7 Amazing Gifts for the Unicorn Lovers That Will Blow Your Mind

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7 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers That Will Blow Your Mind
7 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers That Will Blow Your Mind


In one of the organizations that I worked for. My then immediate boss remarked that “an ideal work environment is a Unicorn.” I admit that back then I did not understand what he meant by that statement. 

So, after that interaction with the boss. I researched that term to understand what he meant. 

After doing a secondary research on Unicorns. I developed a fascination for these mystical creatures. Therefore, for once I agreed with that boss. He was right. 

No work environment can have the purity and grace as a Unicorn. 

Later, I left that organization. But I could never part with my new found love for that legendary creature. That is funny because I have never ever seen one. Also, there is zilch of a probability of ever seeing a Unicorn. So, whenever I see a representation of Unicorns, I cannot stop myself from staying agape. 

The archaeology data from Indus Valley Civilization depicts Unicorns in their seals. An animal similar to Unicorn also finds a mention in the Bible. 

But in today’s times, Unicorns have become a universal favorite. So, whenever I find a glimpse of that beautiful animal. I cannot help myself from talking about it. 

That is why I came up with  Unicorns inspired list of products that are handmade. These creatures from the folklore shower their charm on these items. Thus, the products end up looking unique and beautiful. Much like the Unicorns. 

Read further to know about them.

7 Best Gifts for Unicorn Lovers That Are Amazing

     1.     Unicorn Wall Print Art  

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ wall print
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What happens when Van Gogh’s Starry Night fuses with a Unicorn? – “Van Gogh Never Saw the Last.” 

Yes, that is the title of a canvas painting by a handmade artist. That painting has the backdrop of Starry Night with a dreamy Unicorn at its center. 

If you wish to associate with the fantasy from that painting. Then, you can order the artist’s paper print reproduction of their original painting. 

The print emits an aura of fantasy and innocence. Much like the one associated with Mia Farrow from the “The Last Unicorn.” 

The artist uses the traditional Silver photo processing to create this flat print. Thus, it captures most of the textures of the canvas. The print is on a high-quality Kodak Professional Endura Premier paper. Hence, the colors of the print will last for decades. 

The print has a dense saturation of pigments with a luster finish. You can frame this print to adorn as beautiful wall art for your home decor. 

There are multiple size options to order this square beauty in blue colors of Starry Night. They are – 8-inches, 10-inches, 12-inches, 20-inches, and 24-inches. 

Price: USD 14.00

     2.     Unicorn Neon Sign

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ neon sign
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From a set tone of Blue, you can move on to a Neon colored Unicorn. 

Although the neon signs are the men thing. But somehow they end up making me nostalgic. They remind me of my trips to the US-styled bars and the streets of Hong Kong. 

This neon sign is a handmade artwork that matches my fantasy with nostalgia. It comes closest to my memory of the illuminating streets of Hong Kong. That is because this artwork is from a handmade artist in Hong Kong. 

You can order these Unicorn light in various colors. Since nostalgia is not limited to gender. Therefore, there are a lot of colors to opt for this beauty. From the feminine specific like Pink and Purple to classic ones like White. 

These are real glass neon tubes mounted on a transparent acrylic backplane. The entire product is a transparent handmade artwork silhouette in a Unicorn shape. 

This cool unicorn stuff measures 19-inches x 16-inches. It includes a 3-meter wire and plug. So, you can begin using it the moment it arrives at your place. 

The artist of this beauty also provides the additional option to dim the lights. That feature will double up these neon signs to a handmade light

Price: USD 184.99

     3.     Unicorn Tie Clip

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ Tie Clip
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When it comes to tech startups. A company that reaches 1 Billion dollar market valuation gets known as a Unicorn.

If you work in a startup that aims to be a Unicorn. Then, this tie steampunk theme clip is for you. 

It is a 2-inches long antique bronze tie clip with a Unicorn motif. It will give a secure hold to your tie while looking elegant. Thus, it will prevent the tie from falling into your food. Or getting wet at the wash basin/ sink. 

This tie clip is the perfect accessory to stand out at your next sales meeting. But please do not complain if some attention or envious gazes come your way. 

Price: USD 49.99


     4.     Unicorn Unisex Ring

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ unisex ring
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Are you looking for some unisex accessory for a Unicorn lover? Then, this ring is one of the best gifts for Unicorn lovers for all the genders. 

