Know How to Look Beautiful With Handmade Choker Necklaces

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The beauty of choker style necklaces is that they make you look beautiful. It could be that they take the attention off you. So, the admiration for that accessory brushes on you as well. 

Well, that is how I cheat at times to look my best. As I am a handmade junkie. I end up in awe of dainty handmade choker necklaces

The appeal of handmade is that the design is exclusive and in limited edition. This way you have a unique attribution to your personal style. 

Over the years I have built up a few trendy choker necklaces. But I am sure you know how lust works. No matter how many good ones you have. You end up wanting more. 

So, in case you also got a fascination for collarbone drooping necklaces. Then, you must read further.

Know How to Look Beautiful With Handmade Choker Necklaces
Know How to Look Beautiful With Handmade Choker Necklaces
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Look Your Best With 7 Stunning Handmade Choker Necklaces in the World

     1.     Fused Sterling Silver and Czech Druk Beads Choker

handmade choker necklaces in sterling silver
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The moment I saw this choker. I thought of buying a new cocktail dress. No wonder the handmade artist of this beauty has named it “Unspoken”. 

This piece signifies beauty without even uttering a word. 

It has fused sterling silver and Czech druk beads. The beads are of varying sizes. The way those beads twist and mingle together is this accessory’s hallmark beauty. 

Also, not to miss it the unique sculptured pendant that drops an alluring charm. 

The beads are of matte silver. They are in 4 different sizes of 4-mm, 6-mm, 8-mm, and 10-mm. 

This choker is apt for some royal gala events.


     2.     14k Yellow Gold Charles and Colvard Forever ONE Moissanite Lariat y Necklace

handmade choker necklaces ~ charles colvard forever moissanite
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I am sure that you will agree with me that this 14k gold choker necklace signifies elegance. 

Why it will not?

Since it has the prestigious Forever One Moissanite gems. Not one, but 2. One in a pear shape, and the other round. 

A Lariat Y necklace holds both the gems in place. The round one stays at the Y interconnect. While the pear one dangles at the length of Y. 

The respective handmade artist uses Forever One stones. They come with the trademark Charles & Colvard certification of authenticity card. Forever One is visible under 10x magnification as an inscription on the girdle of the stones. 

I adore this brand as they maintain an ethical promise to the environment. That shows in their conflict-free choices in their selection of gems. 

The round of the necklace measures 16-inches. The dangle length is  2.4-inches. 

The round stone is of 4-mm diameter 1/4 Carat diamond size. The pear-shaped stone measures 6-mm x 4-mm with 1/3 carat diamond size. Both the gems are Charles and Colvard Forever One Moissanite Stones. 

The necklace design is hand carved in wax to create a mold. Then, the artist casts the mold in 14k solid gold. After that, the stones are handset on the chain before the final step of polishing them. 

The choker has a Bezel setting on a cable wire. Its bright yellow-gold with Cubic Zirconia gems is sure to bring in a lot of admiration your way. 

It is easy to wear with its standard lobster claw findings. Since the artist ships the accessory in an elegant gift box. Thus, the necklace also works as an earnest gift of love.


     3.     Hand Woven Glistening Moonstone and Opal Necklace

handmade choker necklaces ~ moonstone and opal
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This is an elegant white beaded choker best suited for a cocktail dress. It has hand woven fiery moonstone beads. While a solid 14k gold Victorian opal clasp serves as its centerpiece. 

The dimensions of this necklace are:

    • 16-inches length
    • 0.59-inches width at the beaded section
    • 1.10-inches width at the center
  • 0.14-inches bead size 

You can never go wrong with this beaded choker due to its elegance. The handmade artist ships a unique transparent display box with it. Thus, this necklace radiates its beauty even when not in use.


     4.     Twilight’s Fancy Choker Necklace

handmade choker necklaces ~ twilight fancy gothic
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This one is a contrast to the white choker necklace. It is a Twilight inspired wicked black satin lace choker. 

