Packaging Ideas for Handmade Items ~

How to Package Your Crafts for Guaranteed Success

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Have you ever struggled to find packaging ideas for handmade items? 

If you are running your art and craft business. Then, for sure you require shipping your orders to your paying customers. 

Irrespective of the nature of the business, delivery fulfillment is common to all. 

If you sell digital products or use delivery fulfillment benefit by Amazon Handmade. Then, these 2 modes of doing business are exceptional. Their business model does not include the hassles of physical delivery by the seller. 

But not all enterprises are in luck to have these product delivery methods. 

Most of them have their major resources involved in packing and shipping. At times, the packaging takes up more time and money than the product creation itself. Hence, sturdy packaging improves/ breaks your entire sales order. 

If you run your own handmade business. Then, you can read further to know how to how to package your crafts.


5 Fantastic Packaging Ideas for Handmade Items That Will Turn the Tables


5 Packaging Ideas for Handmade Items
5 Packaging Ideas for Handmade Items
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 1.     Personalized Packaging Ideas for Handmade Items

Ever thought why are handmade products loved by all? 

The major reason is the personalization that goes into creating handmade products. 

So, it makes sense to extend that aspect to packaging as well. 

The simplest way to do it is by inserting a handwritten note/ letter to your customer. 

I have done that I know how much it helps to connect with your buyers. A personal message hits a chord between your business and the customer. It can make them remember and recall your product for a long time. 

You can address your customers with their first names for familiarity. Also, you can thank them for valuing your craft through the purchases. 

Furthermore, you can extend the longevity of the relationship by including marketing materials. For that you can include the following: 

  • Printed QR Codes to subscribe them to your mailing list.
  • Branded Stickers and Decals that they can use on their walls, fridge, cars. They will help to promote your brand.
  • Insert discount coupons to use for future sales. This will lead to repeat purchases from the same customer. Also, you could gain new customers if the coupon passes on to the existing customer’s network. 

So, the next time before you ship your products. You can think about a love letter that you wrote for some inspiration. 


2.     Eco-friendly Boxes and Envelopes 

Once you have sorted the personalized message part. Then, next comes the outer covering. 

Considering that you are shipping handmade items. Therefore, it makes sense to use recycled packaging boxes

They go well with the theme of sustainability and being nature-friendly. 

You can have them for a wide range of product offerings. From delicate products like handmade soaps, bath bombs, candles, and expensive jewelry. To bigger and sturdy items like furniture, and oil paintings. 

If your handmade product is a small dainty accessory like hair clips or crochet items. Then, you can even use bubble wrap lined envelopes. These mailer envelopes are robust, and also cost less than the boxes. 

Moreover, all the boxes and envelopes can have pre-done custom labels stamped/printed. That way you can have branded packaging. Furthermore, you can also get warning labels like “Fragile” pre-printed on them. Hence, these boxes save you from printing and sticking labels on each shipment. That is some serious savings on time and labor efforts.

Packaging ideas for Handmade items that are delicate
Packaging ideas for Handmade items that are delicate

3.     Fillers for Support

Did any of your products arrive broken to at your customer’s doors? Then, you need to think of ways to ensure the safety of your packages during transit. 

So, once you have the outer boxes/ envelopes sorted. Then, you need some material to safeguard your handmade creations inside them. 

Fillers work the best for this purpose. They keep the products stable by developing a cushion around them. That way your valuable creations survive the friction faced at various delivery stages. 

Shredded paper and memory foam are some of the best fillers. You can buy them in bulk to save on costs. 


4.     Scrap Paper and Fabric 

If you need to further save your shipping costs. Then, you can make your own fillers. 

During my initial days of shipping my handmade creations, I did not have many orders. It was more of a hobby business than an actual business. So, rather than investing in professional quality fillers. I used whatever scraps of fabric, threads, and paper I could get my hands on. 

So, I shredded my old clothes and credit card bills that I had accumulated for a long time. Used magazines, physical mails, and newspapers also went inside the boxes. At times, I even used the leftover thread from my crochet projects. Thus, I created an in-house supply of packaging materials while I began my craft business. 

Thus, like me, you can also save some money by using the scrap lying at your place. 


5.     Threads and Tapes

No matter how good is your package from the inside and outside. It will need a final element to secure its openings. 

For that purpose, loose threads, ribbons, twines, and tapes serve best. You can even use a simple thread for packaging. 

For packing my handmade soaps, I have even used a simple ribbon. You can even use baker’s twine. It gives a beautiful minimalist look to the gentle SLS free soaps. Plus, it also saves you from the unnecessary expense of packaging overload. 

Much like the twines, ribbons and strong threads can secure your packages.

Furthermore, to have a tight outer secured packing, adhesive tapes are a good option. The durable ones with water resistant features are good for your international orders.

In Conclusion

As a seller of handmade products, if you have ever received a poor rating because of your poor packaging. Then, you know the importance of packaging your crafts well.

This article enlists the basic elements to improve your shipping game. Whether you are packaging handmade crochet items or shipping big sized handmade products. You can use the resources listed in this article for organizing your business.

The best part is that none of the materials listed above are exorbitant in costs. They are affordable but do not come across as cheap packaging.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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