Gifts for Zero Wasters to make them Happy ~

7 Stunning Gifts for Zero Wasters That Will Blow Your Mind

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Did you ever think of giving gifts for zero wasters? 

Yes, even minimalists crave for some goodies. Though they do not go after expensive flashy gifts. Rather they look for stuff that they can use and reuse. 

That is why it becomes difficult to source gifts for them. If you have struggled in finding the best gifts for your minimalist friends. Then, read further to know what gifts will be best for them. 


7 Gifts for Zero Wasters That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Stunning Gifts for Zero Wasters That Will Blow Your Mind
7 Stunning Gifts for Zero Wasters That Will Blow Your Mind
This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

1.     Stave Beard Comb

gifts for zero wasters ~ beard comb
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Have a look at this beard comb. You will like to use it to curb the itch that grows with the length of your facial hair.

But you will find more reasons to love it. 

Have a closer look at its picture to see that a necklace cord hangs this comb pendant. The cord length is adjustable due to its knots. So, the comb can hang low or high as per your preferences. The length range is in-between 16-30 inches.

The entire handmade piece has no nickel or lead. Instead, it has a vegan hemp cord hanging the high-quality 100% pewter comb. So, the probability of getting an allergic reaction is low. 

The hemp is grown with vegan, organic and sustainable means. Afterward, the artist polishes and conditions it with vegetable starch. 

Likewise, they melt and cast the comb pendant by hand. The patina finish comes at the end. 

This handmade product arrives gift wrapped in zero-waste packaging. 

Though that is not enough. The artist plants a tree for every sale. Their reforestation partner is One Tree Planted. 

If the men in your life live the attitude of Vikings. Then, this beard comb is one of the best zero waste gifts for him.   


2.     Greeting Cards as Gifts for Zero Wasters

gifts for zero wasters ~ handmade cards with flower seeds
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Would you like to gift a greeting card that can transform into a flower?

That is possible with this pack of 50 cards by an apothecary in Iowa. 

They create these cards with a hand-drawn zen flower printed on wildflower seed paper. 

The base paper of these handmade cards is Lokta paper. This paper is native to Nepal and made from Daphne bush. 

The water used in the process finds re-use. Thus, the final product has about 50% of recycled content.   

The papermaking process does not kill the plant. Rather, the cut part regenerates in some time. 

Each card includes one of the flower seeds from the list below –

  • Snapdragon
  • Petunia
  • Beardtongue
  • Daisy
  • Thyme
  • Poppy
  • Foxglove
  • Catchfly
  • Maiden Pinks
  • Chamomile

These flower seeds germinate under partial shade. Moist soil and a few hours of direct sunlight provide good results. 

These cards have 5.75-inches x 4.38-inches dimensions. Each of them includes their envelopes.

You can include gift vouchers in these cards to use as organic bridal shower gifts


3.     Plastic-Free Food Wraps

gifts for zero wasters ~ beeswax food wraps
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Did I tell you that I love the honey bees? Running an apiary is next on my bucket list. 

That is why I am learning sustainable farming these days. Along with vegetables, I am also growing flowers that attract bees. 

All that these buzzing creatures make is gold. Beeswax is one of their offerings that finds numerous uses. 

It is a regular component of organic skincare products. Also, being a wax, it provides a barrier to humidity. That is why it serves as an excellent replacement for plastic food wraps. 

An artist from Indiana creates such beeswax lined cloth wraps for carrying food. 

This food wrap is a square one of 12-inches length. Beeswax, jojoba, and rosin layer it. Thus, you can pack your food with it.  Plus, the cute bumblebees print of the cloth will please the kids. 


4.     Canva Tote Bag With a Funny Caption 

gifts for zero wasters ~ canvas grocery bag
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I am a big fan of handmade cloth totes. I have been hoarding them since the day I discovered them. 

They are not made from plastic or its substitutes. They do not even have any animal hide or fur.  

This is a large cotton tote bag. It measures about 17 – inches x  15 – inches x 6 – inches.

Its material is a heavy-duty cotton canvas. Thus, it can work as a grocery bag.

The handmade artist from Colorado has added a funny caption on it. She uses natural colors using a screen print transfer method.  