3 elegant blood red gothic theme Preciosa crystals dangle at its center. The crystal at the center measures 2-inches in length. While the two on either side are 1.75-inches in length. This includes the width of the choker as well. 

The handmade artist provides 4 length options for this choker. The options are between small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

Furthermore, its lobster claw and findings are lead and nickel free. Thus, you can wear this elaborate interwoven fabric soutache worry free. 

Due to the criss-cross pattern of this black beaded choker necklace. It serves the alternate use as Halloween accessory.


     5.     Colorful Crystal Choker

handmade choker necklaces in statement crystal design
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This is a beautiful choker necklace with a colorful twist. It is 24-inches long choker with a base of cube metallic silver beads. It has a secure double locking fold over clasp. 

When worn, it looks beautiful hung around the neck. Plus, its base of colorful Swarovski flowers at the center adds to its gorgeousness.    

Swarovski crystals and pearls form the bright floral spring colors. The pearls are of 6.0-6.5 mm. 

This necklace is a solution to uplift even the most boring of outfits. Furthermore, it is even featured in the leading beading magazines as well.  


     6.     14k Yellow Gold Opal Tanzanite Choker Necklace

handmade choker necklaces ~ tanzanite diamond
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Ever thought of walking into a grand soiree with the charm of a peacock? 

Now you can with this thick gold choker necklace. It has genuine diamonds, opal, black spinel, and tanzanite. They are in a round shape with a good cut. Furthermore, they are set with the metals in a pave setting. 

Its base metal is yellow gold and 925 sterling silver. Both the metals come with a surety stamp. 

The gross Weight of the necklace is 87.25 gm. The individual weights are as follows: 

  • 14k Yellow Gold Weight: 4.01 gm
  • Silver Weight: 51.31 gm
  • Diamond Weight: 4.55 ct
  • Tanzanite Weight: 46.25 ct
  • Black Spinel Weight: 79.45 ct
  • Opal Weight: 29.38 ct

This grand necklace measures 8 x 6.5-inches. Adorning it is a sure shot tactic to bring accolades all your way.


     7.     Chokers for Men

handmade choker necklaces for men
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Do you think that handmade choker necklaces are for females? Then, this simple necklace in leather will make you think again. 

It is a thick choker that features a simple stainless steel magnetic clasp. The clasp is in rugged industrial style stainless steel. Thus, it serves the purpose of a centerpiece for this masculine choker. The clasp is 3/4 inch in length and 1/2 inch wide. 

The choker is in a braided style made with 8 individual premium quality leather cord. Each cord is 8-mm wide. 

The artist provides the following options for length: 

16-inches, 18-inches, 20-inches, 22-inches, and 24-inches. 

For the color, the options are: 

Natural Light Brown, Natural Medium Brown, Natural Dark Brown and Natural Black. 

Moreover, the handmade artist conforms to the legal requirements for dyes. Therefore, he uses colors that are 100% free from lead, AZOs, and carcinogens. 

This choker also adheres to the requirements of the following: 

    • German Goods Ordinance
    • REACH (European Union)
    • RoSH (U.K.)
  • CPSIA (U.S.) 

If you wish to gift an alpha male, then this choker is the best choice. It comes with a brand hang tag and an elegant black drawstring pouch.


 In Conclusion

Looking your best gets confusing at times. Even with the best selection of clothes and footwear, your look may lack subtleness. 

For such harrowing times of apparent confusion, chokers come to rescue. 

The best part of chokers is that they add a glam quotient in a jiffy. It could be their collarbone hugging quality that lends grace to even the plainest of outfits. Or it could be their simplicity. No matter whatever be the reason. But the fact of the matter is that chokers lend a charm to the one who adorns them. 

This article curates some beautiful handmade choker necklaces. From a Gothic style to one loaded with precious gems. For sure you will find at least one that you can wear for your next gala event. Do remember to come back to this article after collecting compliments. 

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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