Unlock 7 weird steampunk art projects as unusual accessories

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steampunk art projects
Unlock 7 weird steampunk art projects as unusual accessories

There is some fascination of the steampunk art projects. I do not know how to put it in words. But the moment I see a gunmetal finish on an object. I get super excited. 

Be it on a structure that reminds of the industrial era. Or a simple framework of cog wheels. Or even a simple metallic button which is high on the historical elements. 

An art from the yesteryears era takes my breath away. There is a certain uniqueness associated with the steampunk elements. Anyone who adores historical era is sure to appreciate steampunk fashion. 

Although it is not uncommon to find time travel novels and movies. In the recent times, a lot of art forms include steampunk themes. 

That includes, but is not limited to notebooks, watches, machetes, and costumes. 

But if some wearable accessories with a dash of Victorian sci-fi elements fancy you. Then, you can read further to discover 7 interesting steampunk wearable art projects.


7 beautiful steampunk art projects high on technology


     1.     Steampunk bracelet watch


Steampunk bracelet watch
Steampunk bracelet watch

Watch companies dedicate dainty ones to their female audiences. Guess I am an outlier to that segment. I love big sized watches. 

The lure of a big strap hugging tiny wrists is my idea of personal branding. 

When the strap in focus is as impressive as in the picture above. Then, I am at loss of words. 

I then have to grab a piece for myself. The dark brown color with a steampunk watch makes me crazy. 

This watch is one of the best steampunk art projects I have seen in the recent times. 

It has a 2.5-inch wide leather cuff. The entire piece of leather is handmade. That includes tanning, designing, and stitching. 

The product uses vegetable tanning. Also, sewing is through natural threads for putting the individual elements together. 

The watch is mechanical. So, it requires kinetic winding for operations. Thus, it lives up to its steampunk image. 

It includes a high-quality buckle closure. 

At the time of purchase, you can opt for the appropriate size of strap length. 

Price – USD 169.00

     2.     Steampunk bee necklace


Steampunk bee necklace
Steampunk bee necklace

This necklace is for fans of nature. Dwindling number of bees represents the warning signs of climate change. This necklace works as a cute alarm bell for waking up humans to take an action. 

It has a colorful bee motif at the center. Bee measures 2.5 inches from wings to wings. While it measures 1.5 inches in length. The motif attaches itself to a 22-inch antique look copper chain. 

The necklace is colorful with hand painted cogs at the center. The clever inclusion of gears and rhinestones renders the art piece a steampunk aura. 

The product is an alloy of metals. Though it is both nickel and lead-free. 

Price – USD 32.99


     3.     Steampunk hair jewelry


Steampunk hair jewelry
Steampunk hair jewelry

Are you a fan of Dr. Who? Or know anyone who is. Then, this is the best steampunk jewelry designs for the fans of that popular sci-fi series. 

At the center, it has a police box charm in blue color. Along with it, there is a time traveling the planet and the pocket watch. These elements together form the Whovian theme. 

The headband does not pinch while wearing, despite its steampunk attributes. It is safe to wear for 8-year-olds to adults of both the genders. One size fits all. 

The headpiece has the option to customize the charms. From angel wings to stars and infinity symbols.

The fixed center charm has Swarovski crystal accents and TARDIS at the center. 

The headband has a silver base of a quarter inch. The overlay centerpiece is a 1.25-inch oval filigree. The filigree is elegant with a beautiful swirl pattern. 

Charms of your preference will denote a personalized futuristic style statement. 

Price – USD 25.00


     4.     Steampunk owl earrings


Steampunk owl earrings
Steampunk owl earrings


This cute pair of earrings will interest everyone. They are cute and different. 

Their characteristic antique brass color is a steampunk fancy. The rhinestone eyes of the owls light up when the earrings dangle. 

This piece of art goes well with a cocktail dress. The shining eyes add a sparkle to the complementing attire. 

Earrings are light weight. Thus, comfortable to adorn. 

They are 1.9 inches (approx.) in length, and 0.75 inches in breadth. That measures the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the owl shape. 

Fishhook findings complete the jewelry piece for a hassle free wear. 

Price – USD 15.99


     5.     Cufflinks in steampunk style

Cufflinks in steampunk style
Cufflinks in steampunk style

Do you fancy being an alpha male from a time travel epic? Then, this pair of cufflinks will help you live that dream. 

Handmade from actual watches and gunmetal studs. These cufflinks are a class apart in style. 

You can adorn them on special occasions where you wish to occupy the center stage. Though you can use them every day as well. They will bring in attention to even the most mundane of outfits. 

Pair them up with some leather accessory. And you are dapper dressed for an occasion. 

You will love these pair of steampunk styled elegant cufflinks. They come along in a dedicated gift box. 

Price – USD 49.00


     6.     Steampunk pocket watch


Steampunk pocket watch
Steampunk pocket watch

A steampunk accessory list is incomplete without a pocket watch. So, this one fills the void. 

This is a beautiful steampunk pocket watch set in bronze. It faces a large hand painted wolf. Clockwork gears around the animal beautify it. 

The watch measures 3 inches in width. Its mechanism is quartz operated. It has a metallic copper, gold and silver sheen with a gunmetal finish. 

The connected chain measures 20 inches in length and has a hook and clasp. 

This front opening watch makes a great present for a man. By man, I mean the one who lives by his own rules. Much like the wolves. 

Price – USD 28.00


     7.     Steampunk bracelet


Steampunk bracelet
Steampunk bracelet

Ogle at this bracelet to decide if you want this now or as soon as possible.

I do not know about you. But I know for sure that this is one of the best steampunk art projects I have come across ever. 

This is a recycled bracelet from metal teeth of a zipper. While the respective zipper pull transforms into a moth. 

Moth wings accentuate the bracelet. The moth without its antenna measures 1.4 x 1.25 in inches (approx.). The entire bracelet length is 7.25 inches. A sturdy toggle clasp works as findings. 

The antique brass color along with moth filigree heightens the enamor quotient. 

You would look bohemian with this upcycled art on your wrist. Moreover, its unique impressive design is free from gender bias. 

Price – USD 35.00


In Conclusion:


If your personal style has got into the rut of normalcy. Then, wearable steampunk art projects are there to help you. 

They look different and captivating. Thus, they uplift your personal style. Steampunk jewelry ideas are different from the usual me-too ones. 

One wearing an alternate history project gets an instant recognition. Such is the magical aura of steampunk art projects

Pick up any of these accessories to make a grand statement to your next social outing. Hum along a tune from the Clockwork Dolls. And that will complement your steampunk fashion look. 

Needless to mention that then some eyeballs will follow you. Go on and enjoy the attention. 


Image Source : Pixabay

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