7 Fantastic Artisan Watches That Will Blow Your Mind

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A watch tells time. Though with time, the watch has added a lot to its use case.

These days a smartwatch manages your to-do list. A luxury watch works as a jewelry asset. A wall clock shows time to everyone in the room. While a tower clock tells time to everyone in the street.

Though there is another kind of watch that catches everyone’s watch. It is a watch that does not rest on the wrist. But can fit in your pockets or dangle as a necklace.

I am hinting at pocket watches.

They do show time. But they also showcase style and elegance.

If you too love to wear a handmade pocket watch. Then, please read further.

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Handmade Pocket Watch

7 Revolutionary Handmade Pocket Watches That Will Blow Your Mind

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Pocket Watch for Groom


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The moment you have a look at this watch. You know that it is for the groom and his entire crew. 

It is a customized watch which you can personalize the way you wish to. 

The watch is in stainless steel with 2-inches diameter. 

Apart from the engraving details, you can also select its color. 

The artist provides 4 options – Silver, Black/ Gunmetal, Gold Vintage, and Rose Gold. 

It comes in a gift box. Thus, it is perfect as a personalized pocket watch groomsmen gifts.


2.     Modern Pocket Watch


handmade pocket watch ~ 2
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If you think that pocket watches belong to the Victorian era or are for the steampunk fans. Then, this one with a modern upgrade will change your perception of a handmade pocket watch.

This one has 2 separate clocks. Hence, you can turn them to show separate time-zones. For the ease of identification, one has Roman numerals. While the other has standard Hindu-Arabic numerals.

It is in brass metal with a lobster claw in C Chain. 

It is a simple watch with a dangling chain. So, you can wear it as a necklace or keep it in your pocket. 

It will work best for travelers. Though it will be helpful in situations of long distance relationships too.


3.     Steampunk Handmade Pocket Watch

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How can we not mention steampunk while discussing a pocket watch? 

So, here is a web etched bauble one in brass. 

It is unique because it draws inspiration from the Golden Snitch of Harry Potter. 

The watch has a quartz mechanism with a 30-inches long chain. You can tie/untie it with its lobster claw. 

This watch will be an ideal gift to a Harry Potter fan. Its gunmetal finish and characteristic wings will impress them. 


4.     Lion Pocket Watch Pendant


handmade pocket watch ~ 4
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Are you a Leo? Or know someone who is. Then, this Lion pocket watch might interest them.

The face of the watch has a sturdy lion face set in bronze. It has a resin stamped finish that saves it from tarnish.

In its inside, it has a white face with large black numbers.

The diameter of the front face is 1.5-inches. While the diameter of the pocket watch is 1.75-inches.

An extra battery ships with this watch as a token of concern from the handmade artist.

For the chain, the artist provides 4 options –

  • Hook and eye clasp with a 30-inches chain
  • Dragonfly clasp with a 30-inches chain
  • Grape leaf clasp with a 30-inches chain
  • Men’s fob chain with tiger eyes beads that is 13-inches long

Owning this one is akin to owning a craftsmanship masterpiece.


5.     Steampunk Nautical Watch


handmade pocket watch ~ 5
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If the nautical theme is your fascination. Then, this pocket watch with an Octopus design will impress you.

The watch is hand painted with sapphire blue and gold accents. While a silver octopus charm with blue Swarovski crystals forms its face.

The clockwork gears on this handmade pocket watch give it a Steampunk appeal.

The watch is of bronze metal with a quartz mechanism. It measures 3-inches across in diameters. It has a FOB silver chain that is 20-inches long with a hook and clasp.

If you are the fan of the classic “2000 Leagues Under the Sea”, by Jules Verne. Then, this pocket watch is for you.


6.     Real Monarch Butterfly Handmade Pocket Watch


handmade pocket watch ~ 6
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Before you raise an eyebrow on Real Monarch Butterfly. Let me mention that the wings in this watch are ethical and nature-friendly.

Meaning that the handmade artist did not hurt the creatures. She sources their wings from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE non-profit organization. That organization preserves rain forests and thousands of its inhabiting species. Blue Morpho butterflies species are also a part of these forests.   

After these butterflies live their full lifespan of 2-4 weeks. Their wings are then collected and preserved. The artist then uses them to create these beautiful handmade pocket watches. This lets mankind to experience the beauty of those insects even after they are long gone. This watch can give you the personalized experience of enjoying the natural beauty.

The artist embeds the wings under a 30 x 30 mm magnifying glass. The watch can either have an antique gold or silver setting. You can place it in your pocket or dangle it on your neck due to its 28-inches long chain.

To make the experience more personal. The artist ships these pocket watches made in the USA in a gift box. The box also contains literature on the specific species of the butterfly.


7.     Victorian Style Vintage Pocket Watch


handmade pocket watch ~ 7
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If you are a modern day person with a heart set in the vintage era. Then, this vintage pocket watch will become your obsession.

This watch fuses the old world charm with a stylish modern world twist. That is why it has a modern working clock with Roman numerals.

Its round brass pendant measures 2-inches in diameter. It hangs on a C Chain enclosed with a lobster claw clasp.

The elegance of this jewelry piece can uplift even the simplest of outfits.

At the time of writing this article, the artist is running a discount on this item. The reduced price makes this one the best vintage pocket watch you can own.


In Conclusion

A person in sync with fashion knows how to accessorize. Watches are great for fulfilling that purpose. Though it is not necessary to wear them on your wrist.

You can dangle them from your pocket or even rest them on your neck. But to do that, your time-piece must function as a pocket watch.

This article curates 7 products from custom pocket watch makers. It showcases an antique pocket watch to ones made with real butterfly wings.  If you are fond of watching your dressing quotient and your time. Then, make sure to own one of these watches.

Header Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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