Lego gifts for adults that you must see ~

7 Colorful Lego Gifts for Adults That Will Blow Your Mind

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Do you recall which was your favorite toy as a kid? My favorites have been a few dolls and stuff toys.

I admit that I have never been a toy-toy kind of a kid. During my childhood, I derived pleasure from reading, writing, and coloring. Today as an adult, I have not changed much. A few color pens, sketchbooks, and good fiction can entertain me for hours. 

But I know many adults who have their emotions attached to the toys from their childhood. Even as grown-ups or as parents, they indulge with toys intended for a kid’s play. 

Of all the toys that I know of. Lego is the one that is the hands-down winner of bringing forth childhood memories. Since it involves construction activities, it is an immense creativity simulator. 

But no matter how much the Lego bricks indulge the child in a grown-up. The game still lacks the sensibilities that a person in his 30s would like to associate with. 

Keeping this thought in mind, I got on a quest to find out Lego gifts for adults. My search landed up finding a few which I am sharing in this post as below. 

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

7 Astonishing Lego Gifts for Adults That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Colorful Lego Gifts for Adults That Will Blow Your Mind
7 Colorful Lego Gifts for Adults That Will Blow Your Mind

     1.     Handmade Lego Blocks Birthday Banner


lego gifts for adults ~ birthday banner
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Do you wish to make your birthday party extra fun? Then, this lego blocks inspired custom birthday banner is for you.

The banner is on a rich glossy coated paper with colorful inks.

You can personalize the message as per your preference. Also, the artist provides the option to make it weatherproof. That way you can use it for outdoors or store it as a memory.

It measures 48-inches x 24-inches.

This birthday banner is apt for both adults and the kids of those adults. As there are no age restrictions to be a Lego fan.


     2.     Handmade Lego Brick Cufflinks

lego gifts for adults ~ cufflinks
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From a birthday gift. Let us move on to Lego gifts for boyfriend. I am in love with this beautiful and bright cufflink. 

Its vibrant color strikes an instant attractive appeal. The cufflink is of a standard size with a real Lego brick on its top. 

This beautiful handmade accessory is by a handmade artist from Michigan. She can color customize the cufflinks to match your man’s preferences. You can pick up the color of the brick accordingly. The Lego bricks are more prominent thereby guaranteeing an astonishing look on your man. 

This is an ideal groomsmen/ father’s/ anniversary gift.


      3.     Handmade Lego Colorful Lamp

Lego gifts for adults ~ handmade lamp column
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Do you fancy beautiful handmade lamps? Then, this lamp made of Lego bricks is one of the best Lego gift ideas for adults.

This colorful column lamp will ensure you have a vibrant company when it gets dark. 

The dimensions of the lamp are- 4.5-inches (length) x 4.5-inches (breadth) x 17-inches (height). The brick column has a square base of 5-inches (length/ breadth). The overall length of the lamp will increase with the shade.

The cord of the lamp is of 6-feet. 

The handmade artist of this lamp secures each brick pieces with strong glue. Thereby ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting product. 

There are 2 options for the color provided by the artist. One is multi-color and the other includes the shades of blue and green. 

Each lamp column is exclusive and handmade. Thus, all the lamps look identical but never the exact same. 

This lamp made with original Lego bricks ships from Denver. Though no lampshades or light bulbs ship with this product. 

I have interacted with the artist. He is prompt in his responses and also provides guidance for the purchase of shades.

     4.     Handmade Lego Mac Book Case

lego gifts for adults ~ MacBook Case
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Are you looking for some more interesting Lego gifts

Then, this Lego MacBook case is for you. 

The case has Lego elements bonded together to form this offbeat handcrafted product. 

The handmade artist bonds the Lego elements to ensure long-term durability. 

The case is form-fitting. Thus, it hugs your MacBook like a glove. It lets you enjoy the features such as full access to all ports and features. 

It has a full vented bottom with precise slots for the release of heat. Also, its rubberized feet prevent the laptop from overheating. The feet also keep the laptop in a fixed place.

This lego inspired case is an interesting way to protect your MacBook from wear and tear.

The artist provides 2 options for customization. You can have the case as per your MacBook model. Also, you can get a customized message inscribed on the case.

Thus, this lego case is apt for customized gifting.


     5.     Handmade Lego Soaps

lego gifts for adults ~ handmade soaps
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Are you in need of some personalized Lego family gifts? Then, these colorful soaps with a Lego inspiration are the best deal.

These soaps are 100% handmade by an artist from Wisconsin. 

It includes 7 building blocks of bright and beautiful soaps. Although, the respective handmade artist markets them as soaps for men.

But I find them appropriate for everyone in the family. They are great to pick one up as per the color preference.

Each soap measures 1 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″.

Their ingredients are as that of vegetable glycerin soap.

These soaps are a great gift for birthdays, as Christmas gifts, and party favors.


     6.     Handmade Lego Light Switch Cover

lego gifts for adults ~ light switch cover
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Do you wish to demarcate yourself as a Lego fan? Then this colorful lego light switch cover is what you need.

If your kids obsess over Lego bricks and plates. Then, chances are that they will drool over this bright switch cover too.

The handmade artist supplies the wall plate along with mounting screws.

This Lego-inspired cover has 3 coats of acrylic gloss sealant for protection. Therefore, it will survive a long usage.

Depending upon the type of your switches, you can customize the final product. There are 15 options available as per your respective switch design. Hence, it serves as wonderful Lego gifts for adults.


     7.     Handmade Lego Colorful Tie

lego gifts for adults ~ colorful tie
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A personalized tie one of the best gifts for men. That is why this colorful tie will make the man in your life happy.

The tie is 100% polyester fabric. It is thick, but soft to touch.

I am sure it is one of the best Lego gifts for dads who are expecting a baby. Adults who have been a fan of Lego will appreciate the intent of this tie. 

The tie measure 57 Inches/145 Cm in length. While it has a width of 3.2 Inches/8 Cm.

Thus, it will fit most of the men. 

Please note that the tie will last long. But you should be careful while washing it. You should dry clean or wash it with hands. Mid-temperature ironing is preferred. Also, you should never bleach it to prevent discoloration. 


The mention of handmade personalized products excites me. The thought and consideration that goes into creating these products are exemplary. 

This article is one such example of handmade gifts curated for the Lego lover. 

Lego, although being a toy for kids carries a sentiment that lasts a lifetime. The products in this article form a deep connection with a Lego lover. The handmade artists have transformed a bit of childhood to fuse into objects of daily life. 

So, the moment you own any of these handmade Lego products. You become a part of your treasured memories. It is thrilling to carry your childhood memories along with your daily adult life. 

Image Source: Pixabay

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