Know How to Have a Remarkable Uneven Beard Growth Solution

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Know How to Have a Remarkable Uneven Beard Growth Solution
Know How to Have a Remarkable Uneven Beard Growth Solution


I get tons of questions on beard grooming on my Quora profile. The topmost question that I receive often is for revealing an uneven beard growth solution.

It must be painful for the person asking the question. But I get perplexed reading such queries because I am not a male. I do not understand what makes people think that I would be the best person to answer that question. I have never sported a beard, nor can I ever do it. Though, it could be my top rankings on Quora that give people hopes about me being the right person to guide them. I doubt if those people consult a trichologist before asking me those questions.

But whatever be the reason, I thought of not letting down those who put their trust in me. So, I came up with this article to provide my best knowledge on this topic.

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Understanding What Causes Bald Spots in Beards


Before you panic on a patchy beard. I urge you to examine your scalp. I am sure you would find a few problem zones on your hair as well. 

In a typical scenario, the center of the head and the front of the scalp have scanty hair growth. This serendipity will make you come to terms with your beard bald spots

The hair does not grow at an even rate on any part of our bodies. Rather, it has a sporadic growth pattern. Thus, it is common to have an uneven rate of beard growth. 

Therefore, a patchy beard growth should not give you any sleepless nights. But if there is a frequent spurting of bald patches in your beard. Then, it is time to ring the warning bell. 

Few of the patchy beard causes one could look into are: 

     1.     Hormone Issues

Most of us think that hormonal irregularities belong to the feminine domain. But the fact is that hormonal issues lead to uneven beard and patchy moustache issues in men as well.

You will not get to know if you are suffering from an abnormal hormone play unless you go to a doctor. But the symptoms that could help you guess a hormonal abnormality could include:

  • sudden increase/decrease in sex drive
  • restlessness or sudden lack of vigor
  • sleeplessness
  • excessive hair fall
  • sudden weight gain/ loss

If you face any of these irregularities, you can check with your doctor for a solution.


     2.     Follicle Issues

Many times the follicles do not get to come past the surface of the skin. Either they are too thin to reach past the skin cells. Or at times the follicles face a blockage on the surface of the skin.

The blockages could be dead skin, product buildup, or the blackheads.


     3.     Improper Nutrition

This is a common reason for all hair growth issues. A diet lacking in proteins, b-complex vitamins, zinc, and iron will lead to uneven beard growth.

Moreover, smoking and excessive alcohol intake will impair nutrient absorption. Thus, causing prolonged hair growth issues.

     4.     The Adverse effect of Topical Cosmetics

At times we do not realize how the cosmetics end up hampering our bodies. Most of the cosmetics and toiletries have ingredients that may harm the skin. Some of these are – SLS, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial colors and fragrances.

These ingredients can create mild allergies. Though in some cases lead to hormonal disruptions and cancer as well.

That is why it does not come as a surprise that they may disrupt the hair growth patterns too.

So, it is advisable to avoid the products ones that have these chemicals.  Most of the face washes, creams, and gels include these.

You can switch to organic products that lack these gruesome ingredients. Or you could also make your own cosmetics.

     5.     Underlying Medical Issues

The human body is unpredictable. At times there are certain abnormalities in the body which may take years to show symptoms.

In such a scenario it gets difficult to detect the issue. For instance, certain cancers and tumors may remain malignant for years. But one may never get to know about them till the disease reaches its final stages. In such situations, hair fall remains one of the probable hints of these diseases.

That is why one must get a regular checkup with their doctors. These check-ups could lead to early detection of the diseases. Plus, the treatment of the disease could also take care of the hair fall issues.

Uneven Beard Growth Solution

Once you know what is the cause of your sudden bald patches in the beard. Then, moving to a solution is much easier.

In the case of medical issues, your trusted doctor can give you the best solution.

But if all your medical tests come out fine. Then, there is no need to worry. The situation can ease with a combination of lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

Few of them are as follows:

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

Beard Hair Loss Home Remedies


With time I have come up with a few household remedies for dealing with beard hair loss. They may not work for everyone. But they are worth trying since they do not bring any probable side-effects. They are as follows:


     1.     Beard Growth Serum


Sulphur-rich foods are an effective remedy for hair loss issues. Onions and Garlic are rich in this element. Thus, they make a wonderful beard growth serum when mixed with aloe vera. 

The recipe is: 

Mix about 1 tbsp each of onion and garlic juice with about 20 ml of aloe vera pulp/ gel.

If in case you notice a sudden bald spot in the beard. Then, you can apply this serum daily. For sure you will notice a difference. 

I use fresh aloe vera to make a serum. But if you do not grow the plant, you can use a premade gel. But be sure to use the one that is pure, and has no parabens. Not every product in the market is worth trusting. The one below in the picture is a good one.

uneven beard growth solution ~ aloe vera gel
Know More about this Pure Aloe Gel

     2.     Potent Beard Oil


I am a strong believer in the magical properties of Castor oil. That is why I cannot stop recommending it enough in all my home remedies. 

You can use it as a wonderful uneven beard growth solution by mixing it with some pumpkin seed oil. A 50:50 ratio of both when used daily can trigger the dormant hair follicles on the chin and mustache. 

Furthermore, the cleansing power of castor oil clears the pores on the skin. This promotes follicle growth and also clears the damages due to overuse of cosmetics.

While the pumpkin seed oil is a DHT blocker. DHT is the culprit for causing hair fall in men. Moreover, the pumpkin seed oil decreases the viscosity of castor oil. Thus, making it easier for the castor oil to smear over the beard and mustache area.

My favorite castor and pumpkin seed oils are these. I cannot live without these:

uneven beard growth solution ~ castor oil
Hexane Free Castor Oil
uneven beard growth solution ~ pumpkin seed oil
DHT Blocking Pumpkin Seed Oil

     3.     Healthy Lifestyle 


This is a no-brainer. But still, so many of us do not adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. 

Oxidation is one of the reasons for thinning and greying of beard hair. So, are smoking and excessive drinking. 

To deal with this issue, you should eat nutritious food and include exercises in your routine. 

Proteins, zinc, b-complex vitamins and iron are essential for hair growth. Thus, your diet should include foods rich in these nutrients. Broccoli, green leafy vegetables, eggs, and nuts are good sources of these elements. 

Physical exercise for even 10 minutes a day can do a lot for your overall well being. The benefits lead to healthy beard health as well. Since exercise rejuvenates the body and mind. It has a positive impact. My favorites remain squats, stomach crunches and planks. They are easy to accommodate a busy lifestyle and they flex most of the muscles in the body.



Sporting a beard is a trend these days. But it is not easy to maintain optimum beard growth. Most of my bearded friends complain of itchiness, greying and uneven hair growth. 

Since I am a big proponent of alternative therapies. Therefore, I am a big believer in the natural remedies for a patchy beard. Solutions from nature are effective and do not bring any major side-effects. At most, they may cause an allergic reaction. They do not cause hormonal disruptions or diseases like cancers. 

The uneven beard growth solution in these articles is simple, yet effective. Plus, they do not cost much. Anyone can give them a try to improve their beard health. But you need to be consistent with daily applications for the positive results to appear. 

Do let me know when you see a solution to your beard hair issues.


Image Source: Pixabay

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