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How to Make a Successful Jewelry Business from Anywhere in the World

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Of all the handmade items that sell through this website. Unique handmade jewelry with a biology theme is the most popular.

I am referring to DNA shaped earrings and the Anandamide ring. Does not that sound interesting?

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If you think that the jewelry business opportunities limit to expensive metals. Then, think again. Because not so expensive handcrafted rings are the best sellers on Amazon Handmade. 

Jewelry making is one of the popular handmade crafts. If you have ever thought of selling handmade jewelry and accessories. Then, you can read further to know more about it.


How to Make a Successful Jewelry Business

Much like any other successful business. A successful handmade jewelry business starts with a plan. 

A business plan is a must even before you explore jewelry business opportunities. 

With a plan, you will be able to align your business towards success. Else you will keep chasing your goals in a never-ending loop.

If you find the regular business plans complicated. Then, you can use my simple 7-Step Handmade Business Plan. It is in a free to download PDF format available in my Resource Library.  

So, once you have a chalked out business plan for your handmade business. Then, you should follow the 3 step process listed below:

jewelry business opportunities ~ header
Jewelry Business Opportunities You Can Explore

Design Your Own Jewelry Line Based on a Selective Category

The sure shot way to lose all your business is to have confused branding. That means if your customer cannot differentiate you among your competitors. Then, you have meager chance to see success.

To have distinct and unique handcrafted jewelry. You can try to segment your offerings as per any of the following criteria.  

Theme Based

As mentioned before. Biology themed jewelry serves a unique proposition. So does constellation or tribal themed one.

In fact, there is a whole set of handcrafted jewelry based on novels and movies.

Hence, you can also craft your handmade jewelry line in a similar way.

If you will stick to your theme. Then, you can advance your creativity within the set periphery. Thus, you will become the known name for that particular themed jewelry sector.

Material Based

Another significant measure to niche your jewelry business is through the material.

Tiffany & Co. is best known for diamonds. While Mikimoto is popular for cultured pearls. You can also carve a branding for yourself on a similar strategy. It is easy to differentiate your brand on the basis of jewelry materials you use.

There are a lot of options for the same. Some of them are as below:

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Pearls
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Glass
  • Terracotta
  • Fiber
  • Recycled
  • Bamboo
  • Copper
  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Paper


Occasion/ Requirement Based

An occasion is an important tag to buy handmade jewelry. Therefore, you can add to your jewelry business opportunities by specifying the purpose.

Wedding and engagement are the universal favorite reasons to purchase jewelry. The other being jewelry as an accessory or jewelry for men. That is how the concept of luxury bejeweled watches started.  

Also, some people are allergic to certain metals. Therefore, the concept of allergen-free jewelry took steam. Such jewels do not have nickel and lead in them.  Based on that concept, you can have innovative beaded scarf necklaces.

Once you have decided on the niche you will stick to. Then, comes the important question   —–

How to Make Handmade Jewelry

If you were not taught jewelry making as a part of the family occupation. Then, you either have to learn it or consider outsourcing jewelry production

If you are a solo jewelry start-up business. Then, the latter option might not work in the initial stages. Hence, putting time and investment in learning the craft is mandatory. 

The options for the same are: 

Enroll in a Local Creative Class

Depending on where you live. You can find jewelry crafting tutorials and guidance by an experienced craftsperson.

A simple google search for “jewelry classes near me” should get you sorted.

The other helpful resource is Experience feature from the travel site Airbnb. It has handmade jewelry making tutorial listings for various places. You can pick up one near to your location.

Get Guidance from Books

If you not fortunate to find a jewelry-making teacher around you. Then, do not worry. You can get hold of the age-old tools of learning – books.

There are various books written on jewelry-making craft. You can make use of them to enhance your skills. 

You can make use of a public library around you. Or you can also buy them online. The ones that are simple and easy for the beginners are:

explore jewelry business opportunities through a book on jewelry making
A book on Jewelry Making
explore jewelry business opportunities by creating your own jewelry line
Create Your Own Jewelry Line

Learn through Online Resources – Courses and Youtube videos

If you like to learn by watching in person. Then, books will disappoint you. You will need videos of jewelry crafting that are more involved than the books.

YouTube videos are helpful to watch and learn. I learned how to make jewelry at home step by step with crochet through YouTube. There are several channels by generous makers who share their knowledge for free.

Although YouTube videos are good to learn jewelry making for beginners. But they might not teach you advanced skills.

For the same, Udemy courses serve well. They can teach you professional skills for a fraction of the cost that you might incur at design schools. The course that I find worthwhile is:

Video Course on Jewelry Making
Learn to Become a Jewelry Entrepreneur

How to Start an Online Jewelry Store

Once you are confident of your skills in your chosen jewelry making niche. Then, the final step is to sell it.

You can have your own brick-and-mortar store in the offline world. But if you are in specific interested in online stores. Then, the step-by-step process is as follows:

Take Actions as per Your Jewelry Business Plan

I mentioned at the beginning. I mention the same in other posts as well. You cannot start a handmade business without a well chalked out plan.

By a plan, I mean a defined strategy that lets you reach your goals. For the same, you must have zeroed in on a niche as well as your financial goals.

For instance, your niche could be selling premium Handmade Choker Necklaces. With the same, you aim to have a revenue of 50,000 USD in the next 6 months.

Purchase the Handmade Jewelry Making Materials

Jewelry making materials require an expense. You can invest in them as per your business plan.

Even if you make jewelry from fabric. It still needs an upfront payment. To keep such expenses on the lower side. You must work with reliable and cost-effective suppliers.

Working with good suppliers goes a long way in making your jewelry business a success.

Invest in as Many Stores as You Can

You may want to keep it simple by operating out of your stand-alone store. But the harsh truth is that your customers and prospects may not be comfortable with your new store.

Etsy and Amazon Handmade are flagship e-commerce stores in the handmade market. They attract millions of customers from all over the globe.

Thus, to capitalize on the equity of these stores. You must open your jewelry boutique with them.

You may keep your plans for opening your own individual store at the back-burner. But collaborating with these 2 must be your prime priority.

Invest in Professional Handmade Jewellery Designs Catalogue

Jewelry and accessories require that touch-and-feel element before their purchase.

With an online store, the best tactile and visual experience comes through pictures.

The more vivid and detailed they are. The more connected the audience feels with your brand.

So, investing in good photography of your products is an absolute must. Until and unless you have mastered the product photography skills. You cannot do this job all by yourself. Investing in a professional digital photography artist is the other option.

Promote Through Organic Channels

No online business is good without a steady stream of targeted traffic. That means you got to promote your store.

You can run online ads to reach a large number of people online. But before that, you must gather some organic traffic.  

The basic rule of thumb is that your organic reach optimizes your ad spend. That adage applies to your website/ blog and social media accounts.

Since you are exploring jewelry business opportunities. Hence, you must be active and spread out in the visual social media spheres. Hence, you cannot ignore Instagram and Pinterest.

Also, make sure to include descriptive SEO tags in your e-commerce stores and blog.

In Conclusion


There are a lot of jewelry business opportunities. From quilling to the traditional ones set in precious stones and metals.

Although making unique fine jewelry designs is difficult. At times, selling what you create is even more difficult.

Irrespective of what kind of handmade jewelry you create and sell. It is important to operate it as a business.

That means you should have quality raw materials and a clientele to serve to.

If you have been thinking of starting a jewelry line. Then, this article will provide guidance to make it a success.

From picking up a niche to promotions. This article deals with the major aspects of setting up a jewelry business.


Do Your Run a Jewelry Business? What Do You Do to Make it a Success?


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