Firm Mustache Wax Recipe For You ~

How to Make a Fantastic Mustache Wax Recipe

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How to Make a Fantastic Firm Mustache Wax Recipe
How to Make a Fantastic Firm Mustache Wax Recipe


Ever had a fancy of having a firm mustache? The ones that hunks in advertisements endorse. Or the ones that defense veterans are proud of. 

Well, if you are one of the kinds of guys I go around with. Then, you might. 

By the way, you are reading this article. So, I am sure you do fancy a crisp mustache. Be it the handlebar one like my favorite hirsute hunk Anil Kapoor. Or be it the one as my crush from the SEO domain Rand Fishkin. 

Men like to keep a firm game. And when it comes to a mustache. They are all the more firm about keeping it firm. 

So, what are the options to have it that way? I mean for the mustache. 

I know about the options available in the form of beard and mustache waxes. These days I also find mustache and wax sticks. 

I had a look at the ingredients present in them. Most of them contain beeswax and/or shea butter. 

I include these products in my beard balm recipe. 

I have done a substantial amount of research from my beardy buddies.

That data tells me that products that contain these natural waxes are not good enough for a stronghold. 

For superior hold, a stronger beard/ mustache product is essential.  


Then, you must be itching to ask……..


So “Can I Use Hair Gel on My Mustache”


Whenever I tell my bearded buddies that the ingredients in their mustache wax are not enough. They end up asking me the obvious question. That what if they can substitute their hair gel on their facial hair. 

To that my answer is a complete and a big NO. 

Most of the stronghold hair gels include a lot of synthetic ingredients. The major ones include – paraffin, pine tar, artificial silicones, and resins. 

Though they might give a stronghold for a short interval. But that will harm your hair cuticles. Moreover, it will give a horrible cling to your hair. 

After its usage, you will struggle with how to get wax out of hair. 

Trust me, it is not an easy task to remove the commercial stronghold products out of your hair. 

You can ask your friends from the Sikh community for some trivia. Most of them suffer at the cost of stronghold beard gels. 

Those gels harm the hair follicles and also turn the hair weak with each usage. 

So, the next and obvious question you might ask is…….


Then, how does one create a natural mustache wax recipe?


If you know me a little. Then, you know what my answer is. 

Yes, it is going to the nature to look for a solution.

That is how I come up with natural ingredients for mustache wax alternatives

Plastic-based ingredients may give stiffness to the hair. But they are not in the best interests of our health. Whereas, there are a lot of ingredients in nature that can give similar benefits minus the havoc. 

These include gums, waxes, and resins extracted from nature. The popular choices for the same are gums and waxes.


1.     Dink Gum

Ever had those gond ladoos when you were a kid? I had a lot of those at my maternal grand mother’s place. 

The star ingredient in those sweets is an edible gum. It is a resin extraction from the axlewood tree. It is popular as Dink gum. 

Because of its high viscosity, it renders a glue-like consistency. Also, its stickiness stays true even in humid conditions. Thus, it makes an excellent ingredient for a stiff mustache wax recipe.


2.     Carnauba Wax


You must have seen this ingredient in your car shine wax. Yes, it is the same wax that polishes your automobile. Thus making it look as good as new. 

For guys, automobile and their mustache carry a sentiment of pride. Thus, carnauba wax works best for illuminating both. 

Carnauba wax comes from Brazilian palm trees. It adds shine and hold to a surface. It finds applications in the food industry as well. Confectioners use it to add a sheen to chocolates, marzipans and baked products. 

So, I use it to make a firm mustache wax recipe.


3.     Beeswax


I am not going to discuss this one much. As most of my hair and skin care products contain this one. 

This is the natural wax found in the beehives. It provides conditioning benefits. And it also provides a structure to the surface they get in touch with. Hence, a good addition to a hair wax for the mustache

Though if you prefer a vegan firm mustache wax recipe. Then, you can make your DIY mustache wax without beeswax.


4.     Jojoba Oil 


Jojoba accompanies a suffix “oil”. But on technical terms, it is an ester of long chain fatty acids. 

So, it acts as a wax. Moreover, it is stable at high temperatures and has a pretty nice shelf life. 

Till now I have not mentioned its goodness in skin care. Because there are way too many. 

It has an even spread on an application. Also, it is a wonderful emollient. 

I use it on my skin and it disappears within time. Thereby giving me beautiful and luminous skin. Thus, it reminds me of my skin’s natural oils. I love the dewy effect it has on my skin. 

So, I had to include it in my firm mustache wax recipe to pass on its benefits to my male friends.


My super simple firm mustache wax recipe


Now coming to the most important part, where I get to create the magic potion. 

I keep my recipe super simple. So, here it is in 5 simple steps. 

  1. Take all the ingredients, except jojoba oil in equal proportions by weight.
  2. Melt the waxes in an oil/ wax heater or a Marie Baine. This should not take more than 5 minutes.
  3. Once the oils have melted. Take the mixture off the heat.
  4. Then add double the amount of jojoba oil, as compared to the individual amount of other oils.
  5. Pour the resultant emulsion into a jar with a wide mouth. Your super-simple firm mustache wax recipe is complete.  


Important Pointers


  1. You can use a few drops of essential oils to the mustache wax recipe. Cedarwood and bergamot are good options. Though feel free to experiment with whatever you like.
  2. Since the ratio is 1:1:1:2 for each individual waxes: jojoba oil. I, therefore, use 10g of each oil and 20g of jojoba. This makes a nice 50g of the final product.
  3. In case you end up making homemade mustache wax without beeswax. Then, add double of carnauba wax to make up for the lost proportion. So, that way your wax: oil ratio will not dwindle.  


Resources for stronghold mustache wax recipe

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Dink Gum

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2.     Carnauba Wax

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3.     Beeswax

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4.     Jojoba Oil

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5.     Essential Oils


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6.     Digital Scale     

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7.     Wax/ Oil Heater

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In Conclusion


I understand from a guy’s perspective of how important is to have control of their facial hair. 

Flyaway and unruly hair is a big disappointment. 

Beard hair do understand taming with frequent hand strokes. But that method does not work with the mustache hair. 

Since mustache hair hangs free without resting support. They are bound to scatter all over. 

It is unfortunate that an emollient beard balm does not hold the mustache stable. Hence, a mustache wax with a firm hold is pertinent to the scenario. 

I turned skeptical reading the labels of commercial mustache hold products. That is why I researched into making one minus the paraffin and pine tar. 

How glad I got to know that there are edible resins and waxes that can work for this purpose.

These waxes have a stronghold. Plus, they do not cause harm since they come from natural sources. 

I do have some amount of mustache hair. But they are not enough to test this product. Though I did gauge the product’s strength with its consistency. 

But of course, the moment of truth is in its actual usage.

So, if you get to try my firm mustache wax recipe. Then, please do me a favor by letting me know the feedback. That will help me to come up with its version 2.


Image Source: Pixabay

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