Vegan beard balm recipe for the dapper look ~

How to Make a Vegan Beard Balm for Remarkable Results

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How to Make a Vegan Beard Balm Recipe for Remarkable Results
How to Make a Vegan Beard Balm Recipe for Remarkable Results


Living with bearded men, I got to know a little about beards. My dad had kept a flowing beard. Also, some of my male friends did as well. 

Since I have a keen and holistic interest in skin care. I end up talking to males about their beard grooming issues. 

Most of the men I know complain about not being able to condition their beard well. 

The popular options they retort to are some store bought ones. I have heard mixed reviews about the same. So, I thought why not give the boys some DIY love in the form of a beard balm.


But Why a Vegan Beard Balm Recipe?

I do not know what is the reason, but I got to know that guys are more sensitive than females. It is not about sentiments and emotions. I am talking about body parts. But not that one particular body part either. 

Since this article is on facial hair grooming, I am referring to the facial skin. I find most of my bearded buddies scratching their chins. In fact, my ongoing survey on beards and buns also reports the same. 

I have prior experience of itchy scalp issues. That is why  I am particular about the ingredients in my homemade beard balm recipe. 


The following products do not interfere with my DIY experiments.

  • Sulfates in any form – SLS/ SLES
  • Parabéns
  • Mineral Oil
  • Silicones
  • Artificial/ Synthetic colors and fragrances


A vegan beard balm recipe is 100% plant-based. It does not include animal products like tallow. Some people are allergic to bee products also. So, honey and beeswax are a big NO as well.

Since I am focussed on the factors that can cause itchiness. Thus, each and every ingredient in this beard balm is plant-based.


How to Make Beard Balm the Vegan Way


See the goodie vegan beard balm that I gifted to one of my beardy buddies


This one is super easy. You gather your ingredients and blend them together. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Place the virgin coconut oil in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. You can skip this step if the oil is in a solid state.
  2. Then, whip it up with a hand blender till it reaches the body butter consistency.
  3. Add shea butter and then whip again.
  4. Whip till both the oils form an inseparable emulsion.
  5. Add some essential oils and the beard balm is ready.


Resources for the Vegan Beard Balm Recipe

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

     1.     Organic Coconut Oil – 75 ml

vegan beard balm recipe ~ organic coconut oil
Know More

All my DIY projects will fail in the absence of this wonderful oil. Apart from its inherent goodness, I also love its aroma. It transports me to tropics and I imagine myself nearby an ocean.

The oil is less on grease and high on conditioning benefits. It is quick to penetrate into the skin pores because of its small chain fatty acids. Also, due to its solidification properties, it is the principal beard balm ingredient. 

I make the oil myself from the fresh coconut milk. But you can use the source that I have linked to.  I know that everyone cannot be a DIY nazi as I am. 


     2.     Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter – 25 ml

vegan beard balm recipe ~ organic shea butter
Vegan Beard Balm Recipe ~ Organic Shea Butter

This is the VIP ingredient of the vegan beard balm recipe. Shea nut grows in the African continent and is a versatile fruit. It is super helpful for eczema issues and its nutrients help repair and restore skin issues. 

As with coconut oil, this fat also stays solid at room temperatures. I am right now at 32-degree Celsius, and it is almost solid. That is the reason I include it in my skincare projects that have solid-state requirements. Some of the examples include lip balms and hair pomades. 

You will notice a newfound sheen on your skin after constant usage of this divine fat. 


     3.     Tea Tree Essential Oil – About 5 Drops

vegan beard balm recipe ~ tea tree oil
Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils are essential to supply potent benefits in limited quantities. Tea tree is the most common essential oil in my DIY projects. 

It is anti-inflammatory and thus reduces irritations and infections. A few drops of this oil is enough to reduce itchy beard and mustache issues. Hence, it is a must for this beard balm.


     4.     Cedar Wood Essential Oil – About 5 Drops

vegan beard balm recipe ~ Cedar Wood Essential Oil
Cedar Wood Essential Oil

This oil is from the barks of the cedar trees. You must have noticed those trees at hill stations. Their aromatic bark finds application in incense sticks and perfumery projects as well. 

The extracted oil from the tree’s bark promotes hair and skin health. That is why many hair oils and cleansers include it. 

I include this oil in beard projects because of its woody aroma. I do have the option to replace it with rosemary or lavender. Both of these oils are wonderful for hair care. But they lack the dense aroma that cedarwood brings in. I am not being judgmental, but dense and deep smells look nice on men. OK, I am being personal here. Whatever, you still have to add this oil to the beard balm. Period.


     5.     Hand Blender

vegan beard balm recipe ~ hand blender
Hand Blender to whip things up

Without this one, your balm will not form. No matter what you try and experiment. A strong whipping blender is mandatory to bring together the fats into an emulsion. 

Plus, once turned into a fluffy and thick butter, the resultant emulsion stays solid. If you are in a hot climatic condition, then for sure it will melt away. But it turns to a stoic state when kept in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes. 

You will love the end product when it turns rich and gooey under the whipping blender.


In Conclusion


A beard balm is indispensable for grooming. It tames the beard hair and keeps them from turning frizzy. Moreover, it also adds luster and protection to the hair shafts. 

This is the best beard balm recipe that you can whip up in a matter of a few minutes. It includes the most caring ingredients that end up giving a luxurious experience. You can play with the beard balm ratio to your preferences.

With its continued usage, you will have supple facial hair and good skin underneath the hair. Furthermore, none of its constituent ingredients cause a rash or an itch. Though individual intolerance to the respective nuts could be an exception. 

It will condition the hair without giving a greasy feel. Though it will not give a strong set hold. But it is perfect to pacify fly-away and untamed beard hair. The balm also works as an excellent mustache wax alternatives. But do not make it a permanent substitute for beard oil. Balms are for grooming and oils are essential for topical nutrition. Do keep that in mind.



Image Source: Pixabay

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