7 Amazing Cut Bottle Art That Will Make You Spellbound

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7 Amazing Cut Bottle Art That Will Make You Spellbound
7 Amazing Cut Bottle Art That Will Make You Spellbound


I live in a dry state. So, I do not know what it feels to have a lot of empty liquor bottles at your place. Rather, I have to dispose of each and every liquor bottle to avoid the wrath of legal complications. 

But I have not always lived in a dry state. So, I am not alien to the sight of liquor bottle plentitude either. 

My dad had a small room that housed all his empty bottles. The paper cartons further housed those bottles. There were so many cartons that at one point in time the boxes touched the ceiling of the room. 

Also, a few friends of mine have cupboards full of empty beer bottles. 

Selling off the empty bottles to a junk trader seems the viable option to get rid of them. Though the best option is to recycle them into beautiful cut bottle art. 

As much as I would want to turn glass bottles into a creative pursuit. I cannot. Cutting and handling glass is not my forte. 

So, my wine bottle art projects involve recycling the bottles as pots to grow herbs. 

It is fortunate that there exist a lot of creative handmade artists that excel in cut bottle art. From exquisite jewelry to the beautiful home decor. These creative artists have made a multitude of bottle artwork

You can have a look at them below:

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7 Cut Bottle Art That Will Make You Wonder

     1.     Wine Bottle Glass Art in Heart Shape

Heart Shaped Decor from Wine Bottles ~ cut bottle art
Heart Shaped Decor from Wine Bottles

Ever wondered how to decorate a wine bottle for a gift? Well, this cut bottle art in the shape of a heart is the solution. 

This is the Chubby Heart glass art hanging decor by an artist from Arizona. The art involves repurposing 2 empty wine bottles into a plump heart shape. 

The artist cuts the bottles at an angle, then hand sands them. After that, he subjects them to a flame polish finish at a controlled temperature. 

A natural light brown leather cord hangs this decor with durability. The dimensions of the heart are 11-inches x 5-inches. 

It is available in 3 colors. Dark Amber, Blue, and Summer Green.


Price: USD 55.00


     2.     Wine Bottle Suncatcher

Sun Catcher from a Wine Bottle Bottom ~ cut bottle art
Sun Catcher from a Wine Bottle Bottom

It is fun to sip a bottle of wine out in the Sun. Another way to enjoy a bottle of wine outdoors is through this Suncatcher. 

A cut bottom of a moss green wine bottle makes this Suncatcher. The artist places the bottle’s bottom on top of a tile mold in a kiln. Then, she fires it to 1520 degrees. 

The heat melts and compresses the glass into the mold. That is how this beautiful Suncatcher gets its form. Moreover, it has music notes inscribed on it. 

It measures 2.75-inches in diameter and is moss green in color. 

There is a pendant bail at its rear. So, it can hang anywhere with ease. 


Price: USD 10.00


     3.     Beer Bottle Wind Chime

Beer bottle chime ~ cut bottle art
See More

If you love Heineken beer. Then, for sure you will fall in love with this wind chime set from Heineken bottles. 

The chime has an acrylic heart that makes a fascinating sound while dangling in the wind. 

The artist cleans, cuts, and sands the bottles to make this chime set. The sunlight casts a beautiful reflection from these bottles while the wind creates a beautiful sound.

This charming chime is apt with a backyard/ patio. In particular, it is a perfect gift for both the beer lovers and lovers of nature. 

Price: USD 12.00

     4.     Wall Clock from a Cut Bottle

Wall Clock from Wine Bottle ~ cut bottle art
Wall Clock from Wine Bottle

Handmade clocks are a masterpiece. Furthermore, they are exquisite when made from a used glass bottle. 

The clock measures 13-inches (length) x 4.3-inches (breadth). 

The handmade artist fuses a used glass bottle to make a beautiful artwork of utility. 

The first step of his process involves sanitizing the bottles. Then, after removing the labels, he melts them in a kiln. Afterward, the melted bottle cools to become an artwork. 

After that, he incorporates a clockwork into the bottle so as to make it a clock. It runs on a 1.5V AA battery that comes along with the clock. 

On special request, he is open to including a customized dedication (in English) on the clock. Along with the inscription, the clock makes one of the best-recycled glass bottle crafts. Thus, an ideal gift worth of remembrance. 


Price: USD 49.00


     5.     Absolut Vodka Nut Dish

Nut Dish Bowl from Absolut Vodka Bottle ~ cut bottle art
Nut Dish Bowl from Absolut Vodka Bottle

Are you fond of Absolut Vodka? Then, this nut bowl out of it will be your favorite liquor accessory.

A dish out of a used glass bottle is one of the best bottle art ideas. You can place nuts, dips, chips, and snacks in it. You may even use it as a fruit bowl. 

A large 1-liter Vodka bottle goes into making it. Hence, it can hold enough food. 

The artist places the bottle in a mold and then places it in a kiln. Heating to 1420 degrees gives it a concave shape for a bowl structure. 

It measures 9-inches (length) x 3.25-inches (breadth) x 1-inches (height). 


Price: USD 34.00


     6.     Glass Bottle Bottom Night Light

Night Light from Glass Bottle Bottom ~ cut bottle art
Night Light from Glass Bottle Bottom

Ever noticed the bottom of your liquor bottle? Well, I never did.

We are fortunate that there is a handmade artist who collects bottle bottoms. Then, she places it in a mold and then fires it in a kiln at 1520 degrees. That is how the glass takes the shapes of a shell medallion. 

After that, she assembles the glass shell to a night light fixture. So, that is how this beautiful and unique night light forms. 

It casts a beautiful blue night giving a beach cottage theme to a decor. 

While it measures 3.25 -inches (length) x 2.33-inches (breadth). 

This cut bottle art is the next best option to living in a coastal region.


Price: USD 20.00


     7.     Earring and Necklace Set from Glass Bottle

Earrings and Necklace set from Bottle ~ cut bottle art
Earrings and Necklace set from Bottle

I am fond of recycled jewelry. Apart from collecting some from other artists, I make mine as well. 

I have made bracelets from soda bottle tabs, paper clips, and also from rubber bands. 

That is why this beautiful jewelry set caught my attention. 

It is hard to believe that a Belgian Ale bottle goes into making it. The bottle is hand cut and then sanded. After that, the artist fuses the scene onto it through high temperatures in a glass kiln. 

The scene shows the times of golden harvest that involve beer making in monasteries. 

The necklace has a silver plate pendant with a 20-inches long snake chain. 

While the earrings are about 1-inch long. They have fish hook findings that are of hypoallergenic stainless steel.  


Price: USD 75.00


In Conclusion

This article curates beautiful cut bottle art that is unique and uncommon. It is difficult to believe that there are so many creative things to do with glass bottles. 

The best part is that by making and using bottle art, there is less wastage. Although one can recycle glass to make new glass. But by turning bottles into art, one adds more utility to them. 

From wind chimes to jewelry, the ideas are endless. Do try them to experience liquor in an alternate state. It could be fun if your region does not allow drinking liquor. This way you can stay close to alcohol bottles without breaking the law.  


Image Source: Pixabay

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