7 Beautiful Wooden Ink Pens That Will Make You Happy

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7 Beautiful Wooden Ink Pens That Will Make You Happy
7 Beautiful Wooden Ink Pens That Will Make You Happy


For the majority of us, the thought of using handcrafted wood pens does not come that frequent. Rather, most of us consider handmade pens as wooden promotional pens

No, I am not talking about those that pass off as eco-friendly promotional products

Rather, I am talking about high-end fine wood pens. The pens that embark luxury and fine craftsmanship. Not the ones made in bulk and then engraved with some customized labeling. 

Being a writer, pens fascinate me. No matter how much I incorporate technology in my life. A mere sight of a beautiful handmade pen lures me towards it. 

If you are somewhat like me, then you need to read further.

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7 Beautiful Wooden Ink Pens that will Blow your Mind


1.     Collector Collection Wooden Fountain Pen

Collector Wooden Fountain Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Collector Wooden Fountain Pen

The Collector collection by Elder pens features unique high-quality wooden pens. Elder pens represent a handmade wooden pens label from Colorado. 

The pen is bound to fascinate each high-end pen collector in this world. The qualities that every pen in the collection includes are:

  • All-rhodium parts/fixtures
  • A genuine Swarovski crystal
  • Black titanium decorative bands
  • German -made Iridium nibs for fountain pens
  • Schmidt Ceramic Rollers for rollerball pens

Unlike the cookie cutter mass created pens. These pens are 100% hand-crafted and made in a limited batch of 5 identical sets. 

Moreover, the artist never replicates these pens. They make them with a free hand. There is no use of set stencils/molds or guides. As it is obvious, there is no scope of custom engraving on these pens. The limited edition designs contribute as the unique hallmark. 

The fountain pen’s outer finish is in crystal clear Gloss. So, it is durable and does not require refinishing. The ultra smooth finish comes from the 2-stage finishing process with cyanoacrylate. Then, comes the sanding procedure, done up to 12,000 grit. After that comes waxing and polishing to get a smooth enduring finish. 

The wood itself is from recycled scrap from exotic lumber from Boulder, Colorado. 

It also comes with a custom Curly Maple and Cherry Box with a removable leatherette insert. That helps for additional storage of ink cartridges. This further adds to making it one of the most luxurious wooden ink pens available. 


2.     Handmade African Blackwood Pen

Handmade African Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Handmade African Pen

From Colorado, now let us move on to handmade pens from Midland, Texas. Bendecidos Pens is a handmade label by Rick Hart. 

Rick uses African Blackwood to make his signature wooden ink pens. The pen accompanies a beautiful cigar-style box. Thus, makes an elegant gift for special events. Be it the Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or the Teachers’ Day. 

The African Blackwood is one of the heaviest wood on Earth. Therefore, it does not float on water due to its density. 

The colors in the pen include – Black, Silver, Rhodium, and Gold. Also, the individual materials include African Blackwood, 22k Gold, and Rhodium. 

It is impossible to miss the minute attention to detail by Rick in his handcrafted pens. 


3.     Multicolor Wooden Puzzle Pen

Handmade Jigsaw Puzzle Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Know More

If you are looking for some colorful mystery in custom handmade pens. Then, this wooden rollerball pen with a colorful maze exterior is the one for you. 

Colorful wooden mazes in jigsaw style cover the exterior of the pen. They are unique cut pieces, which are then glued and shaped on a wood lathe. 

The royal elements of Gold and Rhodium complement the multicolored puzzle on the pen. 

The pen lasts long with refillable rollerball ink refills. Moreover, the artist allows custom laser engravings. You can get it done either on the cap or the body. 

This wooden pen is a colorful twist to luxury. A must buy for expanding your wooden ink pens collection. 


4.     Wooden Handmade Pen from Ireland

Wooden Handmade Pen from Ireland ~ wooden ink pens
Wooden Handmade Pen from Ireland

This handmade pen is from Ireland. The pen has Irish Ash from the famous Farnham Estate in Cavan county of the country. 

The ash is bright with a delicate hue of golden grain. It sets a perfect background for bright blossoms over it. 

The cheerful blossoms are dry flowers from the artist’s garden. She does a wonderful job of turning them into a classic mixed media art form. 

Though this art form serves the purpose of utility as well. The pen is a rollerball. Its refill is a Schmidt one. You can replace it a number of times, as the pen is sturdy and long lasting.

The pen comes in a high-end velvet pen case. It serves as a bright and cheerful gift for someone obsessed with writing. 


5.     Rosewood Fountain Pen

Handmade Rose Wood Wooden Fountain Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Handmade Rose Wood Wooden Fountain Pen

This is one of the finest wooden ink pens made by hand. Its look is vintage, and thus quite attractive. I got a thing for all stuff vintage and steampunk

This handmade fountain pen is of high-quality rosewood. It also has a personalized fine leather sleeve. 

It has a smooth #5 nib, which is refillable. Though the artist also supplies 3 refills along. 

There is also an option to customize the top of pen sleeve with 3 initials. There is no additional charge for the personalized embossing. 

Thus, it makes an elegant gift for someone special on their special moment in life. 


6.     Handcrafted Wine Barrel Oak Wood Pen

Handcrafted Wine Barrel Oak Wood Ball Point Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Handcrafted Wine Barrel Oak Wood Ball Point Pen

I thought furniture was the obvious art form from wine barrel stave crafts. But this wooden ballpoint pen from a wine barrel oak wood changed my perception. 

Artist from Amikam, Israel makes these pens. She sources the 5-year-old wine barrels from her neighborhood winery. Then, she turns them into pens through a lathe. 

The pen has a hexagon shape. It has grapes and leaves on its center as a ring. The barrel wood gives it a unique wine color. 

The pen measures 14 cm in length. All its metal parts are 24 karats gold plated. 

An elegant pen box stores this beautiful olive wood pen. This beautiful piece of writing tool will accentuate your stationery. 


7.     Hand Turned Wooden Pen

Hand turned Wooden Pen ~ wooden ink pens
Hand turned Wooden Pen

I fell in love with this pen’s bright orange color. The orange color is due to the wood it is from. 

Osage orange wood goes into making this chic pen. It is handcrafted by an artist in Pennsylvania. The artist hand polishes it to add a classic durable finish. 

That is how the shine in the grain of the pen becomes evident.

The pen uses Cross refills. You can keep changing the refill to continue using this handmade pen for a long time. 

Its elegant ergonomic design and color will bring a cheer every time you will use it. 


In Conclusion 

Ink flowing out of pens turns me on. Even if I see someone else writing with a beautiful pen. I end up grabbing that pen from their hand. 

So, when I saw these beautiful wooden ink pens. I knew I had to write about them. 

What else can be better than to write about tools that help you write? Moreover, when those writing instruments are handmade. You feel a different level of joy. 

The 7 pens mentioned in this article are from various parts of the World. From the USA to Israel and Ireland. 

It is fortunate that technology lets one experience handmade art from all over. 

Plus, it is one of those rare moments when technology helps in facilitating the use of an old-school gadget. 

I am sure these beautiful pens will elevate you as much as they did to me. 


Image Source: Pixabay

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