmade artwork of a woodworking craftsman from Mississippi.  

Apart from its storage capabilities, you will love it for its rustic appeal. Its dimensions are: 34-1/2-inches (width) x 19-inches (height) x 5-inches (depth). Hence, it is one of the best small home bar ideas.

Although the cabinet is small in size. But it holds 8 stem glasses, about 8-10 bottles, as well as some liquor paraphernalia on its top rack too.

Though its star attraction is the LED lights. The lights create an impression that will remind you to have your daily dose of poison.

By the way, did I tell you that my father also had flickering lights installed in his bar room? Well, that is one of the reasons I chose this particular cabinet.

The artist lets you choose from the color of the pine from a number of options. You also get to make a selection of the color of lights from Blue, White, and Red.

This unit can take up weight up to 200 pounds, and comes with an 18-inch wide mounting system.

Order it and enjoy some drinks both with and without the lights.


2.     Tall Corner Bar Cabinet

mini bar design for small house ~ tall bar design
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If you do not want to compromise with a small home bar cabinet. Then, you can have a look at this old school bar unit.

The cabinet stands tall at 72-inches. While its other dimensions are: 26-inches x 20-inches.

It has 15 individual slots for bottles. Below the slots, there are shelves to store other bar accessories. Moreover, the mesh above has a nice steampunk charm to it. You can add to its beauty by placing some steampunk curios along with the bar accessories.

The cabinet has wheels on its bottom. So, you can move it from one place to another to have a mobile mini-bar at your place. 

Steel and reclaimed wood form the bar’s entire structure. Hence, it has an attractive old world charm.   


3.     Corner Bar Unit Designs for Flats

mini bar design for small house ~ tall bar cabinet
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If you are a drinking connoisseur. Then, you will need a big bar unit irrespective of the size of your house. 

In such a situation, investing in this particular bar unit is a clever investment. It costs much less than constructing a built-in bar in your apartment. 

It is a tall one standing 72-inches high with length and breadth at 28-inches x 22-inches. 

Thus, this cabinet ensures that you can dump all your alcohol collection at one place. That could include your bar glasses and accessories too. 

The unit is stable with the use of reclaimed pine wood. While the mesh at the front lets you have a quick view of your beloved possessions. 

It is available in 5 color options. You can choose from teal, distressed white, black, mustard yellow, and red. 

The cabinet ships half assembled with the required hardware and assembly instructions. 

You can set it up and start storing your valuables in a comfortable place that they deserve. 


4.     Small Corner Bar Cabinet

mini bar design for small house ~ barrel cabinet
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Since barrels store liquor. It makes sense to have them store your alcohol in other forms as well. 

I have seen various forms of furniture made out of wine barrel staves. But this particular bar cabinet is different. 

This liquor cabinet is a whiskey barrel that has 2 shelves. Each shelf can hold about 15-18 bottles. Though the interesting twist is that the shelves rotate due to the Lazy Susan feature. Thus, you can pick up your choice of the day without struggling insides of this small barrel. 

The barrel measures 35-inches tall. Its top and bottom are 21-inches wide, with 25-inches in the middle. Therefore, it can fit as a corner mini bar furniture

The barrels are of oak wood stained in dark walnut and further finished in tung oil. 

Its deep brown color gives a beautiful old world vintage look. You can use some vintage handmade items to complement it. 


5.     Caddy Small Home Bar

mini bar design for small house ~ caddy bar
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Would you want a liquor cabinet that you can carry with you? Then, this wooden tote caddy is the best you can get.

It stands 12-inches tall, with 10.5-inches length and 5.50-inches width. 

It is high on functional capabilities since it can carry enough bottles for a one-time fun event. Though you can refill it again for your next upshot. Also, it has a cool bottle opener on one of its sides. So, you do not have to worry about carrying an additional opener. 

It is in bright teal color with brown hues. 

You will love it for your man cave. For sure I would have gifted this to my father on the Father’s day. Though if only if he was alive. 


6.     Trunk Mini Bar Design for Small House

mini bar design for small house ~ trunk bar
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If you are in a quite dinghy size of an apartment. Or if you are stuck in some basement. Then, luxury home bars are not what you can afford. 

In such a scenario, this trunk bar is your best solution to enjoy and store drinks in panache. 

When standing upright, it has 37-inches (height) x 10.5-inches (length) x 10-inches (width). 

It has an elegant brown leather exterior that is vegetable tanned. While its insides are of rugged cotton. 

You can own this piece of luxury even if you live in a small space. This one trunk bar will elevate your entire lifestyle, including your humble abode. 

Its inside has multi-level compartments complete with a mirrored cabinet. You will love its old style drop-down shelf and belted bottle tethers. 

A leather handle and brass clamps add to its elegance. Furthermore, it has solid rollers at the bottom that are set in brass. That means you can transport this mini bar with ease. 

This trunk is handcrafted by an artist who specializes in antique restorations. Do not miss out on this one if you wish to possess an heirloom kind of mini bar. A small living space cannot be an excuse since you can push this trunk beneath your bed. You can pull it up whenever you wish to enjoy your aged alcohols in style.


7.     Not So Common Mini Bar Rack Design

mini bar design for small house ~ horseshoe bar
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You must have tried the wine bottle opening hack with a shoe. But did you ever store your bottles on a rack made of horseshoes? 


You will be seeing the above picture. 

It is one of the most unique bar designs that I have ever come across in my life. This project is by a handmade artist from Oregon who specializes in horseshoe art.   

She cleans, paints and assembles horseshoes to create this lovely art form.  The entire structure then goes through welding to ensure durability. 

The standard one holds 10 bottles. Though you can opt for customization by ordering one that can hold up to 14 bottles. 

You also have 3 options to choose a color from original clear, black, and gold. 

The one in the picture measures 20-inches (length) x 15-inches (height) x 5-inches (width). 

But the dimensions will differ for more bottles and the levels of the structure. You can order as per your own suitability of your home size. 

This recycled mini bar design for small house is sure to put you in the limelight at the next booze event.


In Conclusion

Let us admit it. We want everything. By everything, I mean stocks of everything that a minimalist would not even dare to worry about. 

In specific I am talking about hoarding stocks of our favorite liquor. I am among those poor people who have a mere 3 favorite alcohol drinks. Beer, Old monk and Bloody Mary is all that I would ever have or store stocks of. 

But I know a lot of alcohol lovers who boast of their well-groomed storage of their liquor stocks.  

That is no problem until you have a huge space to house all your possessions. But living in small spaces and apartments limits you to expand your stock.

In such a situation you have to look out for some home bar unit designs that save space.

This article lists down few of such mini bar furniture ideas that you can buy and use. They are elegant and maintain the charm of owning a real size bar. They will let you enjoy your drinks irrespective of how small or large your house is.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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