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9 Handmade Skincare Brands That Will Make You Happy

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Ever tried any of the handmade skincare brands? Then, you must have noticed the luxurious experience that they provide.

I create my own skin and hair care products with natural ingredients. That is why I appreciate brands that do it. 

We all are aware of the presence of parabens, mineral oils, and artificial colors in most of the cosmetics.  That is why I use handmade cosmetics made with natural ingredients. I love the feeling of pampering my body without subjecting it to the harmful chemicals.  

Although it is not a difficult task to whip up body lotions with natural oils. But if you do not want to go through the hassle of creating one. Then, you can try the option of various handmade soaps and cosmetics available in the market.

Some of them are as below:

9 Handmade Skincare Brands That Will Make You Happy
9 Handmade Skincare Brands That Will Make You Happy
This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

9 Amazing Handmade Skincare Brands You Need to Know About


     1.     Soulflower


This is one is my absolute favorite brand of organic beauty products. I use their essential and carrier oils in my handmade beauty routine. Also, I am a sucker for their beautiful handmade shampoo bars.

Although Soulflower is a popular brand of handmade beauty products from India. But people outside India can also try their diverse product line by ordering online.

They use vegan ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and spices in their products. I love the fact that none of their products include dairy and honey. Their conviction in their ethos and values has made me their loyal customer.

You must try their USFDA approved raw cacao chocolate soap bars to experience luxury. 

handmade skincare brands ~ Soulflower
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     2.     Honey Belle


Honey Belle started in its founder Iris’s kitchen in California.

This brand’s mission is to provide healthy substitutes for commercial drugstore brands. 

It deals with common skin issues common among youths. Thus, they have products for acne scars, blackheads, uneven skin, eczema, and psoriasis. Iris consults her team of holistic doctors who excel in herbs and oriental medicine.

Iris herself struggled with psoriasis in her youth. She had her epiphany when she realized how expensive drug store solutions were. That is when she came up with her concoctions. 

From a humble start from selling through social media platforms. She moved on to managing Honey Belle full time since 2015.

The All-natural Green tea face scrub is a popular product of this natural skincare brand.


     3.     BCakes


BCakes is an initiative of Sharon from Virginia who is passionate about the bees. Her’s is one of the unique handmade skin care brands that use products from bee farms. 

She combines her extensive beekeeping knowledge with her mother’s herbal remedies. That is why her skincare recipes have 100% natural ingredients.

Bcakes produces small batches of products from beeswax and honey. Their Honey Bee Sanctuary in OSR Gardens, Richmond VA sources their principal ingredients.

Queen Bee face cream is its popular product that has royal jelly. Though you can also get customized orders from them. They prepare gift baskets for baby shower, bridal shower, and wedding favors. You can contact them to have your special made-to-order products.


     4.     Sunbasil Soap


Do you fancy all Unicorn themed handmade stuff? Then, you will love the brand named Sunbasil Soap.

They have a wide range of fancy handmade toiletries, body butters and perfumes. 

This brand is a brainchild of Lauren Miller. Her brand has the mission of bringing fun to bath time with natural ingredients. Sunbasil Soap has daily operations from their set-up in Delaware.

Sunbasil Soap is operational since 2008. A few publications that featured them include Huffington Post, Allure, and Martha Stewart.

They have crazy products that look almost real. For instance, have a look at the Cinnamon Bun soap below:

handmade skincare brands ~ Cinnamon Soap by Sunbasil Soaps
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     5.     Gnome Naturals


If you are anything like me. Then, trying every handmade soap in this world will be one of your hobbies. 

If that is true. Then, you must try handmade soaps by Gnome Naturals. The brand hails from a farmstead in Washington with a mission to create better soaps. 

Products from Gnome Naturals are free from harsh chemicals. Rather they use a mix of seeds, leaves, and essential oils. So, there are no traces of synthetic ingredients like artificial colors and fragrances.

It is one of the rarest handmade skin care brands that use simple methods of production. Hence, their operations run without the help of machinery and automation.

Feedback from their customers helped them evolve their product line. So, apart from soaps, they also handcraft salves in small batches.

Their charcoal and clay drawing salve for insect bites is an interesting one. 


     6.     ODE Natural Beauty


If you have heard about the popular Mc Evoy Ranch brand of olive oils. Then, you will take no time to consider their beauty line in your organic skincare brands list.

The brand has the approach of handcrafting and producing the blends in small batches. For obvious reasons, their main ingredient is the Tuscan olive oil. Along comes other organic ones like the beeswax.

The brand does not use phthalates, parabens, and sulfates in its cosmetics. Moreover, the products are not tested on animals.  

Even their packaging is of FSC certified paper, which is recyclable. 

Leaping Bunny and USDA organic certification add to the brand’s commitment to nature.


     7.     Bidwell Botanicals LLC


Jill Burrows is a former nurse and an organic farmer. Her caring nature and the knowledge of botanicals created her handmade skincare brand.

She made handmade beauty products for herself and the people around her for a long time. After gathering experience, she formed the Bidwell Botanicals LLC.

The brand has an exquisite line of luxurious bath and body care products. Much like other handmade skincare brands, her brand also produces in small batches. That is how Bidwell Botanicals maintains quality in every product.

Of her entire product line, I find her Spiced Pumpkin Body Milk an interesting one.

handmade skincare brands ~ Pumpkin spice body milk by Bidwell LLC
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     8.     Really Good Skin Care LLC


Really Good Skin Care is a PETA certified handmade skincare line. The brand has a deodorant which their founder created after a personal experience. 

Katherine Kurkjy owns the brand. Her mother had a threat of cancer. For her mother’s situation, Katherine was looking for an aluminum-free deodorant. But she could not find one in stores. Due to that struggle, she came up with her recipe for an aluminum-free deodorant.

Much like that deodorant. All her other products are also free from harmful ingredients. Moreover, they are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

The brand is aware of limiting its carbon footprints. Hence, they compost and recycle much of their waste. 


     9.     Nuluv Goat Milk Products


Did you ever suffer from lactose intolerance? Then, you must have heard about alternate sources of dairy like goat milk.

Nuluv is one of the unique handmade skincare brands that operate from a goat farm in Texas. Nuluv is handmade right from the time of milking the Nubian and Alpine dairy goats. The entire product line is handmade, made at the farm.

Goat milk does not cause gut irritation unlike that of a cow. Moreover, the Nuluv’s owner discovered that its topical application soothed skin rashes.  

Hence, the owner’s personal experience shaped the Nuluv’s formation. 

Although Nuluv is popular for creating goat milk soaps and body butters. It also creates shaving products for men and soaps for dogs.

handmade skincare brands ~ Handmade Spa soaps for Dogs
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In Conclusion

We all know that using natural ingredients on our bodies is good. 

But many of us seldom do because we do not think much beyond the popular cosmetic brands.

Even the most reputable commercial skincare brands have harmful ingredients. The presence of mineral oil in them can itself cause a lot of damage.

Hence, it makes sense to make a switch to handmade brands. Most of the handmade ones use natural ingredients and recycle their wastes. Thus, they are good for the skin and nature.

This article lists 9 such brands that will help you maintain your best skincare routine.

Header Image Source: Pixabay

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