City Skyline Silhouette Art ~

7 Amazing City Skyline Silhouette That Will Blow Your Mind

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I do not know when did I pick up my fascination with admiring a city skyline silhouette. But I know I love them. It is like falling in love with the city’s side profile. I know that is an illogical description of a skyline. But my feelings of belonging to a city deepen the moment I see its skyline silhouette. I wish to say Hello to a city the moment I see its profile through a skyline. 

I have a deep love for travel. That is why I have seen a lot many city skylines in real. Moreover, I do not have any favorites. Every place that I have been to adds up to my list of places that I love.  

The love for cities leads to hoarding up artifacts that remind me of them. Remembering iconic buildings, places of interest, and popular landmarks bring happiness.  

If you are also fond of travel and wish to associate with a certain place. Then, you can read further to know some unique city skyline art. 

city skyline silhouette art
7 Amazing City Skyline Silhouette That Will Blow Your Mind

7 City Skyline Silhouette That Will Blow Your Mind

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.


1.     New York Skyline Black and White Mug


city skyline silhouette art ~ coffee mug
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When it comes to skylines, New York’s is the most famous. That iconic city draws in a huge number of admirers from all over the globe. 

So, this list starts with a New York skyline on a coffee mug. This mug ensures that you start your day with the love for the cultural icon of the world. 

It is an 11-ounces black and white ceramic mug. Though there is a splash of colors in the form of firecracker lightings on the skyscrapers.  

The handmade artist uses high quality ceramic with heat retention technology. Hence, you can use the mug can withstand your hot piping beverages.  

There is no use of non-toxic ink. Therefore, the mug is safe for microwave and oven heating. 

The mug has a celebration feel of a New York skyline at night. So, it is best as a gift for Independence day or a birthday gift for a Yankee.


2.     Chicago Handmade Silhouette Popup Card

city skyline silhouette art ~ pop up card
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What if you get to see more than 10 of the popular landmarks of Chicago in a card? 

I am sure it would be spectacular. This pop-up card brings in Chicago’s beauty in a laser cut pop-up card.

John Hancock Center, Trump Tower, and Park tower are some of the features of this card’s skyline. The handmade artist has also included the Chicago River and Navy Pier. Thus, you will love the careful attention to the details given by the artist.

Inclusion of so many features is possible due to the 3-D aspect of the card. The card has silhouettes in 2 colors – gold and silver. 

Although the card displays a multi-dimensional layout of the city when it stands open. But you can fold and place it inside an envelope the way you do with regular cards.

The dimensions of the city skyline silhouette card are – 6.5-inches (height) x 5.0-inches (width).

It arrives with a mailer envelope. Thus, it is ready to gift someone the moment you get it.


3.     City Skyline Silhouette Decorative Books

city skyline silhouette art ~ book jacket art
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Did you ever notice that travelers love creativity and books? So, if you are a traveler, then, you will love this creative skyline book set. 

This decorative book set is an artwork from a handmade artist from  Pennsylvania. 

She lets you choose 3 American cities from a long list. Then, she creates jackets for books with the skyline of those particular cities. 

The set includes 6 books. 3 have the city skyline silhouette, while the rest have their names. 

The name of the city and its skyline are in black. While the average dimensions of the books are – 9.25-inches x 6.25-inches x 1.25-2.00-inches. The dust jackets of the books are of heavy satin paper. They are then matte laminated to achieve beautiful sheen and durability. 

The artist selects generic hardcover novels at a random. Hence, along with the skylines, the books prove to be a perfect modern accent piece for your home decor. 

This beautiful handmade art will make any bohemian traveler drool. 


4.     NYC Skyline Silhouette on Succulent Planter

city skyline silhouette art ~ succulent planter
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If seeing the New York City skyline at night silhouette on your bookshelf is not enough. Then, you can bring the skyline outside as well. 

These succulent planters will help with that. 

This planter is the creativity of a talented artist from New Jersey. 

They whitewash a wooden bin. Then, they hand paint the NYC skyline silhouette on one of its sides. The artist uses matte acrylic paints which are then sealed with a varnish.

The wooden rectangle bin has a plastic liner. Hence, the wood has a barrier from when you water the plants kept inside it.

In case you do not wish to grow succulents in this wooden container. Then, you can even use it as a catch-all for your work desk or the kitchen platform. 

Its dimensions are – 10-inches (length) x 4-inches (height) x 5-inches (depth).  


5.     Prague City Skyline Silhouette Clock

city skyline silhouette art ~ vinyl clock
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I am a huge fan of silhouette clocks. They are a beautiful amalgamation of utility, creativity, and fandom.

This one is the skyline of the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

If you have travel memories of that beautiful city. Then, you must consider using this clock for your home decor.

This is a handmade wall clock made on a vinyl record. The record is an old one. Thus, this clock is a recycled eco-friendly one. Its diameter is 12-inches. 

The clock’s mechanism is whisper quiet. So, it does not make a ticking sound. 

The artist ships this clock in a secure shipping box which is ready to use. Though you would need a 1 AA battery to make it operational.


6.     Personalized City Skyline

city skyline silhouette art ~ personalized wooden slice
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I am from India. I could not find any artwork of my nation’s cities skyline. It could be that the skylines of developed cities are more in demand than of a developing one.

As a personal choice, I find the skyline of Mumbai mesmerizing. Looking at it from a promenade may make you confuse it with Singapore/ Hong Kong’s skyline.

Till the time I get to find a skyline of any Indian city. I will have to find contentment with this city skyline art idea on a wooden slice.

It is a thoughtful work of art by a handmade woodworking artist from Greece. 

The artist creates a custom skyline silhouette of your favorite city. You also get the option of including a hand-painted phrase/message of your choice. 

Wooden discs are of birch plywood of 0.4-inches thickness.  There are 3 size options for the circular slice’s diameter – 11, 16, and 20 inches.  

The artist hand cuts and shapes each wooden disc. Then, they dye it before writing the message and hand painting the skyline. After that, the artist subjects it through a special aging technique. Hence, the finished product has an attractive and rustic worn out appeal.

Though the artist does not ship this artwork to India. But if he could. Then I would love to have my favorite city Amritsar’s skyline with the “Ek Onkar” phrase on the wooden disc.


7.     DIY Embroidery Kit

city skyline silhouette art ~ DIY embroidery kit
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It is thrilling to see a city skyline silhouette in real. You can experience a similar excitement in seeing those skylines as a form of an art piece. Though you can feel an ultimate adrenaline rush when you get to create that skyline yourself. 

Yes, this DIY embroidery kit with a cross stitch pattern of the London skyline lets you do that. 

The kit has threads and the pattern on the fabric. So, all you have to do is use your skills and patience to create your own city skyline silhouette. 

Its dimensions are – 8.7-inches (length) x 5.9-inches (breadth). So, it will not take a whole lot of time to do it. 

I am sure it will be fun and entertaining to do so.


In Conclusion


If you are a traveling devotee. Then, I am sure you love to admire the skylines of the cities that you visit. 

This article will let you bring a replica of the city skylines back to your home.  

It is common to see the iconic skylines as a paper wall art. But all the products in this article are different from those. 

These are utility products that have a skyline on them. Plus, they are handmade products made by talented artists from all over the globe. So, they display a unique and emotional appeal.


Image Courtesy: Pixabay


Let me know if you have ever bought a city skyline silhouette art? I will love to have a look at it.

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