Measuring from the Unicorn’s iconic horn to its tail. It has a width of 1.25-inches. 

The cute and innocent baby Unicorn sits as a beauty between your fingers. 

This beautiful ring is by a handmade artist from New York. She offers a number of variations for the ring. 

There are 10 ring size options available from 4 to 13. 

Also, the ring is available in 3 metal options. You can choose from Silver/ Gold Brass or Sterling Silver. 

The handmade artist uses lost wax casting process to create the mold for this ring. Then, she does antiquing, filling, soldering and polishing to carve the final product. 

It comes gift wrapped in an Anomaly foil stamped satin pouch. Thus, this baby Unicorn ring is suitable as a gift as well.

Price: USD 100.00


     5.     Unicorn Geometric Pendant + Necklace

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ geometric pendant
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I have a huge fascination with handmade Origami art. That is why this geometric Unicorn pendant necklace caught my attention. 

Adoring this necklace is a nice way to emit the energies associated with a Unicorn. That includes mystery, innocence, magic, and enchantment. It will serve as an ideal Valentine’s day present too.    

The necklace is by a handmade artist from Israel. She handcrafts the pendant on a high-quality gold-plated brass base.

The pendant measures 2.6-cm x 3-cm. While its cable chain with a lobster claw measures 40-cm. You can customize the length of the chain as per your preference. 

Though the artist provides a 1-year warranty on this necklace. But she suggests not to expose this beauty to cleaning agents and chlorine water. 

Price: USD 59.00


     6.     Unicorn Stained Glass Jewelry Box

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ jewelry box
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If you end up buying the Unicorn accessories. Then, this jewelry box is one of the best options to store them. 

It is a 5-inches x 6-inches x 3-inches stained glass unicorn gift box. A translucent and shimmering Unicorn hand painted on its top makes it unique. 

The stained glass reflects like a mirror surface. While hand worked metal on its surface gives it a royal elegance. 

I love the box’s mirror bottom. It reflects the beauty of the precious objects that it stores. Moreover, it casts a beautiful prism of the pink colored Unicorn on its lid. 

Another striking detail is the box’s one-sided hinged chain. It holds the box’s top and bottom together at a fixed angle. This feature elevates this Unicorn box’s bewitching characteristics. 

Price: USD 139.00


     7.     Taxidermy Unicorn

best gifts for unicorn lovers ~ Taxidermy Decor
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When it comes to objects made from animal bodies. I put in a lot of clauses before accepting them. Some of them include a big NO to the usage of endangered species for any sort of human consumption. 

Also, there is a vehement NO to the use of animal skin/ fur for jackets/ hats or other accessories. In rarest of rare cases. I can use a bovine leather from a source which has approval from animal care bodies. 

That is the reason I detest going to places that display Taxidermy as a sign of valor. 

I recall while growing up my mother got a taxidermy eagle as a home decor display object. That bird of Jove scared me with its wide eyes and huge feathers. It brought in a feeling of guilt and shame every time I looked at it. 

Although I detest all stuff artificial. But when it comes to Taxidermy. I love it when it is presented in a faux form. 

Now I am in luck. I found a handmade artist who excels in faux Taxidermy art. She has a lot of beautiful renderings of animals in her store. Though my favorite from her collection is this Unicorn. 

It works best for a kid in need of some Pretend play with fairy tale characters. 

Much like the taxidermy objects. You can hang it on a wall through the brackets provided on its rear. Or you could rest it on a side table also. 

Its dimensions are- 17-inches (height) x 9-inches (length) x 5-inches (breadth). It weighs about 1.7 pounds. 

My favorite feature of this mythical beast is its mane. They are chunky yarns in pastels shade of pink, white, mint and blue. 

Price: USD 115.00


In Conclusion

No one can claim to have seen a Unicorn. But if you own any of the unique Unicorn themed objects in this article. Then, you are close to owning a reflection of those legendary creatures. 

This article provides a handful of options to choose from. From accessories to wall decor to a utility casket. For sure each object can be one of the best gifts for Unicorn lovers. 

Till the time the World discovers a real Unicorn. These handmade objects can fulfill our fascination with this creature from the folklore.


Image Source: Pixabay

P. S.: The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

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