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How to Make Your Decor Better With a Silhouette Clock

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Silhouette Clock

How to Make Your Decor Better With a Silhouette Clock 

To be honest. I am not a clock watching person. I have never worn a watch for utility purposes. Nor have I ever bought a timepiece for my house. 

That includes watches, wall clocks, or the latest smartwatches. The only watches I fancy are the funny ones or the ones that allude style. I recall buying 2 watch necklaces and 1 pocket watch in the past. That shopping decision was for appreciating creativity, and not for watching time. 

I do not look for time, and I expect the same from time. 

If you are like me who shops clocks for aesthetic reasons. Then, I urge you to check out a silhouette clock from the collection listed below.

How to Make Decor Better With a Silhouette Clock

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Cat playing with a yarn ball clock

silhouette clock of a cat
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So, this is another wall home decor list that starts with a cat. It has to be that way. A cat can bring cheer in any form. Even when the form is of a kitten playing with a yarn ball. 

Feline’s silhouette along with that of the yarn ball is in dark black. Though the artist gives the option for different colors of the acrylic base. You can even have the silhouette in a wooden finish. Even the clock hands have the option of custom colors from a long list to choose. 

You can opt for variations that sync with your room and wall colors. 

The dimensions of the clock are – 15-inches (width) x 7.10-inches (height). 

The acrylic option is 3 mm thick. While the wood is of Ply oak, which is 4 mm thick. 

Clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep.  It requires 1 AA battery to operate. Furthermore, the clock does not make a ticking sound. 

This one will be the most silent and obedient kitty ever. 


2.     Princess Vinyl Recycled Silhouette Clock

silhouette clock of Disney Princess
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Who will not love this upcycled vinyl record Disney princess’ clock? This handmade masterpiece looks straight out of a Disney movie. 

The clock is handmade from a used vinyl record. The design is laser cut and handcrafted for the Disney princess’ appeal. 

The clockwork is of high quality and is silent. 

It is bound to grace your living room wall. But will look perfect in a Disney princess’ fan’s room. 

The vinyl record is in dark black and has a 12-inch diameter. 

The clock comes in a protected box. It will serve as a beautiful gift as well. 


3.     Handmade King of Pop Silhouette Design Wall Clock

silhouette clock of michael jackson
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This clock is a beautiful way to remember the golden era of pop. It has the king of pop’s silhouettes hand-cut on a vinyl record.

Michael Jackson’s iconic dance move silhouettes on a used record is an ode to music. Plus, the clock on it gives utility as well the sense of timelessness. 

The rock star’s full-length outlines are hand cut on a little less than 12-inch diameter record. 

Its quality clockwork is long lasting. Also, it does not create a ticking sound. 

The vinyl base is in dark black surrounded with silhouettes of Michael Jackson. 


4.     Silhouette of a Couple in Love Wall Clock

silhouette clock of couple in love
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This silhouette clock of a loving couple is a perfect anniversary gift. It will also find use as a gift for the newlyweds. 

The clock is in the silhouette of a loving couple. The clock is handmade. The artist gives various options for customization for this clock. 

You can have it either on a 3-mm acrylic or on a 4-mm Ply Oak Wood. There are various colors to chose in both the options. 

You can even choose a custom color for the hands of the clock. Also, there is an option to choose from 4 pre-selected number styles. Though you can also have your clock sans numbers. 

The clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep and RoHS approved. So, it does not make a ticking sound. 

The dimensions of the clock are – 5-inches (width) x 11.8-inches (height). 


5.     Don Quixote Silhouette Wall Clock

silhouette clock of Don Quixote
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If you are a fan of classics, then this one is for you. I am a big fan of Don Quixote. In fact, this fictional character’s fascination for windmills rubbed on me as well. 

This clock has the silhouette of a windmill, Don Quixote, and Sancho Panza. 

The clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep and RoHS approved. It does not make a ticking sound. 

The dimensions of the windmill clock are – 11.40-inches (width) x 12.5-inches (height). 

Dimensions of Don Quixote are – 8.40-inches (width) x 12.2-inches (height). 

While Sancho Panza measures – 7.00-inches (width) x 7.2-inches (height). 

This clock is a must for anyone who has a fascination for the classic work of fiction. 


6.     Batman Silhouette Table Clock

silhouette clock of Batman
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This one is the lone silhouette table clock in the bevy of wall clocks. Though, the handmade artist gives the option to convert this into a wall clock as well. 

It has an acrylic structure of 3-mm thickness. You can opt for the clock hands in a lot of color options as provided by the artist. You also have the option to change the color of the base acrylic. That is helpful in case you fancy a Batman in a custom color of your choice. 

The dimensions of this clock are – 6.30-inches (width) x 18.8-inches (height). 

The clock requires 1 AA battery to run.


7.     Wire-tailed Swallow Wall Clock

silhouette clock of swallow birds
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This silhouette clock is different from all the others on the list. This one is more like abstract modern art. 

There is a bold outline of 3 Swallow birds perching on a wire. You have the option to fill your chosen color from the custom list that the artist provides. 

A color that complements your home decor will look the best on the birds. The neutral colors like Black and Grey are available in matte options. While the other colors are in gloss. 

The clock is of acrylic material of 3-mm thickness. Printing is of high quality, done with a Mimaki plotter. 

The clock mechanism is of superior quality that does not produce a ticking sound. 

The dimensions of this clock are – 23.60-inches (width) x 6.3-inches (height).

I have interacted with the artist. He is nice enough to inculcate customization as per individual preferences.


In Conclusion

A plain wall looks boring. Hanging a silhouette clock on it ups its beauty. The clock with a bold outline of a figure has an evident density. Plus, it shows time as well. Thus, giving out the twin benefits of decor value and utility. 

Each of the clock listed in this article is handmade. Two of them are recycled from an old vintage vinyl record. That appeal of craftsmanship coupled with the intent of a theme in mind is evident in each clock. That is the essence of these clock pieces being a true art piece. 

They are one of the best ways to up your boring walls and house decor.


Image Source: Pixabay

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