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7 Stunning Frida Kahlo Inspired Art That Will Blow Your Mind

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If one were to describe Frida Kahlo art style. Then, bold floral dreamy style paintings will come to mind. 

Ever since I got to know about her. I developed a keen sense of fascination to know more about her. 

Her life, her self portraits, her life story is captivating. Although she belonged to a much gone by era. But the world that she created finds relevance even in today’s times. It sounds unbelievable but I can relate with her sayings and thought process. 

She is the woman who taught us how pensive sadness can lead to some happy creations. 

I can relate with her quotes, dressing sense, love for animals, and even her unibrow.  

For obvious reasons, I cannot afford her original artwork. But I always look for ways to associate with that mysterious woman. 

That is why I have created a curated list of handmade products that borrow her style. 

If you are a fan of Frida Kahlo. Then, you will love glancing at these products. Have a look below. 

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

7 Amazing Frida Kahlo Inspired Art That Will Blow Your Mind

frida kahlo art style gifts
Frida Kahlo Art Style Handmade Gifts


1.     Frida Kahlo Self Portrait With Flowers Yarn Bowl


frida kahlo art style gifts ~ yarn bowl
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 Ever noticed that most of the fans of Frida Kahlo are creatives themselves? 

Though this does not come as a surprise. Much of the people who appreciate simplistic beauty try their hands at creation. 

So, if you know a Frida Kahlo friend who is into creating fiber art. Then, this yarn bowl is a useful gift for them. 

It is a handmade ceramic bowl with a latch release. The bowl measures 5.5 (inches) x 3.5 (inches) and weighs 4 lbs. 

The handmade artist creates from New Jersey creates it from local stoneware clay. Then, she kiln fires it twice to 1900 degrees. Thus, the Frida Kahlo portrait and the flowers get a long-lasting finish. 

The materials that go into this creation are lead-free and non-toxic. 


2.     Handmade Frida Kahlo Paper Doll

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ paper doll
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 If you are looking for some activity-based gift for a kid. Then, this one is a good fit. 

It is a DIY craft kit that includes a Frida’s paper doll along with 7 dresses. You can have hours of engaged activity by changing the clothes of the doll. 

The doll and her clothes come bound in a book. The book has 15 pages. Each page is 110 lb card stock. Thus, the doll remains sturdy. Moreover, the package also includes a stand to keep the doll erect. 

When not in use, you can store the paper doll and her clothes in the envelope provided by the artist. 

The artist includes instructions and Frida Kahlo’s biography along with the paper doll. Hence, this one is a complete package for a Frida fan. 


3.     Frida Kahlo Art Style Table Light

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ table light
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This one is an elegant mix of bottle art and the portrait of the famous Mexican artist. 

The artist from California creates table lights by reclaiming glass bottles. This particular creation of the artist is an inspiration from Frida Kahlo portraits

It is a table light made from a Patron bottle. The bottle has an LED light inside that operates with a set of 2 batteries. 

The lamp comes with the CR2032 batteries. Thus, you can use it the moment it arrives.

The bottle has a square base of 4.25-inches and a length of 7.5-inches. 

White lights blooming through a black and red portrait gives a celebration feel. Thus, this bottle light is a good Christmas present for the women in your life.


4.     Frida Kahlo Christmas Ornament

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ Christmas ornament
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Talking of Christmas, this ornament will add a surreal touch to your celebrations. 

The handmade artist has carved a detailed wooden ornament of Frida Kahlo. It is light enough to keep your tree erect. Though it is sturdy to last you for years. 

The artist cut out a piece of hardwood to print a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo on it. The ornament has a celebration feel since there is the use of archival ink on a heavy luster paper. 

It measures 4-inches x 3.5-inches. It comes shipped in an attractive gift box. Thus, you can use it as a gift.


5.     Seed Bead Tribal Style Necklace Set

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ tribal necklace
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As a fan of Frida Kahlo, you might appreciate tribal artwork. If you do, then you will love this statement jewelry. 

It is a beautiful set of necklace and earrings inspired by the Mexican artist. 

The necklace is a seed bead one with a glass dome image. The jewelry artist has added a special touch by wire wrapping the image of Frida. Due to that, her image gets a 3-D effect. 

The necklace is 24-inches long with a lobster clasp. It pairs well with the drop-shaped earrings. 

This jewelry set is bound to make heads turn.


6.     Frida Kahlo Fridge Magnets

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ fridge magnet
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Do you want a reason to admire the lady every few hours? Then, this set of 6 fridge magnets will help. 

They are square magnets with a length of 1.5-inches. They are vibrant. Thus, they will brighten up any refrigerator or a storage cupboard. The magnet at the rear is strong. Thus, it will not slide off. 

5 of them have portraits. While one of them has one of the most powerful Frida Kahlo quotes

You will love these. Also, they will make a great gift for a creative person.


7.     Frida Kahlo Art Style Quote

frida kahlo art style gifts ~ wall art
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If you dig Frida’s quotes on love and feminism. Then, you will love this one. 

This wall art comes with a sawtooth hanger.  Thus, you can adorn this canvas art on your wall the moment it arrives at your place. 

The art measures 16-inches x 20-inches. The artwork is a matte print of her portrait. It is then stretched on a 3/4th inch wooden frame. 

You will love to hang the lady’s choker adorned painting coupled with her quote on love. 

In Conclusion 

Ever since I saw Frida Kahlo self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird. I fell in love with her. 

Those days there was no internet. That is why I could not gather much information about the lady. 

Though thanks to the overload of information in the current times. I have got to know a lot about her. 

For instance, some restaurants carry her theme in their interiors. Their walls adorn Frida Kahlo’s paintings.  I hope I get to dine at such places. The thought of dining at such a mystical place gives me shivers. 

Till the time I visit there. I will find contentment in these handmade products that remind me of her.

Header Image Source: Pixabay

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