Creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~

7 best in the world creative handmade gifts for girlfriend

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creative handmade gifts for girlfriend
Creative handmade Gifts for Girlfriend

Gifting has never been an easy task. 

When it comes to gifting your girlfriend. The task becomes all the more daunting. 

If your girlfriend is special. And if your love for her is special. Then, it becomes necessary that what you gift her is unique. 

Who likes usual me-too gifts? 

Well, no one. 

If you are serious about creating an everlasting impression. Then, handmade gifts work the best. They are unique as well as creative. 

Below is a list of 7 creative handmade gifts that will impress your girlfriend for sure.


7 Simple but creative handmade gifts for girlfriend

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.


1.     Handmade Glass Planter


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ glass planter
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A transparent and beautiful heart deserves this blue colored handmade glass planter. Look at it once and you would know why. 

If your girlfriend is a simple and elegant person. Then, this recycled glass planter made from a glass bottle is sure to woo her. 

The planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It has an inbuilt channel to drain out excess water. 

Its dimensions are 34 cm x 8 cm. Bonsai and herbs are a perfect match for this planter. 

The product adheres to safety with its inside edges smoothed. Thus, this one is the best you can offer to your nature-loving girlfriend.


2.     Love You More Every Year Butterscotch Chocolate


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ handmade chocolates
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You can never go wrong with chocolates. They are synonym with gifts. Especially when you are not sure what to gift an individual.

Sure, you can gift your girlfriend chocolates. But the usual ones sitting on the aisle of supermarkets and every dairy store will not do. 

If you are sure about your love for your girlfriend. Then, it makes sense to make it obvious on the chocolates too. I mean it in a literal sense. 

That is why these I Love you 365 Days of the Year chocolates exist. 

It is a premium luxury chocolate in their signature blend flavor. Its packaging will confirm your decision to gift it to your longtime girlfriend.

My mere request to you is that do not wait for a leap year to gift this beautiful chocolate.


3.     Handmade Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Kit


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ makeup brushes kit
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Is your girlfriend a makeup person? If yes? Then, do you see her struggling with her makeup accessories and gadgets? 

Again yes? 

Then, this handmade cosmetic makeup brushes kit is apt for her. It includes 24 individual makeup brushes. 

Let us not get into the nitty-gritty of each tool. But for your information, the kit has enough gadgets to last her a few fashion seasons. Most of the girls score low on organizing their makeup tools. For that reason. This kit will serve the purpose well. 

Consider it an equivalent of DIY mechanical guy’s toolkit. Moreover, a folding leather pouch heightens this jumbo kit’s elegance. A must gift for your fashionista girlfriend. 


4.     Handmade compact cosmetic mirror


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ compact mirror
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The makeup brushes toolkit needs a follow up with a mirror. 

If the mirror has a handmade art of mother of pearl inlaid on a butterfly pattern. Then, the piece makes one of the best creative handmade gifts for girlfriend. 

The mirror is high on its purpose too. Thus, it has both the mirrors – normal and a magnifying one. 

With size dimensions of diameter 6 cm(2.5′), and thickness 0.6 cm (0.2′). The mirror will fit in a purse and pocket both. 

Plus the product sits inside an elegant gift box. Thereby making an ideal gifting choice for your girl. 

You never know. She might have you on her mind every time she uses it.  


5.     Pumpkin Spice flavored handmade mason jar candle


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ pumpkin spice candle
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I am yet to find someone who does not approve of a nice smelling candle. But if you are to gift one to your girlfriend. Be sure that it is not a run of the mill kinds. 

That is why there is an entire range of handmade candles with a beautiful aroma. 

I picked up the pumpkin smell. It calms and cheers up. Moreover, it is uncommon. Hence, it sets itself apart in comparison to the usual flavors. 

The candle sits on a mason jar. That adds to its uniqueness. 

If you gift this one to your girl. Then, you might find yourself basking in its aroma with a candlelight dinner at her place. 

Or, you might receive an invitation to drink a smoothie in the mason jar once the inside wax is all burnt. 

Well, this candle might bring in hopes for that bright and delicious future.


6.     Handmade Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ bath bombs
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Have a look at this bath bomb gift set to decide if you should/should not gift this to your girl. 

This one makes one of the best romantic gifts for girlfriend. Though, they bear a strong resemblance to chocolates. But the fact is that they are not. 

In fact, they are not edible. This romantic collection is an organic and vegan bath bomb set. Pure essential oils along with potent fats make these handmade bath soaps. It contains fats like olive, shea, and cocoa butter. 

These spa accessories make a thoughtful gift. Though, if your lady love suffers from varicose veins. Then, this one is sure to delight her.


7.     Handmade Tibetan Style Necklace


creative handmade gifts for girlfriend ~ Tibetan necklace
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A bohemian neckpiece never goes out of style. Moreover, it brightens up any outfit. Be it a traditional sari. Or a contrasting outfit like a bralette and a harem pant combination. 

This teal colored necklace is one such piece that serves a wide range of styling options. 

It has a combination of metallic charms and beads. The rectangular metal charm lies between 2 sets of beads. The charm has an elephant motif engravings. That gives an elegant and rich feel to it. 

Cubic beads form the front middle of the necklace. While small round beads make the nape part. All elements together end up weighing 300 g. 

It serves as a good impromptu gifting handmade jewelry option.


In Conclusion

If you struggle to source an exclusive gift for your girlfriend. Then, this article comes to your rescue. 

It curates some of the best gifting options. These gifts might create sweet surprises for your girlfriend. 

Each of the gifts is one of a kind. Handcrafted and creative to the core. Not to mention that they are also high on utility metrics. 

So, next time when you are in doubt about gifting. You know where to head to. Pick up one from the list. You will end up receiving accolades for your purchasing decisions. Also, love in return from your girlfriend is obvious too. 

You are welcome.


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