7 Stunning Handmade Cutting Boards That Will Make You Drool

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7 Stunning Handmade Cutting Boards That Will Make You Drool

7 Stunning Handmade Cutting Boards That Will Make You DroolTo be honest, I have never been a fancy cook. Loads of cutlery and crockery have never been my fascination.

Being a minimalist, I can do away with most of the gadgets used in the kitchen. It may surprise you to know that for years I did not have an electric mixer grinder. I did most of my chopping and pounding through those old school pestle and mortars. 

They do look rudimentary to many. But I love them. They do not require electricity to run. Also, they work excellent to provide some bikini arms in the bargain. 

Moreover, being a handmade devotee, I can do nothing except falling for cavemen tools. 

Apart from these instruments that help crush and pound. My favorite for chopping has always been my self-healing rubber cutting board

It was more of a mat than a board. It gave a stable foundation for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing. Plus, it also served my obsession for details. 

For instance, the 1 mm marks on the mat lay a perfect ground to cut okra to even sized bites. 

I know I am crazy. 

That is why on my family’s insistence, I gave up that one. Also, the marking on it had faded with time and over-use. Or rather due to excessive abuse. 

That was when I got into a discovery mode to find out a replacement for my once beloved cutting mat.  

I wanted a rough and uneven block of wood. The one that we see on the Wildlife channels used by the nomadic tribes. 

I could not find such a piece. So, I settled with a neat and trim square cut of wood. Its precise edges hint at a touch of industrial manicured output. 

Though it is not 100% handmade. But it was not a plastic cutting board either. That revelation was a lot for me. 

Since I could not find any handmade cutting boards. I then took it on a mission to find some for you. 

Read further to know them.

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7 Amazing Handmade Cutting Boards That Will Make You Drool


     1.     Round Sink Cover Cutting Board

handmade cutting boards ~ RV sink cutting board
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This one is exclusive for RV sink. But you can fit it to your regular sink too.

The cutting board cum sink cover saves space and looks elegant while doing so. 

It is 100% hardwood from Maple, Cherry, and Black Walnut tree barks. The size fits in RVs by Airstream or Taxa Cricket. The artist can customize the size as per your RV model. You can mention your RV’s year, make and style to them, and they will do the needful. 

The chopping board goes through a process of sanding. It is then sealed with food-safe oils and beeswax. This gives a fine satin finish to the board. 

The board looks elegant and complements any decor well. 

The handmade artist of these handmade cutting boards provides 3 options of design. You can select from Mixed Wood, Dark Wood (Walnut), Light Wood (Cherry and Maple). 

You can buy these if you wish to optimize your sink area as a prep space too. 

Its dimensions are: 15.50-inches (width) x 1-inch (height). 


     2.     Rough Wooden Slice

handmade cutting boards ~ rough wooden slice
Rough Wooden Slice as a Cutting Board

This is what I wish to have at my place. This cutting board is a rustic slice of the pine tree. It gives the feel of a nomadic life at the heart of nature. 

Moreover, this block is not treated with any oils or varnish. It is as natural as you can imagine. Due to lack of any external treatment, the piece retains its original woody scent. 

The handmade artist of this beautiful board saws the logs. He then lets the slice dry to perfection until it is good to use. 

The artist provides a wide range of options. You can ask him to prepare your log slice big/ small/ thick/ thin/ with or without splits. 

The dimensions of this virgin beauty are- 18.1-inches (diameter) x 1.7-inch (thickness). 


     3.     Book Shaped Cutting Board

handmade cutting boards ~ book spine
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If you are in for some literal fun, then this chopping board is the real deal. Yes, this cutting board looks like a real book. Though it is not a book, rather a custom engraved cutting board that resembles a book spine. 

The board is of solid walnut. While its interior lined pages are from plywood. You can customize the writing on the spine as your choice. Depending on what note you prefer, the artist will then complete it with a maple inlay. 

The dimensions of this board are: 12.5-inches (length) x 8.78-inches (height) x 1.0-inch (width). At an extra cost, you can have a bigger board with 16-(inches) x 12-(inches) too. 

