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How to Make Money With the Best Money Making Crafts

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Akiane Kramarik is a well-known artist who earns millions of dollars selling paintings. She has been a child prodigy featured in Oprah’s show too. Drawing skills proved for her the best money making crafts that supports her and her entire family.

A knitter from Ukraine has a thriving handmade craft business. She sells chunky blankets that each cost about 1000 USD.

If the above 2 facts seem much of an outlier. Then, I can share the data from my own website.

One of my best selling handmade items is a woodwork product that is quite expensive.


Does not it seem contradictory to the general notion that artists starve?

Well, the latter is true as well.

In simple terms, it means that not all artists live poor. The ones who combine business skills with their artistry do make a lot of money.

If you are an artist or intending to be one. Then, it makes sense to plunge into craft businesses that make money.

You can read further to know about them.

How to Make Money With the Best Money Making Crafts
How to Make Money With the Best Money Making Crafts
The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

Know the Best Money Making Crafts That Actually Make You Money


  1. Soap Making

best money making crafts such as soap making
Learn How to Make Soaps at Home

It is one of the easiest and satisfying crafts. I enjoy creating my own soap bars and toiletries.

I do not sell my bath products for business. But my friends and acquaintances do purchase from me. The money that I receive covers my expenses for creating the products many times over.

That is because the handcrafted toiletries command a premium price range.

With a little investment in the raw products, it is easy to start an artisan soap making business.

Through my own experience, I know that soaps, bath bombs, and shampoo bars are a rage. There is no dearth of success stories in this craft since the start of the organic and natural movement. In fact, I love one such success story of a lady who makes a fortune with her handcrafted toiletries.

Though if you wish to earn accolades in your handmade soap business. Then, do invest in honing the chemistry basics of soap making. With fundamentals in place, you can graduate to making hair oils and conditioners to sell as well. Else amateur attempts can hurt your bottom line, and can also cause workplace hazards.


  2. Candle Making

best money making crafts such as candle making
Learn How to Make Candles from Home

Another easy to start a craft business is making artisan candles. Also, it is much similar to soap making. As it also involves melting and then molding products into various shapes.

Furthermore, the concept of paraffin-free 100% soy candles is popular these days. No wonder, a 2 person entrepreneur duo have a thriving business selling soot-free candles.

A candle-making start-up requires a few pieces of equipment to start. Plus, the business runs well with repeat orders from loyal customers.  

But for that to happen your craftsmanship must be superior to your competition. A candle-making course for complete beginners can give a good start.


  3. Painting


There is no dearth of painters whose artwork sells in top galleries of the world. Also, there are way too many unsuccessful artists who struggle to earn a living off their art.

Moreover, all of us must have tried making a painting ourselves. It does not matter whether that work of art sold or impressed an art connoisseur.

If you could make art, you can sell it too. Thanks to the various digital platforms, it is rather easy to make a sale these days.

But for the uninitiated ones to selling online. You can start off with your own store or own Etsy/ Amazon handmade. Plus, you can use Instagram to promote your work.


  4. Photography

best money making crafts require stellar pictures
Take Impressive Pictures of Products

The digital ways of doing business have paved a path to digital stock photography. In fact, it is the stock images that demarcate a professional business from the me-too ones.

Gone are the days when a few stock images were stuck on every flyer and other promotional material. Millions of business websites create content every day. Professional digital photographs are a strong component of their content.

Professional photographers fill in this gap by selling their pictures to various businesses. Stock images sites are not the lone consumers of photographs in bulk. Solopreneurs also make direct purchases from photographers. Thereby bypassing the high prices of stock image sites.

If you have a camera lying on your shelf. Then, today is the best time to use it to launch a business. While working on your craft to upgrade your skills. You can reach the quality worthy of top professionals in the field.


  5. Polymer Clay Crafts

clay jewelry is a money making craft
Learn How To Make Polymer Clay Jewelry

One of my friends is a ceramic artist. He travels all over the world exhibiting and selling his pots and tiles. His work showcases in premium art galleries and commands a high sale price.

I do not get to meet him often due to his occupational commitments. Most of the time he is either firing a kiln or soiling his hands in earthen clay.

Although he earns well, I do not see him making a fortune with his creations. The time and resources spent in traditional ceramics are way too high. They may not always justify the profits earned for beginners in the field.

