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See What Happens When You Do SEO for Art Website

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SEO for artists is a complicated territory. As a creative person, if you spend more time creating art than doing sales. Then, consider yourself fortunate. 

Because most of the artists spend immense efforts to promote their artist websites

Also, the struggle to get sales exists for both rookies and established artists.

In the current age of digital modes of doing business. It is imperative to use online means to generate sales.

Thus, that means every artist needs a website(s) for their handmade art business. Though having an artist website is not a guarantee to sell your handmade art. 

Rather, you need the ability to get found by the search engines for relevant queries. The science and art behind getting found in search engines is SEO. That is why it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This article throws a light on a few SEO tips that any creative person can use for their business.

That brings us to the next question ——->

What is SEO for Artists

SEO for artists includes the gamut of tasks done to match the buyer’s queries fed in the search engines.

One of the key aspects of that requires placing relevant arts and crafts keywords on the website. 

The other tasks include getting relevant links from established websites in the industry.

There is more to SEO than including the keywords on the art business website. Or getting a truckload of mentions from stalwarts in the art industry.

For the sake of beginning to get found on google search, your art website has to have relevant keywords.

Once you understand that keywords are important. Then, the next question is  —–>

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Know How to Do SEO for Creatives
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How to find SEO Keywords for Artists

There are a few ways to find the relevant keywords for your website. But the simplest and the most inexpensive one is through Google itself.

For that, you can key in random words in its search bar and see what data it throws.

For instance, if you feed in “abstract art”. You get some words as follows:

  • abstract art of butterfly
  • abstract painting of couples

Another way to find keywords through keyword research apps. These apps pull information from google but present the data with enhanced information.

They are useful for artists who are not comfortable with google’s autocomplete feature. These apps let you know data such as how much is the volume of search, and how much is the competition for that keyword.

Such data points help decide on selecting the right keyword.

Some of these apps are free for their basic version. Though some require a payment. You can use any one of them to make the right selection of keyword for your artist website. My favorite apps are as follows:

Keywords Everywhere – I am addicted to this one. I love it for its ease of use and pay per use plan. Erstwhile it was free. But now you need to pay to use it. It sits as a browser add-on and helps a lot in finding the right keywords.

AnswerThePublic – You will love its fun way of assisting you in your SEO journey. The result that it throws is exhaustive and also includes long-tail keywords. At this time it is available in both free and paid versions.

Ubersuggest – At this time this one is also available in both free and paid plans. It gives a lot of data which is at par with other paid keyword research apps.

KWFinder – I love this one. The added advantage of this one is that it also lets you know the trends of the keyword. Meaning you get to know whether the searches are increasing/decreasing or remaining stable. Earlier this app had both free and paid versions. Now it requires an upfront payment for its usage.

Jaaxy – As per my experience, this one gives the most precise results vis-a-vis its competitors. Using this app will skyrocket your SEO efforts. The lone drawback to using this app is its monthly payment. Though you can use its freemium version to get the hang of it.

How to Get Your Art on Google

Once you get the keyword to target. The next comes using that keyword on your website.

As a general rule, every page/ post on your website should target a unique keyword phrase.

That is how google recognizes that particular page/post for that keyword phrase. So, when anyone searches for that keyword(s), google pulls up that post/page in its search results.

You must have noticed a lot many search results for any query that you key in to google. So, to rank in those search results, you must use the keyword phrase in a certain way.

Knowing which keywords to use on your website pages is the first step in knowing SEO for artists. The next one is to use that keyword on the website. The mandatory usage of that keyword phrase should include the following:

  1. Use the keyword phrase in the SEO title.
  2. The images on the page/post should have alt+tags as the keyword phrase.
  3. The SEO description must have the keyword phrase.
  4. The content on the page/post should be descriptive enough to answer the user’s query.
  5. The content must be original and unique.

The above steps increase the chances of showing your website in SERPs. (Search Engine Result Pages). 

SEO for artists involves more than the above steps. But these 5 steps are crucial. If you stick to doing these steps. Then, you can make sales from your art website sitting anywhere in the World.

Key Pointers Regarding Doing SEO for Artists

  1. You should not force the keyword phrases in your content. Rather it should flow naturally.
  2. Apart from the actual keyword, you can also use its synonyms. In SEO parlance, synonyms are popular as LSI (Latent Semantic Index).
  3. The keyword and its LSI should never contribute more than 2% of the entire content’s word count. Keeping a percentage of 1-1.5% is ideal.
  4. The content should be simple to digest for your audience. That means it should not have unnecessary jargon and difficult words.
  5. Present your content in such a way that it is easy to read. It should have well-spaced paragraphs. Using bulleted small sentences help in increasing the readability.


Doing SEO for artists seems daunting. But if you try to view it as a simple non-technical task. Then, its application will become easier.

It is common for artists to outsource their SEO tasks. But if you read this article and apply its principles to your craft blog. Then, for sure you will see a positive result in your search engine rankings.

As you know, the more rankings in search engines. The more the probability of getting useful clicks that lead to sales.

So, instead of wasting loads of money on creating ads or wasting time at craft shows. You can start doing SEO on your artist website to book more shows or to get more art sales. 


Header Image Source: Pixabay

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