How to make babies happy with handmade hair clips

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handmade hair clips for babies
Handmade hair clips for babies


Colors trigger emotions. That is the reason brands stress on colors in their marketing strategy. 

In every category, the top brands differentiate themselves with the primary colors. 

That is how we know that Blue-Red is for Pepsi. While Red-White is for Coca-Cola. Furthermore, for the energy drink Red Bull, it is the color Red. 

If the colors bring inanimate objects like brands to life. Then, color on newborn babies would supercharge the scenario. 

Babies are cute the way they are. So, with a little pop of colors on them. Their cuteness increases. 

Apart from beautiful and colorful baby dresses. Colorful hairdo for babies adds to their beauty. 

No wonder most of the professional baby picture shoots have babies with big hair clips. 

If you are in a lookout for some nice handmade hair clips for babies. Then read further.


How to make babies happy with interesting handmade hair clips

The post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase any of the products mentioned in this article through routing via the links in this post. Then, I may end up receiving a certain monetary percentage from the sale. Though the one who purchases through the link does not end up paying anything extra apart from the mentioned MRP on the product. Full disclosures on the Affiliate Page.

     1.     A pair of pink bird handmade hair clips for babies

handmade hair clips for babies - pink bird
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Is not this so cute? These pink birds transport me to my childhood days. As a kid, I always had a fascination for birds. 

That is the reason this cute birdy pair tops this list. 

These clips are perfect for your baby who is beginning to identify animals. 

The bird motif is handmade with floss. Alligator clips are at the rear. The clips measure 1 ¾ inch. Clips face opposite to each other. So, your baby can have both the clips facing in the same direction. That is if you make them wear on adjacent and opposite sides of the head. 

Price: USD 6.99


     2.     A pair of elephant non-slip hair clips

handmade hair clips for babies - crocheted elephant
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From birds, let us escalate to elephants. Though the animal is huge in real. But in a miniature avatar in this clips. The crocheted elephant pair looks super cute. 

The elephant motif is of acrylic yarn. An alligator clip is at the base. It is adhesive glued to the crochet motif to give a secure cling to the baby’s hair. There is also a ribbon adornment on the head of the elephant. The ribbon bow adds more cuteness to the clips.

You get to choose colors for the pair of elephant clips. Options include 2 in pink; 2 in gray; or 1 each in pink and gray colors.

Price: USD 15.00


     3.     Hair clip with firefighter motif

handmade hair clips for babies - firefighter theme
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The best part about handmade products is that they got no limits on being creative. The testimony to that fact is this firefighter hair clip. 

The detailing on the clip is commendable. It has the red firefighter bus, yellow stair climb, and the firefighter man. 

This clip is a great way to show solidarity towards the firefighting profession. 

It will make your child the center of attention on their school events. The clip is a must for your child if you or your spouse’s profession is in the fire busting department. It will give your child a reason to identify and bond with you. 

This bright clip is of high-quality grosgrain ribbon. An alligator clip is at its rear for attaching it to the hair. Gems and buttons give further detailing to this masterpiece.

Price: USD 5.00


     4.     Infant’s hair bows with a hair clip

handmade hair clips for babies - classic bow
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A classic bow never goes out of style. That is why it is a favorite amongst girls. 

These bows come in a set of 3. Due to their big size. They will look cute on infants as well as for toddlers. 

A clip at their base will fit in the finest of hair. 

The bows are handmade with yarn. They are available in a set of 3 in colors – Gray, Yellow and Light blue. 

Each bow clip measures 4.75 inches in length. Though due to being handmade, there might be slight variations in individual sizes. 

This is one such accessory that your little girl can wear at all ages while growing up. 

Price: USD 13.00


     5.     Ladybug hair clips

handmade hair clips for babies - lady bug
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This bright hair clips pair is cute as a button. Well, they do have a cute ladybug button atop a flower. 

A beautiful 5 petal flower made of 100% cotton fabric forms the base. The fabric is cut, folded and then hand sewn. The approximate diameter of the flower is 1.5 inches. 

The clip base fits in hair with ease. These clips will brighten up your kid’s outdoor activities. 

In case, they get to see a real ladybug, then, they can identify with these clips on their hair. 

These clips are sure to brighten up a dull and boring day. 

Price: USD 4.50


     6.     US Flag hair clips

handmade hair clips for babies - US Flag bow
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This clip is a great way to represent your nation. It will make a great hair accessory for the 4th of July celebrations. 

It is handmade with grosgrain ribbons. The ribbons are in blue, red, and white colors as per the US flag. 

The clip measures 3.75 inches in length and 3 inches in width. 

An underlying alligator clip secures the flag bow on baby’s fine hair. There is also an alternative to sewing the bow to an elastic crochet headband. You can select your preference at the time of placing an order. 

This one is a must buy to represent the US pride at all occasions. 

Price: USD 5.99


     7.     Halloween spider bows hair clips

handmade hair clips for babies ~ Halloween spider
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Whatever be the plans for your Halloween costume celebrations. This bow clip will fit into to that occasion well.

The bows are of felt fabric. While a cute spider face pops on them.

The base of the clip is of alligator clip. So, the clip will not slip from the hair of little girls.

It comes in a set of 2. You have 2 options for colors – Black and Orange.

The handmade artist uses high-quality materials. Hence, the clip will not tangle the hair.

Prepare your little girl to make a solid impact on her first Halloween event with this clip. Because you never know in the near future. She might grow up developing a fondness for itsy bitsy spiders. 

Price: USD 8.99


In Conclusion


I am sure as a mother you love to adorn your kid with beautiful accessories. Hair accessories play a crucial role in bringing a pop of color to a kid’s wardrobe. 

From bright yellows and blues. To polkas and multi-color bows. There is a wide range of options in baby hair barrettes

Though handmade hair clips for babies take the creativity to a higher level. 

So, you get the option to have various motifs on them. You can have clips with animals, bows or even your country’s flag. 

Also, since they are no mass produced. You get to have exclusivity. Moreover, there is no inclusion of cheap and unsafe products. 

Most of the handmade hair clips are not made of plastics. Instead, threads and ribbons form their main components. 

So, pick up your favorites from the list of infant hair accessories from this article. And then click pictures of your baby adorning them. I am sure that will be too much cuteness to handle.


Image source: Pixabay

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