Due to the use of Walnut and Maple tree barks, the board is in the hue of brown. But the artist is open to customized design covers as well. 

This will work as a great gift for someone who loves books.


     4.     Murphy Board and Knife Set

handmade cutting boards ~ chopping board with knife
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Do you what an all-inclusive cutting board? Then, this chopping board with a knife and an associated cavity to store it is the perfect one. 

The board has a clean, neat and elegant design. A dark brown colored strip on a beige background sets its minimalist theme. Moreover, the inset knife also has the same dark brown handle. Thus, the board and the knife complement each other well. 

The entire edge of the blade fits inside its slot. A strong built-in magnet holds the knife in place. Thus, the board provides safety for the user. 

Dimensions of the board are: 10-inches (length) x 7-inches (breadth). 

The board and the handle of the knife are of African Rosewood. While the blade of the knife is of stainless steel and have brass rivets. 

The knife’s blade is of high-quality carbon stainless steel. Its blade is hard and goes through tempering for strength. The blades are then treated to a cryogenic process that provides a long-lasting edge. 

The artist provides 2 options for knives. The board includes the Charcuterie knife. While the other one is Jackson Cannon Bar Knife which has additional costs. 


     5.     Handmade Wooden Cheese Board

handmade cutting boards ~ cum cheese tray
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This one is a multi-function cutting board. It serves as a wood serving tray along with its end grain cutting board feature. 

The tray-cum-cutting board has a food grade finish. While its walnut hand turned handles give it an elegant look. 

Dimensions of this tray are: 19-inches (length) x 8.5-inches (width) x 1.06-inches (thick). 

The artist provides 2 options for the wood – Maple and Cherry. There are further options for the inlay as well – Zebrawood and Bloodwood. Thus, you get 4 options for this cheese board. 2 permutations and combinations each for the foundation wood and the inlaid wood. 

Go ahead and have your own chopping board with a spine. 

     6.     Classic Stamped Handmade Cutting Boards 

handmade cutting boards ~ stamped and customized
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If you obsess over dates, then this personalized cutting board is the one you need. It is apt for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding gifts. Though you can use it for solemnizing incorporation days of an enterprise too. 

The board measures 15-inches (length) x 12-inches (breadth) x 1.75-inches (thick). It has a classic simple stamped design that offers various customized options. 

Along comes a marked juice groove and handles for grip while handling. 

The handmade artist of this cutting board provides tons of options for customization. They are as follows:

  • Choice of wood – Cherry/ Walnut/ Sapele.
  • Place of Engraving – Either on the Grooved or None Grooved side.
  • Personalization for First Name, Last Name, and Date of Establishment.
  • A choice of aromatic board oils apart from the regular wood oil. The options are – Orange, Green Apple, Hibiscus, Lemon, and Vanilla.
  • Gift Wrap and a Personalized Veneer Note Card – 50 lb of either premium Gold or Silver wrapping paper. 

The engraving on the board is a high-density laser beam with utmost precision. This board is a must buy if you wish to indulge in luxury every day. 


     7.     Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

handmade cutting boards ~ glass cutting board
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If wooden chopping boards do not impress you, then this one offers a unique twist. 

This chopping board is of tempered glass in a round shape with a pebbled finish. Due to its shape, it is useful as a serving tray or a cake display tray too. 

This board’s handmade artist creates the original artwork by wood burning and carving. The artwork is then painted with acrylics before transferring it to the glass board. 

Due to the use of dye sublimation inks, the heating process, and sturdy equipment. The glass cutting board is dishwasher safe.

The board has a diameter of 12-inches and has an option to personalize. You can opt for your family name or your beloved’s name at the center of the board.


In Conclusion:

If as a cook, you are serious about your craft. Then I am sure you are emotional about your chopping tools too. 

A sharp cutting knife and a board together bond to make cooking a delight. 

Although there are many plastic cutting boards at places like Walmart for cheap. But for a lover of finer classy artifacts, handmade cutting boards cut the deal. 

With the advent of talented handmade artists, there are a lot of options available. All you need is clarity on the likes and dislikes. Then, as per that grab a customized cutting board for yourself or your loved ones.


Image Source: Pixabay

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