That is where polymer clay brings in a ray of hope. It does not require a high temperature to set. Thus, it bakes within no time in microwave and kitchen ovens.

The possibilities are endless with polymer clay crafts. You can do jewelry, accessories, home decor and even succulent pottery with it. These products do not take much time to create. Also, you do not need to invest in a high costing furnace.

You can start off with small creations of utility to test your adaptability to polymer clay.


  6. Paper Crafts


Paper crafts is a vast and interesting topic. The term encompasses several crafts within it. Due to the low cost of paper vis-a-vis the revenue, it makes a profitable business.

As a kid, I would sell my paper made creations at school fairs. I would borrow ideas from the Childcraft’s Make and Do series. The book was in turn borrowed from my friends’ and relatives since back then my parents could not afford it.

It is fortunate that today one need not struggle to learn papercrafts. There is a lot of information available in the public domain to learn various papercrafts. You can pick up any of the papermaking skills and set up your craft business. Some of the paper craftsmen make a killing with their skills.

Few of the paper crafts that are in vogue these days are as below:

  • Quilling
  • Book Binding
  • Handmade cards
  • Papier Mache
  • Collage Art
  • Handmade Travel Journals

Because of the versatile crafting options available with paper. Paper crafts are the most popular things to make and sell.


  7. Wood Working

Wood is the predominant element for making furniture. Though the element finds utility in making decor and various curio products as well.  

Woodworking is a beautiful and rewarding craft. Most of the best selling products on my site are wood crafts.

From cutting boards to tiny homes, wood finds an artform. There is a lot you can do even with recycled wood.

Once you get a hang of doing the basic woodcraft projects like a signboard or bottle openers. Then, you can move on to expensive things to make and sell with wood.


  8. Sticker Art

Displaying our likes and preferences as a sticker art is a universal favorite. From celebrity love to the silhouette of city lines, the options are endless.

Also, you can display stickers on walls, cars, laptops or even on your toilet lid.

No wonder that this quirky art form has made artists successful.

This is a new craft form and thus does not have many resources to learn from. Vinyl cutting is essential to make professional-quality stickers. For that, you require substantial knowledge of graphics software.

But that you should not worry about. Since a beginner lesson to start a sticker business is not that difficult.


  9. Sewing

Sewing is an old craft found in almost all cultures. No matter how old it has been. It never ceases to create beautiful work and successful business out of it. You do not even need a formal education to start with sewing projects. That is why it is popular the world over as one of the best money making crafts to start.

From apparels, bags, to footwear, sewing opens a lot of business avenues. You can purchase a basic sewing machine and use it to launch your dream of business. With experience, you can even advance to making fabrics by weaving.


  10. Knitting

You may tag knitting as an old-school craft. But you might fight it difficult to fathom that one of the successful shops on Etsy sells knitwear.

The lady who owns that shop sells her various knitted creations. She made millions in revenue with her scarves, blankets and other paraphernalia.

The recent craze of arm knitted blankets adds to the wonders possible with this craft.

If you cannot reach out to your grandma to learn this moolah making skill. Then, you can refer to videos to help you with the basics.


  11. Crocheting

Crocheting is my passion project. I have lost count of how many crochet projects I have done.

Earrings, necklaces, brooches, beach sandals, purses, scarves, the list is massive.

All these projects earn me a good profit. Though to share a personal experience. The craft helped me cope up with the demise of my loved one. If it was not for crocheting, I would have had a nasty time coping with anxiety.

Colorful threads and a crochet hook provide endless possibilities.

If you could crochet a foundation chain. Then, upgrading to advanced projects is easy. 


In Conclusion


Most of us would love to pursue our crafting hobbies. But the basic economics of sticking to art to make a living might not sound plausible to many.

That is why there are few people who devote their career to making crafts. Though even fewer of those crafters make a sustainable business following their hearts.

But what if every crafter had data before them to know how much scope of success they have in their chosen field?

I am sure that could dispel a lot of doubts that fog a crafter’s mind.

Once a crafter knows what works well. They can then develop their skills in that particular direction.
This article lists down 11 popular crafts that have put their pursuers in the spotlight. If you wish to get a slice of success, then you cannot ignore these best money making crafts.



Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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