How to get the best from no poo transition

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no poo transition
How to get the Best from No Poo Transition

Do you have memories of a recent bad hair day? When your hair goes disheveled and is in a complete mess. The times when nothing works on them. No matter whatever liquid you smother them with. Well, exactly that is how no poo transition feels.

It may seem counter-intuitive. Because the latest buzz is that no poo is the best way to wash hair.

During the initial phases of turning to no poo. The hair and scalp go through phases of extreme transformations. They behave erratic and become unmanageable.

If you are a recent no poo convert. Then read further to know how to get the best from the transition phase.

What is no poo transition phase?

Your hair and scalp respond to a routine they get subjected to. The moment that routine distorts. Both the scalp and hair defy it.

So, when you begin to no poo. You put an end to a regime that your mane was familiar with. By not subjecting your hair to chemical laden hair products. You tell your hair that a change has begun. So, the protest that your hair and scalp throw back at you is the no poo transition. Consider it a reaction from them to tell you that they are not happy with the change.

Hair and scalp love to be in a state of inertia of rest when introduced to no poo.

In essence, no poo transition phase is like a detoxification phase for your hair.

How long no poo transition lasts

Well, the time frame for the no poo transition phase to last is different for everyone.

How much and how long you have been using commercial hair care products is a major determining factor. For someone who uses a shampoo every day. To someone who washes hair with shampoo once a week. The days of undergoing no poo transition differ.

The typical time frame of various detoxification stages is as below:

  1. Shampoo once a week – a two-week long transition phase
  2. If you shampoo every other day – a transition phase that lasts for a month
  3. Shampoo every day – a long transition phase lasting up to 2 months

Moreover, if you have had some professional hair care treatment done. Then, expect a long as well as cumbersome detoxification phase.

During the phase, you will go through difficult hair days. That could include any or all the below:

  1. Untamed unruliest hair beyond your imagination
  2. Overactive sebaceous gland playing up a havoc
  3. Or the sudden phase of extreme dryness
  4. A little more hair fall than usual
  5. Flat and limp mane

But do not let the transition scare you from taking the no-poo route.

You can make it less cumbersome with a little strategic effort.

If you need a hair detox steps in an easy to use Infographic. Then, make use of the side-bar.

How to reduce no poo transition stress

The issue with switching to a new hair care regime is the change that perplexes the scalp and makes it behave the protest from the scalp. It

So, the remedy lies in not bringing an abrupt change. Rather take baby steps one at a time.

The detox can be simple with 3 steps, which are as follows:

  1. Do not give up on your regular shampoo in a single shot. Rather reduce its usage in a gradual fashion. That means cut the shampoo frequency to half. So, if you wash your hair every day. Then, wash them every alternate day. If you wash every alternate day, then begin to wash every third day. And so on. I hope you get the point.
  2. Then it is time to introduce a natural cleaning alternative to your regular shampoo. After a month of doing step 1. You then introduce another change to your shampoo routine. So, you can graduate to washing your hair once a week with:

*     Clay paste – Bentonite/ Fuller’s Earth / Kaolin

*     Baking Soda – either alone or in conjugation with your regular shampoo

*     Use of Shikakai(fruit for hair)/ Reetha (Soapnuts). Or their combination.

Please note that Step 2 goes along with Step 1. I suggest you try Step 2 and Step 1 together for another month.

  1. After Step 2., Step 3 is simple. You just need to skip Step 1. That is it. Congrats. Step 3 transitions you to a No Poo zone.

What if no poo transition is too much for me to handle?

We all are different. So are the hair and scalp. This means that it is possible that no poo is not suitable for each and every one.

This further implies that the associated transition phase brings in havoc. Discomfort and frustrations are bound to happen in such a case.

This is irrespective of you doing all the measures to reduce no poo stress.

If that is the case with you. Then, please do not force yourself into all natural shampoo methods. Accept the fact that your hair and scalp are not meant to take the natural cleaning route.

Believe me, that is normal for a lot of people I know. The presence of hard water in your locality. Or the climatic conditions have got a lot to do with this.

The second best solution can be low poo. That is the name for the use of shampoos that are much lower in chemicals than the normal ones. Castile soaps are popular choices for the same. They are the best chemical free shampoos for hair.

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.


It is important to detox hair. Chemical hair products and salon treatments put in a lot of gunk. The no poo way maintains the mane and scalp in a natural state. The initial no poo transition phase may daunt when you take the plunge. But consider that a passing phase. It does not last long.

Taking one step at a time helps. Consider it a preparation phase to strengthen your hair in the long run. Over sebaceous glands and unkempt mane are the teething issues. They vanish with time. The more the disciplined approach in practicing no poo regime. The better results you see in your hair.

I am a strict no-pooer for the last 2 years. My hair has never been more resilient and healthy. The best part is that their maintenance does not demand much time and efforts. In fact, I do almost nothing. But still, manage to get the best from my mane.

I have documented my entire experience of no poo in a booklet. It will serve as a do-it-yourself guide to anyone wanting a natural cleaning lifestyle. The benefits of not washing your hair are plenty. I have explained them in detail in my book.

Ever tried no poo or low poo? Did you experience a phase of transition? What did you do or not do? Share your experiences. It might help someone.

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