If you are gifting this bag to someone who appreciates sustainable reusable products. Then, let them know that they should not bleach or iron it. Machine wash on delicate and then laid flat to dry in open will work the best.


5.     Zero Waste Toys 

gifts for zero wasters ~ zero waste toys
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Most of the children’s toys do not find use after the kids grow. Because of that you either end up donating the toys or throwing them away. 

Since plastic is the most common material used for making toys. Thus, toys contribute to soil and water pollution by ending up in landfills. 

Moreover, letting children play with plastic might freak out a green living parent. 

If you echo the same thoughts. Then, you will love this set of play food. 

The approximate dimensions of the fruits and vegetables in the set are: 

  • Banana with its detachable peel – 6-inches x 1.75-inches 
  • Strawberry – 1.5-inches x 1.25-inches 
  • Broccoli – 2.5-inches x 2.5-inches 
  • Carrot – 6-inches x 1-inches 
  • Green Beans – 4.75-inches x 0.75-inches 
  • Watermelon – 2.5-inches x 2.25-inches 
  • Orange – 1-inches x 2-inches 
  • Apple – 1-inches x 2-inches 
  • Red Onion – 2.5-inches diameter 
  • Tomato – 2.675-inches diameter 
  • Kiwi – 1.5-inches x 0.5-inches 

The size of these toys is appropriate for the children to hold. Hence, they help in their motor development. Also, they educate kids to identify nutritious foods. 

Handmade artist from California creates these using felt, foam and polyfill. The felt that they use comes from recycled bottles.  

The artist uses a sewing machine and hand stitching to create these toys.  

You can hand wash or use a washing machine to clean these toys. Since these handmade toys last long. Hence, they are wonderful as zero waste gift ideas for children

The artist provides a disclaimer for these toys. She recommends them for children above 3 years of age under parental supervision.


6.     Zero Waste Gifts for Her

gifts for zero wasters ~ zero waste eye makeup
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I gave up on commercial cosmetics years ago. Since then, coconut oil and a few clays complete my entire beauty routine. 

Being a minimalist. My makeup routine is zilch. Though at times I make some eyeliner with burnt almonds and castor oil.

If you have not tried making your eyeliner and mascara. Then, try this handmade one by an artist from Michigan. 

It is one-in-three eye makeup. You can use it as an eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and an eyebrow filler. 

Its ingredients include – castor oil, candelilla wax, kaolin, and activated charcoal.  

When you order this product. You get mascara and eyeliner applicators along with the eye makeup tin.

The artist does not test her products on animals. Her product labels are on recycled paper printed through an eco-friendly printer.

The product comes in a tin box. While the applicator brushes are of bamboo. You also get a cotton bag to keep them together.

It does not end there. The entire kit ships in biodegradable recycled brown bag paper and hemp twine. 

This product does not contain any silicones or alcohol. But it is neither evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.   

It is a simple handmade beauty product. Moreover, if you need guidance for its usage. Then, you can watch the artist’s tutorial below:


7.     Zero Waste Gifts for Home

gifts for zero wasters ~ kitchen scrub
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If you are looking for plastic-free gifts for someone. Then, have a look at these handmade nylon scrubbers. 

They are hand crocheted using colorful nylon threads. They are strong, hence perfect as reusable gifts

You can use them to scrub your kitchen utensils. They are a gentle, but firm cleaning medium. Thus, they do not scratch glass surfaces.

Apart from utensils, you can also clean bathtubs, sinks, and windows with them. It will be hard to believe, but you can even scrub veggies with these scrubs.

You get a set of 2 round scrubbies per order. Each of them is about 3.5 – 4 inches wide, and 1-inch thick.

They are washable in the washing machine as well as the dishwasher.

In Conclusion

Gifting is a beautiful art. That is one of the ways you get to express your love. 

Thoughtful gifts bring joy to both the receiver and the givers. 

But when it comes to gifting people who resist owning stuff. Then, it becomes difficult to decide what to gift them.

This article curates 7 of the best products that are high on utility. Moreover, they are plastic-free.

Pick one of them and make your zero waster friends happy.

Header Image Source: Pixabay

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