The ultimate know how on no lather shampoo

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no lather shampoo
The Ultimate Know-How on No Lather Shampoo

Ever wondered what it would be to wash hair with a no lather shampoo?  I mean the one that does not give out any suds or foam or the bubbles.

Well, if you give attention to the latest happenings in the cosmetic industry. Then, for sure you would know that there are shampoos that do not give out bubbles when they get in touch with water.

In fact, there are few shampoos that do not even need water to clean the hair.

Surprised? Do not be.   Yes, products like a no lather shampoo do exist.   

What is lathering shampoo?

To understand a no lather shampoo. It is critical to understand what exactly is a regular shampoo.

A regular shampoo that you use as a staple is a compendium of a slew of not so good chemicals. These chemicals are toxins in shampoo.

You can have a look at the ingredients by checking the rear of your favorite shampoo bottle. The common ones are – compounds of sulfates (SLS), parabens, and petroleum derivatives.

By the way, you can also find shampoo: detergent based also mentioned on the shampoo labels.  This means that the ingredients in blue colored washing powder and the shampoo are akin.

Surprised? Do not be.

The analogy is that if any time you run out of your favorite shampoo. Then, you can use the laundry detergent to get a cleaner mane.

Yes. For sure.

Although wilted hair will be the only drawback. Rather, wilted clean hair. Or clean, but wilted hair.

If only the detergent had some moisturizing agent in them. Then, they too would have become like the regular lathering shampoos.

To cover up for that.

You may add some conditioner or a hair leavening agent to your dead strands to boost them. A mousse or the leave-in-conditioners is what I am hinting at.

But make sure you check the ingredients of those 2 products as well. It is because you will be in surprise again to see mineral oils and other petroleum by-products?

Oh, come on. By now you should be over the surprise factor.

So, now you have got familiar to the lather shampoos. They are the calculated cocktail of detergent and petroleum by-products. Now let us move on to no lather shampoo.

What is no lather shampoo?

A hair cleanser that is nothing as described in the above paragraph is a no lather shampoo.

The statement is a negative one. But a no lather shampoo is not so. Rather, a shampoo that cleans the hair without the harmful ingredients is a no lather shampoo.
That means no detergents. No petroleum derivatives. And also no artificial fragrances and colors added in them.

No lather shampoo also includes dry shampoos. The ones that are in a powder form. One can spray or spread them on the hair to absorb grease. You can dust them off after that. Thereby, the hair gets rid of oil as well as the dry shampoo. This happens in the absence of lather as well as water.

What does a no lather shampoo consist of

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When there is no foam or lather. How is that a no lather shampoo cleans the hair. It seems impossible to think of the process of cleaning in the absence of white suds and bubbles.  But that is where the consumer brands trick us into purchasing their brand of shampoos.  As surprising, it may seem. But the act of cleaning is not dependent on the amount of lather produced. In fact, there are several other ingredients that perform the cleaning job sans suds.  Such products include :

All the products mentioned above need water to do the job well. By that I mean you either need the last rinse of water. Or you need to use them along with water to perform the job of cleaning the hair.

By the way, you can also clean your hair with the plain regular water. Yes, for sure washing hair with only water is possible. Though it may not work for all the lifestyles and climates. But cleaning the hair is possible with water alone as well.    Though for the shampoos that do not need water. They are the dry shampoos.  Few natural dry shampoos that do not need water to wash hair are :

  • Rice flour
  • Cornstarch
  • Cocoa powder

Commercial Dry No lather shampoo

The job of a shampoo is to clean hair and scalp. That job does not need suds. Moreover, at times, that job does not even need water.

This should not surprise.

Because there are already some dry shampoos available in the cosmetic consumer market. They are in a state of fine powder. The powder is hygroscopic. That means it absorbs the moisture and/ or oil along.  Hence, it works as a shampoo.

Dry shampoo is super helpful when you are in a hurry. Or for times when you are traveling. Even at times when the greasiness in your hair is partial. They are excellent hacks to dry wash your hair.

Few people experience oiled up hair strands at the front. Though the rest of the hair and scalp seem normal. For such instances, dry shampoos seem super useful.   You can anytime grab one from the supermarket. Or from your salon. The one your hairstylist recommends.

But as a word of caution. I still urge you to read the labels of your dry shampoo. Maybe you will discover some ingredient in it that may seem wrong. Wrong enough to cause gene mutations/ cancer. Or maybe hormonal disruptions. Even an allergy after few usages.

A thorough look at their labels will tell you the true story. As usual, the same suspects. Although in an arid format. That is the only new news that surprises. Oh, wait. The dry shampoo bottle also carries a warning.

“Do not use near an open flame”

This does not surprise at all. Well, that is what is common for all inflammable materials. For sure petroleum by-products are inflammable.

In Conclusion

We as hygiene conscious individuals depend on commercial shampoos to keep hair clean. But we do not realize that these cleansers bring in harm as well.  They contain questionable ingredients derived from petroleum. Also, the cleansing properties are from harsh detergents.

These detergents may bring in clean hair, but may also bring in damages with excessive usages.

Hair strands are delicate. They need caress and a mild cleaning ritual. The same is possible with a handful of natural ingredients. Baking soda and shikakai are the popular choices for the same.

These 2 products are non-toxic and do not cause lather. But need water to wash off along with oils and dirt from the mane.

Products like rice powder and cornstarch work as dry no foam shampoo. That means one can dust them on the oiled up hair strands. And then remove them by brushing them off a few minutes after the application.

This way the oil gets soaked up and removes along with the dry shampoo.

Using no shampoo for hair is an uncommon concept. But it is on its way to slow progression.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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